2022 NCAA Segmentation 2 Men’due south Championships – Mean solar day ane Prelims Live Recap

2022 NCAA Sectionalisation Two Men’due south Swimming and Diving Championships

  • Dates: Wednesday, March 9 – Saturday, March 12, 2022
  • Location: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Times: Prelims 10:00 AM / Finals 6:00 PM
  • Defending Champs: Queens women (6x) & Queens men (6x) – (Results)
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The beginning morn session of the 2022 NCAA Division II Championships volition consist of prelims of the men’s 200 IM and 50 free, followed by i-meter diving and the slower heats of the 1000 free.

In the 200 IM, terminal year’s first-, 2nd-, and third-place finishers are all dorsum and volition jockey for position, hoping for the middle lane in this night’south last. Less than ane.3 seconds split the first seed (2021 runner-up
Alex Kunert
of Queens, 1:45.68) from the eighth (JT Amrein
of Oklahoma Christian, 1:46.95). Defending champion
Emanuel Fava
from Delta Country (i:46.83), who won this even in 2020 before the meet was canceled, and in 2021, will be seeking a three-peat.

Matej Dusa
of Queens is peak seed in the l free, only defending champion and NCAA Partitioning Ii record-holder

Karol Ostrowski

of Drury is here to defend his title. Dusa leads the field by half a second with xix.06, which is .06 faster than Ostrowski’south winning time a year agone. McKendree’southward
Gregg Lichinsky, runner-up in 2020 and ninth last year, is one to picket, as is Drury’south
Alex Bowen
who finished second terminal twelvemonth, one spot alee of Dusa.

UIndy divers
Julio Osuna
Cade Hammond
qualified showtime and second for the 1-meter diving effect, while
Isaiah Cheeks
from Colorado Mesa will be hoping to go on the Mavericks’ winning streak live with the third qualifying slot.

It’south a rather deep field in the men’southward 1000 free, whereby several afternoon swimmers will have the opportunity to steal a podium spot away from the nighttime swimmers.
Aidan Henry
of Queens (ix:12.96), Florida Southern’south
Elder Oliveira
(ix:thirteen.21), and Grand Valley’s
Jon Kantzenbach
(9:14.02) are the top seeds for the afternoon timed finals.

Men’s 200 Individual Medley – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 1:41.61 – Marius Kusch, Queens (NC) (2018)
  • Run across Record: one:41.61 – Marius Kusch, Queens (NC) (2018)
  • 2021 Champion: Emanuel Fava, Delta Land – 1:43.92

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Alex Kunert, Queens – i:44.25
  2. Emanuel Fava, Delta Country – i:46.19
  3. Collyn Gagne, Simon Fraser – 1:46.38
  4. Matheo Mateos-Mongelos, Lindenwood – 1:46.lxx
  5. Balazs Berecz, Queens – 1:46.87
  6. Andrew Rodriguez, Drury – one:46.94
  7. James Brownish, Drury – i:47.15
  8. Jarryd Baxter, Nova South’eastern – 1:47.16
  9. Erikas Kapocius, Northern Michigan – one:47.nineteen
  10. Jan Delkeskamp, Queens – 1:47.32
  11. Yannick Plasil, Queens – 1:47.57
  12. (tie) JT Amrein, Oklahoma Christian / Andreas Marz, Queens – ane:47.61
  13. Bartlomiej Swiderski, Indy – 1:47.65
  14. Ludo Viberti, Florida Southern – 1:47.66
  15. Ben Sampson, Colorado Mesa – 1:47.68
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Lindenwood’due south
Gerald Brown
won rut 1, dropping 2.five seconds from his seed time to cease the clock at 1:48.52. Indy’southward
Bartlomiej Swiderski
dominated rut two, already pulling abroad from the field from the butterfly leg. He was up by ii body lengths headed into the breaststroke and ended up winning the heat by more than than 2 seconds with 1:47.65, a drop of 2.1 seconds from his seed time. Colorado Mesa’south
Mahmoud Elgayar
placed second in the estrus (ane:49.75), improving his entry time by .6.

Heat 3 went to
Erikas Kapocius
of Northern Michigan (i:47.nineteen), whose strong breast/gratuitous second one-half led him by
Yannick Plasil
(1:47.57) and
Andreas Marz
(1:47.61) of Queens. Kapocius, swimming in lane 6, dropped about 2.2 seconds from his seed time. Plasil and Marz improved by ii and i.8 seconds, respectively.

