Pre-Intermediate (Lesson 4)

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Look at these photos and say which boy is David’s son. Use vocabulary from the previous lesson.


 Vocabulary Practice.

A) What do you unremarkably practice when you forget English words? What is the all-time affair to exercise in this state of affairs? Choose one of the following variants to reply this question.

      • Panic and stop talking
      • Try to mime the word you don’t know
      • Explain what you lot want to say with the help of other words (the ones y’all know)

B) Imagine that y’all can’t retrieve the post-obit words. How would y’all explicate them? Requite these variants to your partner.

a depository financial institutiona wearisome   personthe brain
   a stara frienda secret

Now lucifer the words with their definitions.

1.  is a person who works all her/his life to go famous and then wears sunglasses and then people don’t recognize him\her.
2.  is something which you just tell your shut friend.
three.  is somebody who dislikes the same people as y’all.
four.  is a identify where y’all can infringe money only if you can bear witness that yous don’t need it.
five.  is somebody who talks nigh himself\herself when you want to talk well-nigh yourself.
half-dozen.  is something which starts working when you get up in the morning and stops doing this every bit soon as you get to your office.

Grammar Study.

Pay attention to these rules.

Grammar Practice.

Fill up the gaps with the post-obit variants:


1.They’re people  make yous express joy.
2. Information technology’s a machine  cuts the grass.
3. It’s an brute  lives in the sea and has eight legs.
four. It’due south a room  people try on clothes.
5. He’s the person  helps you lot with your baggage.
6. It’s a kind of food  keeps vampires away.

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Don’t forget to say what words are meant in the definitions.


A) Give some data about these points:

one. a person who is very important to you lot
2. a famous person who you like a lot
3. something which y’all couldn’t alive without
iv. a thing which you lot frequently loоse
five. a place where you’d like to go for a special evening
6. a identify where you were very happy when you were a child

B) Complete the definitions for these words:


a tourist

— i

t’south somebody….


a sports center
— it’s a identify….


a key

— i

t’due south a matter….


a book
— it’s something….


— i

t’s how you feel….


grinning— i

t’s something you do….

Listening. TV game show ‘What’due south the word?’

A) Study some useful words earlier listening.

Useful words:





B) Mind to the introduction to a Idiot box game testify, ‘What’s the discussion?’ What are the rules of this game?

C) Now listen to the show. Write down the six answers.


D) Check if your answers are right.

Grammer Revision.

A) Make one sentence from two.


Information technology’south the dog called Toy. I encounter it every day. – It’s the dog which I run into every solar day.

1) This is a house. The Smiths live hither. —
2) I know this teacher. She speaks Castilian very well. —
three) This is a bag. I keep money in information technology. —
4) They are expert friends. We become to the picture palace together. —
5) This is Fluent English Schoolhouse. I study here. —
6) This is the surreptitious. I use information technology to go to my office. —
seven) He is a famous presenter. I run into him on Telly every nighttime. —
8) I cannot find these shoes. I need them very much. —

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B) Imagine that someone is request you questions. You need to give short answers.


Are your brothers working today? – Yes, they are.

1) Do y’all speak Italian?                                No,

2) Practice you similar this schoolhouse?                             Yes,

3) Is his mother watching television?            Yes,

4) Are your parents staying hither?                  No,

v) Does the dog sleep in your sleeping accommodation?       Yes,

vi) Practise y’all get up at 6 o’clock?                        No,

7) Is Mary listening to the radio?                    No,

eight) Are the children playing football?              Yep,

9) Does the film get-go at 8 o’clock?                 Yep,

10) Are they studying Italian at the moment? No,

Listening and Speaking.

A) Complete these sentences well-nigh the people in your life. Tell a partner.

      • My female parent/father drives me mad when she/he …
      • I hate it when my young man/girlfriend …
      • I don’t like people who …
      • It really annoys me when friends …

B) Cull ane person in your life. What annoying habits does he/she take?

Does he/she …?

— always arrive late
— talk also loudly
— leave things on the floor

Is he/she …?

 — untidy
 — e’er on the phone
 — never on time

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Do y’all have whatever annoying habits?

C) You’ll mind to the radio program
‘Home Truths’.

2 couples, Ballad & Mike and Dave & Alison, talk about their partner’s abrasive habits. Before listening, expect at the pictures beneath. What are their annoying habits?

Now mind to the bear witness. What other problems do yous hear there?

D) Check if the sentences are correct.

1) Ballad and Mike never watch television receiver.
2) Mike doesn’t listen when his wife speaks to him.
three) Carol makes the decisions in their house.
4) Mike shouts at his wife when she’s driving.
5) Dave never does any housework.
6) Dave is bad at his job.
vii) Alison is very organized.
8) Alison tides upward Dave’s mess.

What practice you think?

A) Practice men or women typically complain virtually their partners doing these things?

  • watching TV
  • driving badly
  • taking a long fourth dimension to become gear up
  • not tiding things away

B) What exercise you recollect men are generally better at? What are women improve at?