Bibiano Fernandes

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Brazilian mixed martial artist

Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes hoisting his DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix championship belt.

Born Bibiano Fernandes da Silva Neto

March xxx, 1980
(historic period41)


Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Other names The Flash
Nationality Brazilian & Canadian
Height 5ft 7in (1.70chiliad)
Weight 145lb (66kg; 10.4st)
Segmentation Bantamweight

Fashion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pankration
Fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Team Revolution Gym/Carlson Gracie Team Canada

AMC Pankration
Trainer Faustino Neto, Osvaldo Alves
Rank 5th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
under Oswaldo Alves

Mixed martial arts record
Total 28
Wins 24
Byknockout 2
Pastsubmission 9
Bydecision 12
Bydisqualification 1
Losses iv
Byknockout 1
Bydecision 3
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Medal record


Flag of Brazil.svg


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Pan American

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2004 California, U.s.a.
-64 kg

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2005 California, USA
-64 kg

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2006 Los Angeles, CA
-64 kg

Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg

2007 Carson, CA
-64 kg

World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2003 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-64 kg

Silver medal icon (S initial).svg

2004 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-64 kg

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-64 kg

Gold medal icon (G initial).svg

2006 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-64 kg

Bibiano Fernandes da Silva Neto
(born March 30, 1980) is a Brazilian professional person mixed martial artist who has competed for K-one, DREAM, ONE Championship and King of the Cage. He was the first DREAM Featherweight Champion and DREAM Bantamweight Champion, and currently in his second reign every bit the ONE Bantamweight Champion. He is currently ranked every bit the #five Bantamweight in the globe by MMA Weekly

and Fight Matrix every bit well every bit the #1 bantamweight outside of the UFC

He is the primary sparring partner of quondam UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson.

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Fernandes was born in Manaus and grew up in a neighborhood called Coroado with his family unit. Fernandes played soccer throughout his babyhood. Due to an unhappy relationship, Fernandes’ female parent became depressed and somewhen passed away for an unknown reason when he was seven. His father, Inacio, didn’t want to raise the children, so Bibiano and his siblings were sent to live with their aunt in the Amazon rainforest, by the Ituxi River. Still, Bibiano defenseless malaria during their stay in the rainforest and his father was alerted to bring him back to Manaus for treatment. After returning to Manaus, Fernandes attended school for the offset time in his life at the age of nine.

MMA career

At the age of 13, Bibiano was introduced to BJJ, but coming from a poor family he was unable to pay for grooming.

His instructor said he’d continue to railroad train him, equally long every bit he cleaned the gym after the class.

This gave Bibiano a profound respect and gratitude for the gym and what it taught. Bibiano says that he’d say to himself when he was a child “good task! Yous held your basis and believed what you believed.”

Early career

Fernandes fought confronting earth-class contest early in his MMA career. In his second professional fight, Fernandes lost due to a dr.’s stoppage to Urijah Faber in a King of the Muzzle result in Nevada.

After dominating the outset 2 minutes of the round, even taking Faber’southward back, he was reversed and received a avalanche of elbows that opened upwardly a deep cut on his forehead. Though the fight was officially ruled a doctor stoppage, it was actually stopped by the referee, due to the cut. In his very next fight, Fernandes lost to Norifumi “Child” Yamamoto at a G-one Hero’s result in Japan.

Subsequently losing to Faber and Yamamoto, Fernandes won four consecutive fights before entering into the DREAM Featherweight G Prix.


Bibiano defeated Joe Warren and Hiroyuki Takaya at DREAM eleven to win the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix and get the kickoff DREAM Featherweight Champion.

After defeating Warren by starting time round armbar, Fernandes’ fight against Takaya was very shut, and he won by divide conclusion.

Fernandes fought erstwhile DREAM Lightweight Champion Joachim Hansen on March 22, 2010, at DREAM 13 for his commencement title defense force. He won the friction match in a separate decision.

At K-one Dynamite!! 2010, Fernandes had a rematch with Takaya for the DREAM featherweight championship. Fernandes lost his title to Takaya via unanimous decision.

Fernandes next faced Takafumi Otsuka at DREAM 17 in the quarterfinals of the bantamweight tournament. He won the fight via submission in the outset round. At Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011, he defeated Rodolfo Marques via unanimous decision in the semifinal circular. In the finals, Fernandes defeated Antonio Banuelos via TKO in the first round to win the Dream Globe Bantamweight Grand Prix and become the start ever DREAM Bantamweight champion.

Ultimate Fighting Title

On June 4, 2012, it was announced that Fernandes had signed with the UFC and was briefly linked to a bout against Roland Delorme on July 21, 2012, at UFC 149.

All the same, the UFC claimed Fernandes pulled out of the bout, citing an injury.

Bibiano subsequently antiseptic that he had been in negotiations with the UFC, but a contract was never signed.

I Title

In June 2012 it was appear that Fernandes had signed with I Championship instead of the UFC.