Emanuel Fava
of Delta State dominated the back half of rut 4, leading to a decisive victory in 1:46.19. The defending champion came home in 56.half dozen, blowing by
Jarryd Baxter
of Nova S’eastern (1:47.xvi) and
January Delkeskamp
of Queens (1:47.32).

Simon Fraser’s
Collyn Gagne
(1:46.38) took two.1 seconds off his entry time to win the side by side heat from out in lane 1. He put up an even faster dorsum half than Fava (55.4) to eclipse Drury’due south
Andrew Rodriguez
(1:46.94), Oklahoma Christian’s
JT Amrein
(one:47.61), and Florida Southern’due south
Ludo Viberti

Alex Kunert
of Queens took the last heat in 1:44.25, ii full torso lengths ahead of the balance of the field. Lindenwood’s
Matheo Mateos-Mongelos
made up a .6-second deficit at the 150 to edge Queens’
Balazs Berecz, 1:46.lxx to 1:46.87, for second identify. Drury’s
James Chocolate-brown
touched 4th with 1:47.fifteen.

Men’s 50 Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 18.92 –
    Karol Ostrowski, Drury (2021)
  • Run across Record: 18.92 –
    Karol Ostrowski, Drury (2021)
  • 2021 Champion:
    Karol Ostrowski, Drury – 19.12

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Karol Ostrowski, Drury – 19.30
  2. Matej Dusa, Queens – 19.34
  3. Skyler Cook-Weeks, Queens – 19.37
  4. Luka Cvetko, Wayne State – 19.43
  5. Kyle Micallef, Florida Southern – nineteen.62
  6. Alex Brown, Drury – nineteen.63
  7. Abe Townley, St. Cloud State – 19.66
  8. Tim Stollings, Findlay – 19.69
  9. Gregg Lichinsky, McKendree – 19.70
  10. Finn Howard, Queens – 19.71
  11. Diego Mas, Indy – 19.75
  12. Kham Glass, Drury – 19.85
  13. (tie) Victor Antonon, Indy /Igor Brestas, Carson-Newman / Viacheslav Ohnov, Wingate – 19.86
  14. Xander Skinner, McKendree – 19.90

Dominik Karacic
got the sprint frees off to a great start with a half-2nd drop from his seed fourth dimension to win heat 1 in 20.02.
Rueben Van Leeuwen
of Lewis was .01 faster in heat ii, edging
DaVante Carey
of McKendree (xx.16) and
Daniel Aizenberg
of Florida Tech (20.25) for the win.

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Tim Stollings
of Findlay knocked .three off his entry time to eke out a win heat 3 with xix.69.
Finn Howard
of Queens (19.71) improved his seed time past .iv to finish in 2d place, while
Zach Linder
of Lindenwood touched tertiary (19.91) with a .two comeback.

Luka Cvetko
of Wayne Country kicked off the circle-seeded heats with 19.43, bettering his entry time by .26.
Kyle Micallef
from Florida Southern (19.62) and St. Cloud’due south
Abe Townley
(19.66) came to the wall just behind.

Alex Bowen
(19.63) edged McKendree’s
Gregg Lichinsky
(19.lxx) and Indy’due south
Diego Mas
(19.75) in heat 5.

Defending champion

Karol Ostrowski

took the terminal estrus from out in lane 1, where he was relegated with the 19th-fastest seed time coming into the meet. Ostrowski dominated the heat from start to finish, catastrophe upwards with 19.30 for the fastest time of the morning. Top-seeded
Matej Dusa
of Queens came in 2nd in the estrus (xix.34) alee of teammate
Skyler Melt-Weeks
Igor Bretas
of Carson-Newman and
Victor Antonon
from Indy tied for fourth with 19.86.

Wayne Country’s
Michael Wolsek
and Lindenwood’s Linder ended up tied for 17th place and had to swim off for the right to be first alternate this night. Both improved on their nineteen.91 performances from prelims, but it was Wolsek with the win, 19.73 to 19.88.

