Conduce leaders get to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Brotherhood

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News has recently emerged of global elites (aka cabal) going to Antarctica for a secret meeting. We know from public tweets that Claus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Globe Economic Forum, and Cristina Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank attended a hole-and-corner Antarctica meeting. Ii others nowadays were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively the President and Principal Technical Officer of Ripple Labs, a computer software visitor specializing in online payment systems.

The four tweets by the in a higher place elites, which began with Lagarde tweeting dorsum in July 2021 that she was going to attend a meeting in Antarctica, has generated much speculation. To acquire more about the Antarctica meetings, I contacted Elena Danaan to observe out if her off-planet sources could supply answers to what was really happening in Antarctica.

Elena received answers from Thor Han Eredyon, a Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and Oona from the Intergalactic Confederation (aka the Guardians). The answers were stunning. It appears that a major turning bespeak has been reached and global elites are being summoned to Antarctica to run into a delegation of extraterrestrial races and Earth Alliance leaders to negotiate the terms of their surrender.

Antarctica was chosen for the meeting because it contains a portal that tin can transport global elites to a distant world in another galaxy where they will be well provisioned, simply forever banished.

Prior to leaving for the new world, however, they have to start help the transition of the global fiscal system, and to disengage much of the black magic that has been cast to keep humanity and the Globe itself in chains.

Here is the kickoff bulletin Elena (Eastward) received from Thor Han (TH) on December 14 most what transpired at the Antarctica coming together.

TH: By the conclusion of the High Council of the GFW, following the recent agreements assail Jupiter betwixt the Earth Infinite Brotherhood and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Council of Five and the Zenatean Alliance.

The Terran elites under enemy leadership complied to meet on the southern continent, with our representatives, in club to mitt over to the Earth Alliance their powers upon the global financial system. This ancient system is to be replaced by the new system that is to be put in place by the Earth Brotherhood. They are being offered, in commutation, a life off-earth with all commodities.

East: Why are they non just judged for their misdeeds and sentenced appropriately?

Thursday: They only can unwind the dark web they created, for they cast into the foundations of your societies the anchors of smashing immorality. It was decided with the Terran high hierarchy of the Earth Alliance, that no greater chaos would unfold from these transfers of power, as an economic collapse would add even more suffering to these challenging times for the Terran people, already profoundly wounded. The GFW and the Earth Alliance are making sure that this transition volition crusade the least damage equally possible.

E: Does this concern only changes in the financial arrangement?

Thursday: Industrial domains are interdependent with the financial arrangement. Exist prepared to witness surprising changes in the matter of new free energy systems and the rolling out of technologies in many sectors.

E: Why were you on Jupiter these last days? And simply back on the very aforementioned day when these meetings in Antarctica are leaked?

TH: I told y’all there were meetings on Jupiter. The dark elites weren’t there, they would not be tolerated in the Shari facility
(Ashtar GC).
The dark ones met on Antarctica’due south land with our envoys. The latest meetings on Jupiter were nigh those I just mentioned, with the leadership of the Earth Alliance simply. These meetings were completed today, Terran time. This is the statement I can give to you, with my superiors’ blessings. Did Oona contact you?

E: Yeah, she did.

Th: So she knows more details than I do, at to the lowest degree for at present. I shall speak to you again in the coming hours. You can of course tell Dr. Michael, and give him my addicted salutations.

Eastward: I surely volition, thank you, Thor Han.

Thor Han’s message gives the states a clear thought of what actually transpired in Antarctica. The global elites summoned at that place met with a delegation of leaders from different extraterrestrial organizations and the Earth Alliance that participated in the Jupiter Accords signed in July 2021. The elites were required to come upward with a plan for a smooth economic transition to a more equitable monetary organisation and foreclose a global financial plummet.

This is supported by the tweets by the two senior officials from Ripple Labs, Schwartz and Garlinghouse. Their presence and expertise signaled that what was existence negotiated in Antarctica involved a new online payment system.