Fernandes made his debut for the promotion at I FC 5 against Gustavo Falciroli.

He won the fight via unanimous conclusion.

Interim ONE Bantamweight Championship

Fernandes next fight was at ONE FC 9: Rise to Power against Koetsu Okazaki for the Interim ONE Bantamweight Title. He won via unanimous decision.

Undisputed 1 Bantamweight Championship

Fernandes side by side fought at I FC 11: Full Domination against Soo Chul Kim to unify the I Bantamweight Title.

He won the bout via unanimous conclusion and became the undisputed champion.

Fernandes headlined One Fighting Championship: Rise of Heroes on May 2, 2014, against Masakatsu Ueda.

He won via unanimous decision.

Bibiano faced Dae Hwan Kim at ONE Fighting Title: Warrior’s Fashion on December 5, 2014, once again successfully defending his world championship by defeating Kim via rear-naked choke in the 2nd round.

In his fourth championship defense, Fernandes faced Kevin Belingon at One Championship: Dynasty of Champions on January 23, 2016. He successfully dedicated his title, winning by kimura submission in the first circular.

In his fifth title defense, Fernandes faced Reece McLaren at 1 Title: Age of Domination on Dec 2, 2016. He won the fight by split decision.

On February 17, 2017, it was appear that Fernandes re-signed with One Championship.

Title loss and second reign

Fernandes fought Kevin Belingon for the 2d fourth dimension at I Championship 78: Heart of the Lion on November 9, 2018, in a championship unification bout. He lost the fight via dissever decision.

Fernandes faced Belingon in a trilogy match at ONE Championship: A New Era on March xxx, 2019.

He won the bout via disqualification when he could non continue after Belingon landed an illegal elbow to the back of Fernandes’due south caput, one time once again regaining the bantamweight title.

Fernandes faced Belingon for the fourth fourth dimension at I Championship: Century on October 13, 2019.

He won the fight via a rear-naked choke submission in the second circular.

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Fernandes was scheduled to face John Lineker at One Championship: Ten on December 3, 2021.

Still due to the pandemic, the event was postponed and the bout was moved to ONE Title: Bad Blood on February xi, 2022.

Linekar tested positive for COVID days before the upshot and the bout was pulled.

The bout was rescheduled for ONE Championship: Lights Out on March 11, 2022.

Personal life

Fernandes and his wife, Amanda, have three sons: Elijah, Gabriel and Lucas.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu lineage

Mitsuyo “Count Koma” Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Reyson Gracie → Osvaldo Alves → Faustino ‘Pina’ Neto → Bibiano Fernandes

Championships and accomplishments

Mixed martial arts


    • DREAM Bantamweight Title (1 time; only)
    • DREAM 2011 Bantamweight World Grand Prix Champion
    • DREAM Featherweight Championship (I time; first)

      • One successful title defense
    • DREAM 2009 Featherweight World G Prix Champion

  • ONE Championship

    • Interim One Bantamwight Championship (One fourth dimension)
    • 1 Bantamweight Championship (two times; current)

      • Seven successful championship defenses (offset reign)
      • One successful championship defense (second reign)
    • About title defences in ONE Championship history (seven)
    • Almost title defences in ONE Title Bantamweight sectionalization (seven)

  • Sherdog

    • 2011 All-Violence Second Squad

Submission grappling

  • International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

    • 2007 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Belt Statuary Medalist
    • 2006 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Belt Gold Medalist
    • 2006 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Belt Gold Medalist
    • 2005 Earth Jiu-Jitsu Title Black Chugalug Golden Medalist
    • 2005 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Chugalug Golden Medalist
    • 2004 Globe Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Chugalug Silvery Medalist
    • 2004 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Title Black Belt Aureate Medalist
    • 2003 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Belt Gold Medalist
    • 2003 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Title Blackness Chugalug Aureate Medalist
    • 2002 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Brownish Belt Gold Medalist
    • 2002 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Title Brown Belt Gold Medalist
    • 2001 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Purple Belt Gold Medalist
    • 1998 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Belt Bronze Medalist
    • 1997 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Belt Gilt Medalist

Mixed martial arts record

Professional record breakdown
28matches 24 wins 4 losses
By knockout 2 one
Past submission nine
By decision 12 iii
By disqualification 1

