institute vs undead

(PVU) is a multiplayer tower defense force game, where your plants are besides your real asset. The goal is to combine the astounding Plants vs Zombies with the new blockchain technology: NFTs

(Non-Fungible Tokens).

The game is constantly changing and I’m updating this article with the highlights and adding any new mechanics they release.

Check the entry from fourth dimension to time to be up to date with all the news

How does Plant vs Undead (PVU) work?

plant vs undead

(PVU) will offering unlike modes of entry to the game, depending on the budget of each. They too promise a free version for survival mode, merely no details were given whether we can make money with this mode or non. Regarding the interesting role, we will have the


(Those who make the greatest investment) and the

, the modality designed for people with less capital. Nosotros will also have 1vs1 PVP later, as well as tournaments, more varieties of plants and improvements to the quality of life of the game that we will see in the




at the stop of the entrance.


Farmers will have to invest in seeds to obtain seedlings.

Everyone has 6 gratis farm pitches

(5 for plants and ane for a mother tree). If we desire to increase capacity, we will have to purchase state. Mention that

each seed costs 100 PVU,

which equally of July 28, 2021 was priced at $ eleven,70 each crypto, meaning that a unmarried plant will set us dorsum effectually $ 1100. On the farm there will exist four seasons and over twenty weather events. Each event affects the productivity of plants / trees. and Gardeners will play a fundamental role in watering and protecting plants from insects and other hazards.

Seed harvesting mechanics

  • Added 4 PvU fees per seed when players claim their seeds
  • There is now a “Claim Seeds” button in [My Business relationship]> [Inventory] to claim all seeds on a farm.

1st wave of Seeds:

At that place is a limit of

22 seeds in the first circular,

once purchased, nosotros volition take to activate them and it will take 24 hours until we know which constitute has affected usa.

Another detail to note is that

mother trees will role equally a plant in subcontract fashion

and every 24 hours later activating the found,

each plant will have a drop of ii% of a seed
. This probability can be increased by

4% with the synergy of the Light


Plant + Calorie-free World) and more

2% more using a large pot.

Land and plants


lands will come out randomly

(60% common, 29% uncommon, x% rare and ane% mythical) by purchase or they can also be bought from other market participants, knowing what we are buying, at a higher cost. The rarity of the land depends on the number of elements it has:

  • World 1 element

    (common): xx plants + 3 mother trees

  • Earth 2 elements

    (uncommon): 25 plants + 4 mother trees

  • Globe iii elements

    (rare): 30 plants + v mother copse

  • World 4 elements

    (mythical): xl plants + seven mother trees
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Constitute vs Undead, there are 9 different types of plants, each with iv rarities, just like land.

The types of plants are every bit follows;

  • Feu
  • ice
  • Water
  • electro
  • vent
  • parasite
  • light and
  • night
  • metal

Each constitute will give us an amount of LE every X hours

and we must add together that we can exchange

100 LE against 1 PVU

(that’s today’s ratio), so we can get passive income with every institute we have. Example; The mill we have below produces 1101 LE every 120 hours, that translates to an output of ix,1750 LE per hr and 6606 LE per calendar month. With just this plant, we would generate 66,06 PVU per month, which at the current price (July 28, 2021) would be effectually $ 770, fucking madness. If you are already investing more heavily, with several plants and state, you can spend



more than than € 4 per month

without counting on the synergies or the bonuses of the gardeners that we will meet beneath.

NEW TOOLS from August 9, 2021

Sunflower Sapling


Sunflower Mama
, Blessing of the Sun (a way to utilize LE to purchase seeds / land)

  • SUNFLOWER Fine art

    Cost: 100 LE – Duration: 3 days – Utilize: i Effect: Temporary found which gives 250 LE / 72h. 0% risk of dropping seeds even when used with large pots.


    Cost: 200 LE – Elapsing: 6 days – Apply: 1 Effect: A temporary female parent tree which gives 850 LE / 144h. 0% adventure of dropping seeds fifty-fifty when used with big pots.

To all this we must add if we have state and if the plants are of the same type and are subsidized with more Le per hour (10% per establish) and the percentages nosotros take for

actions of

Gardeners in our plants will give us 10% of each share.

