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Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster’s Opening Credits Sequence… Forgot the Opening Credits

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster Makes Baroque Modify

Square Enix’due south recently released Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy 6 leaves out a surprising piece of the JRPG’s iconic opening sequence.

Square Enix recently released its Pixel Remaster of the legendary JRPG

Last Fantasy half-dozen

. The Pixel Remaster updates sure aspects of the game with improved visuals but otherwise focuses on an authentic recreation of the original
Final Fantasy half-dozen. It even removes content added in the 2015 mobile ports of
Final Fantasy 6
in its pursuit of authenticity. That’s why many fans are baffled at a surprising decision from Foursquare Enix to remove a notable aspect of
Final Fantasy half-dozen‘s iconic opening sequence.

For those who aren’t familiar, and for
Final Fantasy
fans who are more than familiar,
Last Fantasy half-dozen
opens with a remarkable sequence that at the time was seen every bit beautifully unique. A brief introduction frames
Concluding Fantasy half-dozen‘due south setting as on the verge of a war where powerful magic and technology volition disharmonism. Two Imperial soldiers and a listen-controlled magic user are on a mission to take control of a powerful magical creature encased in ice. It’southward a lot to take in for what players know volition stop upwardly existence a JRPG dozens of hours long.

At this time, the three Imperials ready off to Narshe where the magical Esper can exist found and there’s a very interesting but purposeful sequence. The trio’s magitek armors are shown walking in 3D through the snowfall toward the city for a full 2 minutes. All the while, Foursquare’south opening credits play at the superlative of the screen. It’s both the concluding deep jiff players volition take before everything starts to spin out of control and a plumbing fixtures tribute to the developers who created the story that followed. Only, in the new edition of
Last Fantasy 6, the credits have been removed.

Instead of players getting to see the credits for the game developers who originally made
Final Fantasy 6, players are treated with no text any. The full 2-infinitesimal sequence of protagonist Terra and the ii Purple soldiers still plays out and Tetra’south theme song nonetheless plays in the background, but there are no credits or annihilation replacing them.

For players new to
Final Fantasy 6, the sequence is odd, to say the least. The full context of the sequence has been removed. Players are left wondering whether they’re supposed to press a push or do something else. For older players, it’s somewhat insulting to think such a meaningful and memorable tribute to the game’s original Square developers has been taken out.

Why the opening credits are no longer in
Last Fantasy half dozen
isn’t clear. Information technology’s probable to have been removed intentionally, given the level of authenticity throughout the residuum of the game. Perhaps it didn’t seem correct, because the piece of work the new Pixel Remaster team put into the project, to focus solely on the original squad. Perhaps it’s just a issues. Regardless, barring and legal reason not to, it would seemingly be in good gustation to bring back the credits, not only for authenticity’s sake, but out of respect for the game’s creators.

Final Fantasy six Pixel Remaster

is bachelor now on PC, iOS, and Android.

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