Whatever the occasion, hosting a quiz is a fun way to engage and energize your audience. Still, sometimes it can be difficult to think of fun simply challenging questions for your quiz. This post offers free quiz templates that you are free to employ. They take also been created in Mentimeter which will let you chop-chop create the perfect quiz.

How to create a slap-up quiz

  1. Decide on how many categories you lot want.
  2. Vary the categories.
  3. Don’t make information technology also tough… or also long.
  4. Have someone count the results while you ask questions.
  5. Become the prizes fix.

Quiz Questions

  1. What country has the highest life expectancy?
    Hong Kong
  2. Where would you be if you were standing on the Castilian Steps?
  3. Which linguistic communication has the more native speakers: English or Spanish?
  4. What is the almost common surname in the United States?
  5. What disease unremarkably spread on pirate ships?
  6. Who was the Ancient Greek God of the Sun?
  7. What was the proper name of the crime boss who was head of the feared Chicago Outfit?
    Al Capone
  8. What twelvemonth was the United Nations established?
  9. Who has won the virtually full Academy Awards?
    Walt Disney
  10. What creative person has the nearly streams on Spotify?
  11. How many minutes are in a full week?
  12. What car manufacturer had the highest revenue in 2020?
  13. How many elements are in the periodic tabular array?
  14. What is the max length of a TikTok video?
    sixty seconds
  15. How many faces does a Dodecahedron accept?
  16. Queen guitarist Brian May is also an adept in what scientific field?
  17. Aureolin is a shade of what colour?
  18. How many ghosts chase Pac-Man at the first of each game?
  19. What Renaissance artists is buried in Rome’s Parthenon?
  20. What shoe brand makes the Mexico 66?
    Onitsuka Tiger
  21. What game studio makes the Cherry Expressionless Redemption series?
    Rockstar Games
  22. Who was the last Tsar of Russia?
    Nicholas Ii
  23. What grapheme has both Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch played?
    Sherlock Holmes
  24. What country drinks the most java per capita?
  25. Which planet in the Milky way is the hottest?
  26. What is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet?
  27. What sports car company manufactures the 911?
  28. What urban center is known as “The Eternal City”?
  29. Roald Amundsen was the first man to accomplish the South Pole, simply where was he from?
  30. What is the highest rated moving-picture show on IMDb as of January 1st 2022?
    The Shawshank Redemption
  31. Who discovered that the world revolves around the sun?
    Nicolaus Copernicus
  32. What visitor was initially know as “Blueish Ribbon Sports”?
  33. What art form is described as “decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering”?
  34. Which planet has the most moons?
  35. What country has won the most Globe Cups?
  36. Complete the following lyrics – “I should have inverse that stupid lock…..”
    I should have made you leave your key
  37. Kratos is the main character of what video game series?
    God of State of war
  38. In what state would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?
  39. What is a grouping of pandas known as?
    An embarrassment
  40. What European country experienced the highest rate of population turn down from 2015 – 2020?
  41. How many bones practice we take in an ear?
  42. Wha famously crossed the Alps with elephants on the style to a war the Romans?
  43. True or Simulated: Halloween originated every bit an ancient Irish festival.
  44. What Netflix show had the most streaming views in 2021?
    Squid Game
  45. Which grammy-nominated New York rapper died in April of 2021?
  46. What software company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington?
  47. What is the largest Spanish speaking metropolis in the world?
    Mexico City
  48. What is the world’due south fastest bird?
    The Peregrine Falcon
  49. In what land is the Chernobyl nuclear plant located?
  50. The Parthenon Marbles are controversially located in what museum?
    The British Museum
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Quiz Templates

To use these templates all y’all demand to practice is:

  1. Sign into your Mentimeter account. If you don’t already have one, create your free account hither.
  2. In one case you lot’ve logged in, select the quiz template you lot want to use, and add together it to your account. Selection whatever of those included here or scan our library of other templates!
  3. When your quiz is set to go, press “Present”, and your audience tin can apply their smartphones to participate!

Feel complimentary to get creative and make your own Menti quiz and add in any of the actress quiz questions we have included.

