A sneak into the 2021-22 Indian Super League campaign of Kolkata giants

Nonetheless another arrow aimed at the Indian Super League championship goes in vain every bit ATK Mohun Bagan misses out on glory from close. The Mariners had a golden opportunity to defeat Jamshedpur by a margin of a couple of goals and claim the ISL league winner’southward shield but the Steelers denied their attempt to take hold of the AFC Champions League grouping stage spot.

The order paid a huge bounty fee to terminate Juan Ferrando’s contract with Goa and country the Spaniard at the coach’southward corner of the Green and Maroon side. These were consequences of Antonio Lopez Habas’ resignation citing a poor beginning to the 2021-22 ISL season. Habas has left behind a legacy and the Mariners have put their faith in Ferrando whom they consider a perfect successor to carry forrad it.

Later losing the table-toppers crown to Bombay City in the previous flavour, the Mariners once once again missed the chance to tick the bucket list. They had to satisfy with the third position in the points tabular array attaining 37 points from the 2021-22 league stage campaign. The Kolkata-based club’s journey of xx league fixtures consisted of 10 wins, 7 draws and three defeats.

Overseas Patrons

Krishna showcased an incredible fighting spirit in the semifinal round

Every bit usual, Tiri played the role of the hardest rock in the Dark-green and Maroon wall. The sometime Atlético Madrid B fundamental defender has been part of ISL since 2015 and is yet to deliver a ho-hum functioning in the peak-flight of Indian football.

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The latest galactico of ATK Mohun Bagan, Hugo Boumous had a decent debut private outing with the club but the fans had expected more from the French Magician for whom they paid ₹2 crores transfer fee. The inflow of Boumous snatched the starter status from David Williams who did not get enough playtime opportunities.

On the other hand, the face up of the Mariners’ forward line, Roy Krishna couldn’t live up to the expectations of the legacy supporters. For the first fourth dimension since gracing the Indian soil, Krishna couldn’t impact the double-digit mark of goals in a season and finished outside the Top 3 ranking of ISL Golden Kicking. Although the Fijian captain left no stone unturned to take his side into the finals and scored in both legs of the semi-concluding against the champions Hyderabad.

Youngsters were on the ascent!

Liston has become a favorite among fans and teammates as well

Liston has get a favorite among fans and teammates as well

No other Indian forward in the league is capable of matching the consistency levels of Liston Colaco correct now. ATKMB paid around ₹1 crore amount to acquire the services of the 23-year-old from Hyderabad which is the highest transfer fee for an Indian player till date. The Goan colossal earned a place in the hearts of Mariners scoring eight goals and four assists on the debut season at the Kolkata-based society. He was likewise the highest-rated ATK Mohun Bagan player of the season averaging 8.41 ratings throughout the campaign.

The spotlight was on Liston Colaco and Manvir Singh but the immature starlet Kiyan Nassiri emerged out of nowhere and stunned the ISL universe. Son of East Bengal legend Jamshid Nassiri, the youngster became an overnight sensation of rivals ATK Mohun Bagan when he came from the substitute bench and netted a second-one-half lid-trick in ‘The Great Kolkata Derby’. The 23-year-old Indian attacking midfielder with Iranian descendants is the youngest ever lid-trick scorer in the history of the Indian Super League.

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How did it conclude?

A drawback of having big star power is that many underrated and unknown commodities may go unnoticed as the charabanc’s preference is usually granted more than on the known faces. One flaw from ATKMB’due south 2021-22 campaign was the way they handled the injury and covid unavailability crisis as information technology could have been meliorate.

ATKMB edged Hyderabad in the second leg but the eventual champions headed to the grand finale on an amass scoreline of 3-2. They tried their best to alienation the Deccan fortress past releasing a whopping total of 28 shots merely couldn’t disturb the advancing Nizams.

Takeaways from the season

Despite the hype around the roster, ATKMB e’er manages to dodge the hazard linked with the heavy star power of the side. They have successfully kept themselves at the top one-half ever since the merger of two high-profile clubs.

Nosotros have witnessed a meaning alter in the playstyle of Mariners ever since the arrival of Juan Ferrando. And it was a treat to lookout the ATK Mohun Bagan players adjusting to the system applied past the Spanish gaffer.

Up for the next

The Mariners are already overpowered on paper and don’t demand any major changes. While gaffer Ferrando too seems to accept a special attachment with current core players of maroon and green.

ATK Mohun Bagan management recognises the importance of the domestic department equally it plays a vital role to strengthen the base of future plans. The likes of Liston, Manvir, Pritam, Amrinder, Bose etc. are regular features of the national side and this Elite puddle of Indian Mariners provide appropriate support to the foreign starters.

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