Serena Williams too weighed in on beau player Alexander Zverev’s flare-up concluding month, where he lashed out at the umpire afterwards losing a doubles match

Rafael Nadal is calling for harsher punishments for tennis players who abuse officials amid gameplay following an burst from fellow pro Alexander Zverev last month.

Speaking with the press from the Indian Wells Masters tournament in California on Th, Nadal, 35, said that although he considers Zverev, 24, a friend, he has mixed feelings about the state of affairs, during which the High german tennis player lashed out at the umpire afterward losing a doubles lucifer. Zverev afterwards received a suspended ban for his behavior.

“It’southward so difficult to talk in my position … because I have a good human relationship with [Zverev], I like him and I practice with him very oftentimes,” Nadal said. “And and so I wish him all the very all-time and he knows that he was wrong, honestly, and he recognized that very early on. So that’due south a positive thing in his side, in my opinion.”

“On the other hand,” he connected, “Of class … if we’re not able to control and create a rule or a style to penalize this blazon of mental attitude a fiddling bit in a stronger way, and so nosotros as players, we feel stronger and stronger all the time. And in my opinion, like in sport, we demand to exist a positive example, especially for the kids, at that place have been millions of kids, watching united states.”

“And so from ane side, I don’t want a penalization for [Zverev] considering I like him and I take [a] very good human relationship with him,” Nadal added. “[On] the other hand, like a fan of this sport, I’d like to encounter something harder for this kind of attitude, non only him, I mean in general terms considering in some means this protects the sport and protects the referees.”

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Zverev was expelled from the Mexican Open later an angry outburst in Acapulco, Mexico, on February. 22. The incident happened after Marcelo Melo and Zverev lost to U.k.’s Harri Heliovaara and Lloyd Glasspool 6-2, 4-6, 10-6 in men’due south doubles at the tournament, co-ordinate to the Associated Press.

Rafael Nadal

Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Subsequently hitting the umpire’due south chair three sequent times, Zverev sat dorsum downwardly briefly and then got up again, the AP reported. Once he got upward for the second time Zverev started shouting at the umpire and said, “Yous f—ing destroyed the whole f—ing match. The whole f—ing match, you destroyed.”

Following the burst, he hitting the umpire’s chair again with the racket. The umpire could be seen pulling his anxiety back to avoid being struck past the racket.

Shortly later on, it was announced that Zverev — who was as well meant to compete in the round of sixteen in the men’s singles tournament — had been removed from Mexican Open play. He was also fined $40,000.

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An ATP review after found Zverev guilty, and said he volition be banned for a period of time should he acquit in a similar way at a tournament over the next year, Yahoo! Sports reported.

“It withal is embarrassing for me at present. Walking around the locker room, information technology’southward non a prissy feeling,” Zverev said, the BBC reported. “Merely we all do mistakes. I’g also a human existence, and I can guarantee you I volition never act this way again in my life. It was definitely the worst moment of my life.”

Zverev reportedly added that he’southward been working on himself and meditating: “I think in that location are stressful situations in anybody’due south life where stuff like this happens. I’m not the first, I won’t exist the last for something bad to happen on the court.”

He said, “I am somebody that gives it his all on the court. … I would have never physically harmed anyone. If I do that once more, they have every right to ban me — information technology’s as simple as that. If I do that once more, it means I haven’t learned. I think everybody in life deserves a 2nd chance just if you lot repeatedly do mistakes it means that yous haven’t learned.”

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Tennis legend Serena Williams was likewise asked near Zverev’s outburst during an interview on CNN, where she gave a candid response.

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Noting that information technology comes down to “personality” at the cease of the 24-hour interval, Williams, twoscore, explained, nevertheless, “In that location is admittedly a double standard. I would probably be in jail if I did that — like, literally, no joke.”