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Could this be linked to a Breakthrough Financial Arrangement (QFS) that has been a topic of much speculation? Co-ordinate to i source, Nigel Matte, the coming QFS would be linked to a quantum net that will be created through the Starlink Satellite organisation being created past Elon Musk’s SpaceX.  Schwartz and Garlinghouse would have the necessary expertise to assist plans for a smooth transition from the current global financial system to a QFS linked to quantum deject calculating.

Thor Han pointed out that the implications for multiple industries volition be enormous starting with the energy sector. Indeed, abandoning fossil fuels is the key to unleashing a multitude of alternative energy technologies that have been suppressed since the early 1900s. Similarly, many other suppressed technologies such as electromagnetic and holographic healing modalities volition be also released, thereby replacing the soon to be discredited pharmaceutical industry, equally a result of national populations rebelling confronting mandatory vaccine policies and big pharma support for these.

It’south worth keeping in mind that there are currently over 5900 patents that are suppressed in the US alone due to national security orders imposed by the intelligence customs. The bulk of these suppressed patents involve alternative energy and healing technologies. When in Jan 2017, President Donald Trump issued a Superlative Secret Memorandum for the release of yard of these patents over the next two years, he was ignored by the intelligence community, and his administration subsequently targeted.

Interestingly, the cabal was not immune to travel to the headquarters of the Ashtar Galactic Command where the Jupiter Accords were first negotiated between 14 spacefaring nations led by the United states of america, with representatives of the Galactic Customs. This is a big indicator of how the state of affairs in our solar system has dramatically inverse with the expulsion of the Ciakahrr (Callous) Empire and Orion (Gray) Collective forces, and Earth’s cabal being isolated from their old patrons.

Afterwards his offset response, Thor Han sent boosted information to Elena about the meetings he was attending on Jupiter:

Th: Another attribute of my presence on Jupiter was to discuss this phenomenon which very recently occurred in the vicinity of your star system: a collapse of the third Density continuum. This occurs in pockets in the fabric of space and your star organisation is entering one of these on its trajectory through this arm of the galaxy. More 3rd Density collapsing volition occur, as a bridge to the fifth Density. The enemy and the night ones know about it, they knew it was happening and information technology is one of the reasons why they knew for a long time that they had lost this star arrangement. I will tell you more later.

Thor Han’s message corroborates that our solar system has entered a region of space which possesses a galactic anomaly that greatly impacts third density space. In 2014, scientists confirmed that our solar system was about to enter a large interstellar cloud chosen “the local fluff”, which is approximately xxx calorie-free-years wide and held together by a very large magnetic field.

According to various researchers, this interstellar cloud was kickoff observed back in 1961 around the Pleiades constellation and called a ‘photon belt’—due to the white halo it projected. One of the “Photon Belt” advocates was Noel Huntley, Ph.D., who wrote an commodity in 2010 titled “The Photon Chugalug Meet” where he described its existence and corking interest to extraterrestrials:

What is this electromagnetic deject, this gold nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs? Its more than universal designation is ’photon belt’ or ’photon band ’, consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this chugalug is recognized by extraterrestrials as of great import.

Co-ordinate to Thor Han’south data, Dr. Huntley was right and the region of space nosotros take entered will accelerate consciousness from a materialistic third density existence to a 5th density beingness. According to the Law of One material, “fifth density is mayhap best described as extremely white in vibration.” Therefore the “photon belt” is not an inaccurate description of this 5th
density region despite what many critics have to say virtually the term.

If humanity’s collective consciousness was not sufficiently developed to accommodate 5th density frequencies, it would implode in a self-induced global cataclysm. If humanity’s consciousness evolved, notwithstanding, a gilt age of wisdom, love and peace would brainstorm.

Thor Han is making clear that the global elites understood that the battle for Globe had been lost, and they wanted no part of what was coming. Hence their willingness to cooperate in the transition to a new World in social club to be able to use the Antarctica portal to get out forever to another planet.

