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For almost of my initial time with Elden Ring I was experiencing severe framerate drops—some of these drops would see the framerate drop to less than one-half the average and even to 0fps at times. This seemed to have very trivial correlation to what was actually happening on screen, either.

To try and go to the lesser of this I tried every graphical setting and preset, though nothing seemed to mitigate the effect. I even left my game running, with my character stood stationary in the world, for over 25 minutes to see when and why the stuttering occurred. There wasn’t any obvious reason for it. No enemies crossed my path, and the merely existent variable during run was the twenty-four hour period and dark cycle. Though the stuttering didn’t appear to match up in any way that convinced me it was due to that in some mode.

Our all-time estimate was some grade of DRM was causing this stuttering, as no adjusting of any preset of individual setting appeared to prevent or lessen it. Though DRM is often blamed for these launch-solar day jitters, and often without much evidence to support those claims. And then nosotros’ll just stick with: we weren’t really sure what was going on.

Above: An example of Elden Ring’s stuttering on version 1.01.

Now that’s not great, but the good news is that while you may have heard most some stuttering in the run-up to the game’south launch, or even if you didn’t, it’due south non necessarily going to be quite so bad when y’all’re playing the game for yourself.

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The stuttering bug I initially faced were with version 1.01 of the game. That’s the pre-release version without the day-one patch. The 24-hour interval-one patch brings yous to version 1.02. Bandai Namco told us this was to directly fix some of the stuttering issues in the game, and many of u.s. playing on team, including myself, accept noticed these jarring stutters have ceased.

“Elden Ring’s Solar day 1 patch (ver.1.02) will better overall game stability including framerate under circumstances where it may accept stuttered or dropped in the pre-release version (ver.1.01) of the game,” Bandai Namco said.

A screenshot of the version number on the Elden Ring main menu, in the bottom right of the screen

The version number is located in the bottom right of the master menu screen.

(Paradigm credit: FromSoftware)

Though that’s non to say the game is entirely stutter free. Exist it DirectX 12 (which has been known to crusade bug, particularly early on in a game’s lifetime) or some other issue entirely, Elden Band does sometimes stutter in new areas or when facing new enemies. For example, I recently fell downward a big hole, and in the first few moments after being down there, my game’due south framerate dropped to a near-standstill at least 3 times. It’s a niggling distracting when you’re trying your best non to die, and, beingness a FromSoftware game, there were lots of nasty lads in said hole that were trying to kill me.

Digital Foundry corroborates our feel in its testing. Information technology also found that the game suffers from frequent stuttering on the new patch.  “As it currently stands, the PC version using the latest i.02 patch has a number of issues that volition affect all hardware configurations on all graphical settings presets.”

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Still, it’due south a much better experience than version 1.01. Then if y’all’re playing offline and observe severe, maybe unexplained stuttering you might need to grab the 13GB version 1.02 patch. That should be the version most of you download, only peradventure if you preloaded the game early there’s however a gamble yous’re running the older game version.

You can cheque which version of the game you’re running in the primary menu, down in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

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