The US Defense Threat Reduction Bureau (DTRA) program in the Republic of Georgia. Photo: Ministry of Internal Diplomacy of Georgia

While the US is planning to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe to “protect its allies against Russia”, internal documents show what American “protection” in applied terms means.

The Pentagon has conducted biological experiments with a potentially lethal event on 4,400 soldiers in Ukraine and 1,000 soldiers in Georgia. According to leaked documents, all volunteer deaths should exist reported within 24 h (in Ukraine) and 48 h (in Georgia).

Both countries are considered the well-nigh loyal U.s.a. partners in the region with a number of Pentagon programs being implemented in their territory. One of them is the $2.v billion Defense force Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Biological engagement program which includes inquiry on bio agents, deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria being studied on the local population.

Projection GG-21: “All volunteer deaths will be promptly reported”

The Pentagon has launched a v-year long project with a possible extension of up to iii years code-named GG-21: “Arthropod-borne and zoonotic infections amid armed services personnel in Georgia”. Co-ordinate to the project’s description, blood samples volition be obtained from 1,000 military recruits at the time of their military registration physical exam at the Georgian military hospital located in Gori.

The samples volition be tested for antibodies against 14 pathogens:

  • Bacillus anthracis
  • Brucella
  • CCHF virus
  • Coxiella burnetii
  • Francisella tularensis
  • Hantavirus
  • Rickettsia species
  • TBE virus
  • Bartonella species
  • Borrelia species
  • Ehlrichia species
  • Leptospira species
  • Salmonella typhi
  • WNV

The corporeality of blood draw will be 10 ml. Samples will exist stored indefinitely at the NCDC (Lugar Center) or USAMRU-M and aliquots might be sent to WRAIR headquarters in US for future research studies. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) is the largest biomedical inquiry facility administered by the U.S. Section of Defense. The results of the blood testing will not be provided to the study participants.

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Such a procedure cannot cause death. However, co-ordinate to the projection written report,
“all volunteer deaths will be promptly reported (ordinarily within 48 h of the PI beingness notified)”
to the Georgian Military Hospital and WRAIR.

According to the GG-21 project report, “all volunteer deaths will be promptly reported” to the Georgian military hospital and WRAIR, Usa.

The soldiers’ claret samples will be stored and further tested at the Lugar Eye, a $180 million Pentagon-funded facility in Georgia’southward capital Tbilisi.

The Lugar Center has become notorious in the terminal years for controversial activities, laboratory incidents and scandals surrounding the US drug giant Gilead’s Hepatitis C program in Georgia which has resulted in at to the lowest degree 248 deaths of patients. The cause of death in the bulk of cases has been listed as unknown, internal documents take shown.

The Georgian projection GG-21 has been funded by DTRA and implemented by American military machine scientists from a special United states Army unit of measurement code-named USAMRU-Yard who operate in the Lugar Center. They have been given diplomatic amnesty in Georgia to research bacteria, viruses and toxins without being diplomats. This unit of measurement is subordinate to the Walter Reed Army Constitute of Inquiry (WRAIR).

The Lugar Center is the $180 one thousand thousand Pentagon-funded biolaboratory in Georgia’s upper-case letter Tbilisi.
A diplomatic automobile with a registration plate of the US Diplomatic mission to Tbilisi in the car park of the Lugar Eye. US scientists working at the Pentagon laboratory in Georgia bulldoze diplomatic vehicles equally they accept been given diplomatic immunity. Photos: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

Documents obtained from the Usa Federal contracts registry bear witness that USAMRU-Thousand is expanding its activities to other US allies in the region and is “establishing expeditionary capabilities” in Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Republic of latvia and any futurity locations. The next USAMRU-1000 project involving biological tests on soldiers is due to start in March of this year at the Bulgarian Military Hospital in Sofia.

Project Upwards-eight: All deaths of written report participants should exist reported inside 24 h

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The Defense Threat Reduction Bureau (DTRA) has funded a similar projection involving soldiers in Ukraine code-named UP-8: The spread of  Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus and hantaviruses in Ukraine and the potential need for differential diagnosis in patients with suspected leptospirosis. The project started in 2017 and was extended few times until 2020, internal documents show.

According to the projection’s clarification, blood samples will exist collected from 4,400 healthy soldiers in Lviv, Kharkov, Odesa and Kyiv. 4,000 of these samples will exist tested for antibodies against hantaviruses, and 400 of them – for the presence of antibodies confronting Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) virus. The results of the blood testing will not be provided to the study participants.

There is no information as to what other procedures will exist performed except that “serious incidents, including
deaths should be reported inside 24 hours. All deaths of study subjects that are suspected or known to be related to the inquiry procedures should be brought to the attention of the bioethics committees in the USA and Ukraine.”

Blood samples from 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers will exist tested for hantaviruses. Another 400 claret samples will be tested for CCHF under the DTRA-sponsored Ukrainian Project Upwardly-8.
Project Upwardly-eight: “Serious incidents, including deaths should be reported inside 24 hours. All deaths of study subjects that are suspected or known to exist related to the enquiry procedures should be brought to the attention of the bioethics committees in the USA and Ukraine.” Source:

DTRA has allocated $80 1000000 for biological research in Ukraine as of 30 July 2020, according to information obtained from the Usa Federal contracts registry. Tasked with the plan is the US company Black &Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Another DTRA contractor operating in Ukraine is CH2M Hill. The American company has been awarded a $22.8 one thousand thousand contract (2020-2023) for the reconstruction and equipment of two biolaboratories:  the Country Scientific Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary-Germ-free Expertise (Kyiv ILD) and the Country Service of Ukraine for Nutrient Safety and Consumer Protection Regional Diagnostic Laboratory (Odesa RDL).

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US personnel are indemnified for deaths and injuries to the local population

The DTRA activities in Georgia and Ukraine autumn nether the protection of special bilateral agreements. According to these agreements, Georgia and Ukraine shall concord harmless, bring no legal proceedings and indemnify the Usa and its personnel, contractors and contractors’ personnel, for harm to property, or expiry or injury to any persons in Georgia and Ukraine, arising out of activities nether this Agreement. If DTRA-sponsored scientists cause deaths or injuries to the local population they cannot be held to account.

Furthermore, according to the US-Ukraine Understanding, claims past tertiary parties for deaths and injuries in Ukraine, arising out of the acts or omissions of any employees of the United States related to piece of work under this Understanding, shall be the responsibility of Ukraine.

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