We also have the synergy of plant elements;

  • Burn (5 required): This land is immune to: snow, rain, common cold, winter storm.
  • Water ice (five required): This land is immune to: Heatwave, Volcano.
  • Water (8 required): All plants in this lot (except water) do not need watering.
  • Electro (viii required): This land is immune to crows.
  • Current of air (10 required): Reduce harvest fourth dimension past ten% of hours for all plants / trees on this land.
  • Parasite (10 required): The productivity of all plants / trees (except parasites) increases past 20%.
  • Light (15 needed): Double risk of seed driblet.
  • Dark (5/10/15/twenty /…): every 5 dark, increases productivity by 10% for all other elements (stackable).
  • Metallic (10 required) – This state is immune to the elements. The productivity of all metal plants / copse increases by 20%.
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there can exist several synergies activated at the same time on i field

Weather cycle rule:

  • If a weather effect occurs, information technology will not happen again for the adjacent ii days
    . Case: If the “moonlight” occurs on Monday, it volition not repeat until at least Th.

  • Weather events increment / decrease a constitute’south productivity only within 24 hours of functioning.

    For instance, if a mill produces 1000LE / 100 hours (an average of 100LE / h) and an result increases its productivity by thirty%, the productivity of the factory would be 130LE / h just during the 24 hours of that day. . Afterward 24 hours, your productivity returns to 100LE / h.


Updated Baronial nine, 2021. New



  • New daily quest rewards.

    Subcontract 2.0 will replace the electric current farm mode in vii-10 days
    . I will update the entry when this alter happens.

Gardeners is a machinery that aims to let homeowners to cut costs while earning passive income if they allow other players to earn income from their farms. This income in no way affects the productivity of the owners’ farms and constitutes additional income for the owners. Originally this mechanic was supposed to be Free-to-Play, but now it

will demand to buy v PVU

to get started as a gardener.

Gardeners will have 2 missions
: watering and chasing crows on owner’s farms, owners get 10% and player gardeners who do the work get 90% of the total LE.

The watering limit of 9 times per twenty-four hour period for each constitute has been removed

and a plant can now be watered as many times as possible, with a few caveats. Additionally, a new captcha arrangement has been implemented when watering / hunting crows to avoid bots.

  • Irrigation: 15 times / 24-hour interval
  • Scare crows: 5 times / mean solar day

Rewards for watering and crows

The probability of the appearance of crows is twenty% every four hours per plant. Profitability estimator


How to buy PVU?

PVUs, for now, tin only be purchased on Pancakeswap, the contract is here. Just the first thing is to have the Meta Mask wallet installed and have a account on Binance to buy the BNB token. MetaMask can exist downloaded in Chrome and Firefox, or in iOS and Android if you are a mobile user, but honestly the mobile version doesn’t work well with PVU. The all-time way I accept establish to exist able to access information technology from a mobile is to use the

kiwi browser
. With this browser,

we tin install the aforementioned Meta Mask that nosotros installed on the PC

(extension for Chrome) and yous can follow the aforementioned steps in this guide to play from your mobile once you have downloaded Kiwi.

  1. Download MetaMask and follow the installation instructions (record the offset sentences very well).
  2. Create a Binance account to exist able to purchase the BNB token.
  3. Add the Smart Concatenation network to MetaMask
    • Nosotros take to click on

      Add a network

      in the upper right corner, to add together the following data:

      • Network Name:

        Smart chain

      • New RPC URL: https: // bsc – dataseed. binance. org /

      • Aqueduct ID:


      • Symbols:


      • Block Explorer URL: https: // bscscan. com
  4. On Binance, you can buy BNB directly in euros or dollars with different payment methods. One time purchased, you volition need to remove them from your MetaMask wallet with the Smart Chain network enabled.
  5. Nosotros will at present have to add PVU to Pancakeswap, the contract is leaves.
  6. Exchange BNB for PVU.
  7. Add PVU to MetaMask, the contract is here, to be able to see the currency in your wallet.
  8. Connect your MetaMask to Plan Vs Undead here.
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Multi-accounts in PVU


Read what they announced on September 1, 2021.

Upcoming changes no longer let y’all to withdraw pocket-size amounts of money per day.

Information technology will at present be necessary to play and accumulate to progress and earn money. All the details here.


3rd quarter 2021

IDO, firm way released

  • The whitelist ends on June xxx => GONE on July 3.
  • July 10, initial seed / land offer
  • July 14, Market opening (buying / selling assets is available)
  • August 5, launch of Subcontract mode. Features: cultivation seeds, plant information, country for farm manner. Trial version in September.

4rd quarter 2021

Official launch

  • Marketplace: add a plant loan
  • Main game: Survival style, Loonshit mode (1v1) with in-game rewards to earn PVU tokens
  • Second seed offering (with new mother plants / trees and soil)

1rd quarter 2022

Polish the master production

  • Market: Improve UI / UX based on community feedback
  • Start PvP tournament – 1 million PVU guaranteed

2rd quarter 2022

Expansion (to be adamant)

  • New game modes suggested by the community.

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how to become started in Plant vs Undead
, I leave y’all a video of KManuS88.