Swimoff for 17th:

  1. Michael Wolsek, Wayne Country – 19.73
  2. Zach Linder, Lindenwood – xix.88

Men’s 1000 Freestyle – Slower Heats

  • NCAA DII Tape: 8:54.10 – Fabio Dalu, McKendree (2021)
  • Come across Record: eight:54.x – Fabio Dalu, McKendree (2021)
  • 2021 Champion: Fabio Dalu, McKendree – 8:54.10

Tiptop 8 finishers:

  1. Aidan Henry, Queens – ix:09.71
  2. Luke Erwee, Queens – 9:10.02
  3. Radostin Krastev, Lindenwood – ix:10.35
  4. Chance Ricca, Rollins – 9:fourteen.xi
  5. Christian Hedeen, Indy – nine:14.17
  6. Jon Kantzenbach, Grand Valley – 9:14.78
  7. Stas Chalat, Indy – 9:18.06
  8. Momo Masmoudi, Lynn – 9:18.24

The fastest estrus past seed fourth dimension (rut 1) of the men’south grand complimentary volition swim tonight with finals. The other 4 heats competed this morning, swimming fastest-to-slowest. Strategy was on display in heat 2, where
Luke Erwee
of Queens patiently paced the first 250 yards from the outside lane, allowing others to rush to atomic number 82 the heat. He took over at the 300 and stayed out front until the bell rang. Meanwhile,
of Grand Valley, swimming in the other outside lane and
Aidan Henry
of Queens in the middle, were both chasing Erwee. When they heard the bell, information technology was a mad dash home. Henry ended upwards touching out his teammate, 9:09.71 to 9:10.02, while Kantzenbach finished tertiary in 9:xiv.78.

Chase Ricca
of Rollins controlled rut three from start to finish, already up by more than than ii torso lengths at the halfway point. The more heady race was betwixt lanes vi and 7 for second place. Ricca scored the win with ix:14.11 while Lynn’southward
Momo Masmoudi
out-touched Missouri S&T’s
Alexander Graham
by .02 for second identify in the heat, 9:18.24 to 9:18.26.

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Oestrus four followed in its predecessor’s footsteps. Indy’s Stanislaw Chalat was untouchable with his wire-to-wire win in ix:18.06. Behind him, the boxing was furious between
Michele Orrù
of Wingate in lane 5 and
Mohamed Hegazy
of Queens in lane 2. The two sprinted home afterwards the bell rang and Hegazy got the touch, 9:22.58 to 9:22.63.

Christian Hedeen
swam all solitary, mode in front of the field, for the entire race. He dropped xv.8 seconds from his seed time to finish with ix:14.17 and move from 33rd seed to somewhere in the pinnacle-xvi (we won’t know until the top-8 swim tonight). Drury’s
Ean Vandergraaf
dropped nearly six seconds to touch 2nd in the heat with 9:21.89. He sits at 11th right now, and then information technology will take three swimmers who go 9:22 or slower this night for him to score.

Men’s 1-Meter Diving – Prelims

  • NCAA DII Record: 618.70 – Dario DiFazio, Oakland (1994)
  • Meet Record: 618.lxx – Dario DiFazio, Oakland (1994)
  • 2021 Champion: Ammar Hassan, Colorado Mesa – 568.l

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Julio Osuna Kelly, Indy – 507.95
  2. Cade Hammond, Indy – 467.95
  3. Jason Lenzo, Indy – 442.25
  4. Noah Luna, Colorado Mesa – 436.65
  5. Cyrus Irwin, Grand Valley – 428.75
  6. Jawone Blankenship, Delta Land – 427.00
  7. David Molina Fregenal, Lindenwood – 415.95
  8. Isaiah Cheeks, Colorado Mesa – 412.ten
  9. Noah Boyd, Lindenwood – 399.55
  10. Ethan Larson, McKendree – 396.00
  11. Charles Earl, Drury – 389.65
  12. Tanner Belliston, Colorado Mesa – 387.lx
  13. Zachary Schering, Clarion – 386.25
  14. Wrigley Fields, Grand Valley – 384.95
  15. Andrew Buehler, Southern Connecticut – 376.ten
  16. Matthew Lenzo, UT Permian Basin – 364.30

Indy swept the height three spots for tonight’s A terminal, with Julio Osuna, Cade Hammond, and Jason Lenzo all qualifying at the top of the heap later on 11 rounds. The three Greyhounds were the only divers to average more than twoscore points per dive. Osuna tallied 507.95 points, averaging 46.xviii per dive. Hammond and Lenzo scored an average of 42.54 and 40.20 per dive, respectively.

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