Full general Knowledge Quiz & Questions

Time to get full general and come across what you know almost everything from space to Us Presidents.

General Knowledge Quiz 1

  1. What is a group of crows called?
    A murder
  2. Compared to their trunk weight, what animal is the strongest – Dung Beetle, Elephant, Pismire, Cow?
    Dung Beetle
  3. How many dots appear on a pair of dice?
  4. Which is the but body role that is fully-grown from nativity?
  5. What is acrophobia a fear of?
  6. In what country was Elon Musk built-in?
    South Africa
  7. Who performs the vocalisation of Homer Simpson?
    Dan Castellaneta
  8. What country has the nearly islands?
    Sweden – 270,000
  9. In Commonwealth of australia what is commonly known every bit a Canteen-o?
    An off-license / Liquor Store
  10. How many hearts does an octopus take?
  11. December 26th is known by what names in Ireland?
    Saint Stephen’s Mean solar day
  12. In what US state is the country’south busiest airport located?
    Georgia – Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airdrome
  13. What planet is closest to the sun?
  14. Where is the strongest homo muscle located?
  15. What phone company produced the 3310?
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Geography Quiz & Questions

Now let’south more on to the geographical. Rivers, lakes, countries and states. Plenty of diverse questions to choose from.

 Geography Quiz

Geography Quiz

  1. What is the only continent with state in all four hemispheres?
  2. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
    Colorado River
  3. Where is Affections Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, located?
  4. What is the land majuscule of New York?
  5. On what continent would you find the world’s largest desert?
  6. What is the capital of Ireland?
  7. What is the smallest U.s. state by expanse?
    Rhode Isle
  8. What is the tallest type of tree?
  9. True or Imitation: Holland is a region in Kingdom of the netherlands?
  10. What are the 5 Peachy Lakes?
    Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario
  11. How many European capitals does the Danube flow through?
  12. Fill in the blanks: The capital of Republic of bulgaria is _ofi_ –
  13. What is the uppercase of Canada?
  14. In what capital would you find The Trivial Mermaid statue?
  15. On what continent would you find the city of Baku?
  16. What is the only flag that does not take four sides?
  17. How many stars are on the Chinese flag?
  18. How many colors are used in the South African flag?
  19. What colours is the flag of the United Nations?
    Blue and White
  20. Which state features a shipwreck on its national flag?

Food and Drink Quiz

Food & Drink Quiz

Food & Drink Quiz

Everyone’due south favorite pastime tin can provide the states with a really entertaining serial of questions, and so permit’due south dig in!

  1. How many measures of Gordon’s Gin are in a Vesper (James Bond) martini?
  2. Cacio & Pepe is a staple of what Italian city’s cuisine?
  3. Where did sushi originate?
  4. What is a Beaujolais?
    A type of crimson wine
  5. Which of the following sauces is NOT traditionally vegan – Hoisin, Worcestershire, Mustard, Wasabi?
  6. What is the world’southward all-time selling stout beer?
  7. What country drinks the nigh coffee?
  8. What meat is used in a shepherd’s pie?
  9. What is the deviation between brandy and cognac?
    Cognac must come up from the Cognac region of France
  10. Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths are types of what fruit?
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Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz

It doesn’t matter if you’re a former soccer star or just a mad fan, sports is a lynchpin of all neat quizzes.

  1. What does FIFA correspond in English language?
    International Federation of Association Football game
  2. Who is the world’s highest paid athlete in 2021?
    Conor McGregor
  3. In what city is the NFL Hall of Fame located?
    Canton, Ohio
  4. Simone Biles is famous for her skill in what sport?
  5. Where does the Tour de France finish each year?
    Artery des Champs-Élysées in Paris
  6. What is the difference between the skeleton and luge?
    Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris
  7. What was the first name of Argentinian soccer star Maradona?
  8. What superlative is a regulation NBA basket?
    ten feet / 3.02 meters
  9. What is the national sport of Japan?
    Sumo Wrestling
  10. What sporting event has a strict dress lawmaking of all white?

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