A) Choose one of the jobs from the box, but don’t tell your partner. Ask and answer Yeah / No questions to find out what the job is.

shop banana       receptionist      taxi-driver    creative person      architect     lawyer
ambulance      driver      miner     dancer
soldier    decorator     detective    vet

mechanic     dentist     housewife    farmer     plumber    firefighter     teacher

Do you …?

  • work within
  • earn a lot of money
  • piece of work regular hours

Practice you take to …?

  • wear a uniform
  • utilize your hands
  • answer the phone

Which jobs wouldn’t you like to exercise? Why?


I wouldn’t like to be a farmer because they have to work outside all year.

B) Describe the things you regularly do at work / school. Utilize modal verbs

Vocabulary Study. Sport.

A) Look at the pictures. Write the sports with the correct verb in the columns below.

B) Pay attention to these chart and glossary. They’ll aid you to talk about sport.


– a game between ii teams, e.k. Parma and Lazio.
– one player or team play against some other thespian or team.
– get a goal or points in the game.
superlative of the table / league
– number one in the table / league
atomic number 82
– be in forepart of others in a game or sport.
last score
– the number of goals at the end of the game, due east.g. iii-ii.

Vocabulary Practice.

A) Combine words to find games, places, equipment and scores.


pitch  tennis   ice  

handbasket   nada  
racket  three  hockey  brawl

B) Truthful or False? Check if these sentences are correct. Explicate your betoken of view.

ane) You score goals in basketball.
two) Sticks and rackets are equipment.
3) You have a net in tennis and volleyball.
4) Y’all score points in water ice hockey.
v) Y’all play football on a court.
6) You lot play ice hockey with rackets.
7) You play volleyball on a courtroom.
eight) You score points in rugby.

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C) Complete the sentences.

1) I need to get a new tennis  .
ii) I watched a fantastic   of water ice hockey on Television set last night.
3) People who play   are commonly very tall.
four) It was six   to four to Federer in the 2nd  .
5) What was the football game  ? – It was three   (three-0).
6) The football   is next to the lawn tennis  .



Which of the sports are unremarkably team sports?
How many players are there?
In which sports do yous…?
a) hit the ball     b) throw the brawl     c) boot the ball     d) shoot

Enquire and answer with a partner.

Do you do whatever sports? Which one(south)?
Which sports do you enjoy watching?
Which sports do you hate watching?
Are y’all (or anyone in your family) a fan of sports team? Which one?
Practice yous (or they) watch their matches? Where?

 Grammar Study. Prepositions of Movement.

Pay attention to these rules.

Grammar Exercise.

A) Choose the right preposition and put it into the gap.

i) She ran  (to / down) the lake, and jumped  (into / out of) the h2o.
2) If y’all become  (over / past) the church, you’ll meet my house on the left.
3) He walked  (along / beyond) the street until he got to the chemist’due south.
iv) The plane flew  (on /over) the town and and so landed.
5) The policeman walked  (toward / to) me, but then he stopped.
half dozen) Nosotros drove (over / out of) the bridge and  (in / into) the city centre.
vii) The cyclists went (round / under) the track three times.

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B) Complete the sentences with the variants.

in   intooutout of

ane) I like to become on Friday night.
ii) Come . The door’s open.
3) He took his passport his jacket.
4) He walked the cafe and ordered a coffee.
five) She jumped her car and drove abroad.

C) Choose prepositions to fill the gaps in this domestic dog’south journey

The dog is running ____ the steps.


The dog is running ____ the street.

 out of

The dog is running ____ the bridge.

 out of

The canis familiaris is running ____ the shop.

out of

The canis familiaris is running ____ the shop.

out of

The dog is running ____ the tunnel.


The canis familiaris is running ____ the church.


The dog is running ____ the railway line.


The dog is running ____ the lake.

 out of

The dog is running ____ the lake.


The dog is running ____ the street.


The dog is running ____ the steps.



A) You are going to work with the text. Written report the post-obit words earlier doing this.

in despair —
add together fourth dimension —
score a goal —
atmosphere was intense —

Now read the text.

Your Most Heady Sporting Moments.

The most heady football game match I take ever seen was the 1999 Champions’ League Final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich in the Nou Military camp stadium in Barcelona.
Afterward ninety minutes Manchester United were losing one-0. The Bayern Munich fans in the stadium were already celebrating their team’southward victory. The Manchester United fans in the stadium and millions around the globe were watching in despair.
At that place were at present just three minutes of added time. 20 seconds passed and United got a corner. The atmosphere in the stadium was incredibly intense. All the Manchester United players (including their goalkeeper) were in the Bayern Munich penalization area. David Beckham took the corner and Teddy Sheringham scored. It was i-1!
The Manchester United fans were ecstatic. Everyone idea that the match was going to finish now. But with just about one minute left United attacked again and scored some other goal. Now it was 2-ane! Thirty seconds later we heard the referee blow his whistle. The match was over. United were the champions! Many of the Bayern fans and players were crying. They had lost the friction match in less than three minutes.
The next day I read that the UEFA president missed both Manchester United’due south goals. He was going downwardly to the pitch to give the cup to the German team when United scored their get-go goal and he was going support to his seat when they scored their second! He missed the most exciting and unforgettable 3 minutes of football game I accept always seen.

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B) Put the events in the correct order. Write 1-half-dozen in the gaps.

A) Manchester United scored their first goal.

B) The Bayern Munich fans started celebrating.

C) The ninety minutes finished and the referee added three minutes.

D) Bayern Munich scored a goal.

E) Manchester United scored their 2d goal.

F) The UEFA president left his seat to become to present the loving cup.


Listen to the record and consummate the form for the Milford Sports Heart.

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