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Res. Record Opponent Method Result Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 24–4 Kevin Belingon Submission (rear-naked choke) I Title: Century Part 2 October 13, 2019 2 2:xvi Tokyo, Nippon Dedicated the ONE Bantamweight Title (145 lb.)
Win 23–iv Kevin Belingon DQ (illegal elbows) 1 Championship: A New Era March 31, 2019 3 3:twoscore Tokyo, Japan Won the 1 Bantamweight Championship (145 lb.)
Loss 22–4 Kevin Belingon Decision (split) ONE Title: Middle of the Lion November 9, 2018 five five:00 Kallang, Singapore Lost the ONE Bantamweight Title (145 lb.)
Win 22–3 Martin Nguyen Decision (split) ONE Championship: Iron Will March 24, 2018 v five:00 Bangkok, Thailand Return to 145 lb. Defended the I Bantamweight Title (145 lb.)
Win 21–iii Andrew Leone Submission (rear-naked choke) ONE Championship: Kings & Conquerors August 5, 2017 1 i:47 Macau, China Defended the Ane Bantamweight Title
Win twenty–three Reece McLaren Decision (split) ONE Title: Age of Domination Dec ii, 2016 v 5:00 Pasay, Philippines Defended the Ane Bantamweight Title
Win 19–3 Kevin Belingon Submission (kimura) One Championship: Dynasty of Champions January 23, 2016 1 4:04 Changsha, Communist china Defended the ONE Bantamweight Championship
Win 18–3 Toni Tauru KO (dial) I Fighting Title: Kingdom of Warriors July 18, 2015 3 one:02 Yangon, Myanmar Defended the ONE Bantamweight Title
Win 17–3 Dae Hwan Kim Submission (rear-naked choke) Ane Fighting Championship: Warrior’s Way December v, 2014 two 1:sixteen Pasay, Philippines Defended the ONE Bantamweight Championship
Win sixteen–3 Masakatsu Ueda Decision (unanimous) Ane Fighting Championship: Ascension of Heroes May 2, 2014 5 5:00 Pasay, Philippines Defended the One Bantamweight Championship.
Win 15–3 Soo Chul Kim Decision (unanimous) ONE Fighting Championship: Total Domination October 18, 2013 v v:00 Kallang, Singapore Won and unified the ONE Bantamweight Championship.
Win 14–3 Koetsu Okazaki Conclusion (unanimous) ONE Fighting Championship: Rise to Ability May 31, 2013 five five:00 Pasay, Philippines Won the Ane Interim Bantamweight Championship.
Win 13–3 Yoshiro Maeda Technical Submission (triangle choke) Dream 18 Dec 31, 2012 1 i:46 Tokyo, Nippon Non-title bout.
Win 12–3 Gustavo Falciroli Conclusion (unanimous) ONE Fighting Championship: Pride of a Nation Baronial 31, 2012 3 five:00 Quezon Metropolis, Philippines
Win xi–3 Antonio Banuelos TKO (punches) Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 Dec 31, 2011 1 1:21 Saitama, Japan DREAM 2011 Bantamweight GP Final; Won the DREAM Bantamweight Championship.
Win 10–3 Rodolfo Marques Decision (unanimous) Fight For Nippon: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 December 31, 2011 two 5:00 Saitama, Japan DREAM 2011 Bantamweight GP Semifinal.
Win 9–3 Takafumi Otsuka Technical Submission (rear-naked asphyxiate) Dream 17 September 24, 2011 1 0:41 Saitama, Japan Return to Bantamweight. DREAM 2011 Bantamweight GP Quarterfinal.
Loss 8–3 Hiroyuki Takaya Conclusion (unanimous) Dynamite!! 2010 December 31, 2010 3 five:00 Saitama, Japan Lost the DREAM Featherweight Championship.
Win eight–two Joachim Hansen Determination (split) Dream 13 March 22, 2010 two 5:00 Yokohama, Japan Defended the DREAM Featherweight Title.
Win vii–2 Hiroyuki Takaya Decision (split) Dream eleven October six, 2009 2 v:00 Yokohama, Japan DREAM 2009 Featherweight GP Final; Won the DREAM Featherweight Championship.
Win 6–2 Joe Warren Submission (armbar) Dream eleven October 6, 2009 1 0:42 Yokohama, Japan DREAM 2009 Featherweight GP Semifinal.
Win 5–two Masakazu Imanari Decision (unanimous) Dream 9 May 26, 2009 2 v:00 Yokohama, Japan DREAM 2009 Featherweight GP Quarterfinal.
Win iv–2 Takafumi Otsuka Decision (unanimous) Dream 7 March viii, 2009 2 5:00 Saitama, Japan DREAM 2009 Featherweight GP Opening Round. Return to Featherweight.
Win iii–2 Len Tam Submission (triangle choke) Raw Combat: Redemption October 25, 2008 1 0:58 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Win 2–two Juan Barrantes Conclusion (unanimous) Raw Combat: Resurrection June xx, 2008 iii 5:00 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Loss 1–2 Norifumi Yamamoto Decision (unanimous) Hero’s 10 September 17, 2007 3 v:00 Kanagawa, Japan Lightweight debut.
Loss 1–1 Urijah Faber TKO (punches) KOTC: All Stars October 28, 2006 ane iv:xvi Reno, Nevada, Us For the KOTC Bantamweight Championship (145 lb)
Win ane–0 Luis Figueroa Submission (rear-naked choke) Jungle Fight 3 October 23, 2004 ane 0:31 Manaus, Brazil Featherweight debut.