For quite some time at present, Chris Paul’s leadership and Devin Booker’s incredible ability to make buckets are the two fundamental factors that have catapulted the
Phoenix Suns
to the top of the NBA. Simply what many seem to overlook is the affect Deandre Ayton brings to his team on a nightly basis. And while there are other promising prospects in the hobby when information technology comes to Phoenix, such as Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson, the number one pick from the 2018 Draft is looking to exist the better pick behind Paul and Booker.

With his electric current contract presently to elapse and a new i coming down the road, Ayton has been out there trying to prove himself worthy of an increase. We take a look below at the reasons why his rookie cards are a great option for collectors.

Ayton is the tertiary star in Phoenix

When he was taken using the first pick in the 2018 Draft, the Suns weren’t the powerhouse they are right now. Merely after exploding inside the Bubble and acquiring the Point God, Phoenix suddenly caught the league past surprise and made it all the way to the NBA Finals.

During that season, the half-dozen’11” heart averaged 14.four points on 62% shooting from the field, 10.5 rebounds, 1.ii blocks, and 1.4 assists in 30.vii minutes on the floor. His massive frame and athleticism as well made him the ideal pick and ringlet partner for Paul as the Suns’ offense became more than diverse with this combination. At the same time, Ayton became a better defender and even extended his coverage towards the three-point line.

In his third twelvemonth in the league, Ayton has developed into a talented big who tin can anchor Phoenix’due south defence force. And even if he tin can’t stretch the floor, his overall upside elevates the Suns to some other level. This season lone, the center is averaging 16.8 points past efficiently hitting 64% of his field goals, 10 rebounds, and 1.four assists per game.

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But Ayton’s worth is more than what meets the center. In the four games Phoenix played without Paul and Booker recently, the center notched nineteen.3 points on 61% shooting from the field while providing quality stops on the other end of the floor. During that stretch, the Suns went 3-1 with wins over the
Portland Trail Blazers,
New York Knicks, and Orlando Magic and
a unmarried loss
to the Milwaukee Bucks.

All of these numbers show that behind the Indicate God and an elite scorer in Booker, Ayton is the side by side guy up in the Suns’ ladder. With the kind of production he brings on offense and defense, he has to be the Suns’ third nigh important role player.

The Suns accept a good chance to win information technology all

At this point in time, the Suns are non only on top of the Western Briefing. They’re leading the league with a 53-13 tape.

Phoenix is currently 7.34 SRS, which takes the average bespeak differential and force of schedule into business relationship, is showtime among 30 teams in the NBA. They’re besides sixth in points scored per game (113.7), fourth in offense (114), 2d in defense (106.two), and their +vii.9 rating is first in the league. These numbers show that the Suns should be taken seriously equally contenders for the championship this yr.

With this kind of momentum pushing them towards the postseason, and with a playoff spot clinched, information technology’s not hard to imagine that Ayton volition be bringing his a-game in the coming months. In the event Phoenix goes the altitude and wins it all, the
big man’s rookie cards
volition enjoy a sweet boost and collectors should be prepared for that possibility.

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The state of Deandre Ayton rookie cards in the market

Every bit information technology stands, Ayton’s stock in the carte du jour market is on a short-term downwardly slump. A
three-calendar month graph
by Menu Ladder backs this claim up.

In the said graph, Ayton’s PSA x Prizm Silver rookie menu has gone down by 7.9% from $153 to $141. This drib occurred over 62 confirmed sales on eBay.

All things considered, that’s non a big drop at all. With a population count of ane,523 for this particular Silver rookie card from Panini’due south 2018 Prizm set, there’s still enough room to abound if the right goad comes along.

The verdict on Deandre Ayton rookie cards

Collectors looking for an disregarded guy playing for a serious contender will have limited options in the marketplace. Amidst them is no other than the Suns’ big man, Deandre Ayton.

Deandre Ayton, Suns

Taking his impressive frame, an improvement on both ends of the courtroom, and his contributions to the top team in the NBA, i wouldn’t have to go far to see why his rookie cards can still grow from where they are. Of course, this increase volition depend on how he performs in the playoffs and if Phoenix can finally do what they failed at last flavor – win the title.

If these two requirements are met, those who invested in Deandre Ayton stocks while they’re downwards will have their trust potentially rewarded. Until and then, it’s best to purchase low and keep an eye on how this big man performs, specially since
he’s up for a contract extension soon.