Kansas forward David McCormack (33) gets inside for a shot against West Virginia forward Jalen Bridges (eleven) during the beginning one-half on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at T-Mobile Centre in Kansas City.

KANSAS Urban center, Missouri — By playing only 10 minutes in the top-seeded Kansas men’s basketball game team’s 87-63 victory over West Virginia in the Large 12 quarterfinals on Th, David McCormack may have bought himself more than fourth dimension throughout the residual of the tournament.

Motorbus Nib Self said Tuesday that McCormack, who has a sore foot, was going to have his minutes limited afterward the opening-round game in an effort to manage his discomfort.

Just the senior, who had ix points and five rebounds, wasn’t needed every bit much confronting the Mountaineers. He was pulled after a pair of turnovers 3:35 into the offset one-half and played just 6:42 in the second — and that should allow to play more than originally expected in the semifinals confronting No. 5 seed TCU on Fri.

“That’south about the amount he should have played knowing that we’ve got a big one tomorrow, too,” Cocky said Thursday. “If the game would take been different, he would accept played more, but I thought Mitch (Lightfoot) played well and I’d rather accept Dave fresh tomorrow.”

Lightfoot was the first player off the demote for the Jayhawks, and he finished with 10 points, five rebounds and a season-high five blocks in 22:43.

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Self likewise got vii minutes out of freshman Zach Clemence, who had 2 points, two assists and three rebounds. Freshman KJ Adams, who has replaced McCormack at center at times this flavour, played just shy of six minutes, but all were late in the second half and alongside McCormack or Clemence.

“It’s next man up,” Lightfoot said. “Enabling (McCormack) to accept some time is a big affair. When Dave’s out there, we’re going to be our all-time when he’south playing his all-time, so enabling him to be his best is my job.”

Lightfoot, who made five of his six shots and had viii points in the kickoff one-half, was also active defensively. A cake on Isaiah Cottrell on Kansas’ second possession with him in the game led to a iii-pointer in transition by Ochai Agbaji, who finished with a squad-high 18 points. He also drew a charge on Pauly Paulicap with 7:59 to play and was congratulated by his teammates as he walked toward to the bench at the start of a dead-ball timeout.

The Mountaineers also made only xi of their 29 shots in the paint, including simply ii of eight from within 6 feet in the first half.

“I think we were able to affect some shots and make sure we were contesting them,” Lightfoot said. “Everybody was flying effectually. You saw (Christian Braun) become out at that place. He was battling shots at the rim, and I remember that has maybe something to do with taking away their confidence at the rim.”

Cocky has been limiting McCormack in practise in recent weeks equally his foot, on which he had surgery almost a twelvemonth ago, continues to anguish. Non since the November tournament in Orlando, Florida, accept the Jayhawks played so often, and Self fabricated information technology clear Tuesday that the priority is to accept McCormack available for the NCAA Tournament first next calendar week.

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And while McCormack was Kansas’ best rebounder in Big 12 games during the regular season, the Jayhawks benefited from Braun’s career-high 14 rebounds against Due west Virginia and at least 4 from three other players.

“When we rebound well, it’due south easier for us to get out in transition, to rebounding the brawl enables us to really go out in that location and run,” Lightfoot said.

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