In a second follow up message sent on December fourteen, Thor Han communicated with Elena and shared more information about this “photon belt” (aka local fluff) and how the Jupiter Accords gave the global elite five months to surrender to the Earth Brotherhood. Thor Han said:

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TH: I am going to talk about this natural phenomenon occurring in the vicinity of your star arrangement. This is non an isolated phenomenon; as your star organisation moves throughout the grid of this galaxy, composed of fluctuating waves of frequencies, yous see pockets of higher vibrational density of matter. What does information technology hateful: the concrete laws bounden the atoms together oscillate at a faster charge per unit. Information technology is not about time, do you lot empathise, the time rate doesn’t change, only the perception yous take of it, because your rate changes. It is non nigh time but just about the physicality of the fabric of space that shifts. As the universal laws of physics part, information technology happens that this miracle occurs progressively, unless the pocket of higher density is as large or bigger than the said star organization. The limit of a density zone is not sharp only fuzzy. You enter into information technology progressively, past encountering “bubbles” until y’all completely merge into the new area.

E: What happens when Earth will cross through 1 of these higher density zones, or bubbles?

Th: Nothing near a dramatic issue, such as many Terrans imagine with fright could happen. It manifests as a change in consciousness every bit the perceptions, mental and physical, shift into a higher range. Physical symptoms tin occur, those who take prepared their heed openly follow the wave but for those who are not ready and resist it, it translates for them past physical and mental suffering. The vision changes, the perceptions change, specially the perception of linear time, that is perceived as faster. But you lot know, this process, inbound through this new surface area in Nataru, is inevitable. So Terrans need to truly let become of any resistance, such as the greatest, that is fear.

Thor Han has here confirmed that our solar organisation’s movement into the “photon belt” (“local fluff”) is not something that heralds physical destruction, but instead signals a speeding up of consciousness. Those individuals sufficiently prepared emotionally and mentally will be able to surf the coming galactic waves and manifest a new reality—the proverbial Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Those that are not prepared volition practice the contrary, and feel more corking stress and turmoil in their personal and collective lives.

Thor Han continued his 2d follow up message every bit follows:

E: Going back to Antarctica, what else can you tell me? I don’t like these guys, they are the embodiment of evil. They take caused and so much suffering.

Th: They won’t anymore. When the Jupiter agreements took place, they received a warning that we would meet in five months and they would have to prepare to surrender. So they knew this and that is why they are pushing all their agendas at once, with despair. But your people is starting to see that.

East: Wait, why give them five months?

Th: For the transition. This meeting is a turning point for them, and for y’all. If we had suppressed them all at once, the financial and economical systems on Terra would accept imploded in a terrible chaos. In that location are amend ways. They are summoned to transfer to the Alliance their keys and tools, in society to brand the transition as smooth as possible for the population.

Something else that is worth mentioning, is that they have been taught nighttime aetherical arts and the spells need to be undone. This will undo their power. It is powerless that they volition get out this world. Considering they will leave. Y’all know, when I mentioned transition, I meant to say that Terrans need to see the faces of their enemy, in guild to open their consciousness to the truth. However painful this procedure is, information technology is necessary.

E: It reminds me what the Nine told me recently, that every sentient being has a role to play in the games of the evolution of the universe.

Thursday: That is exact. You know, when I stayed in the Himalayan base, 4 years ago, I witnessed great plans being prepared for the enkindling of the Terrans. The fourth dimension war was the primary business. Imagine a time war like a multi layered chess board. There is no better way to depict information technology to yous.

Thor Han’southward reference to the global elites use of the “dark aetherical arts and the spells” is very significant. He is referring to a piffling understood aspect of the global elite’s control system which is the use of black magic to undergird all their activities. Thor Han is confirming here what several researchers have revealed in the by, the cabal routinely uses black magic as part of their global command organisation.

A expert example is how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) routinely used magical symbols for the public Space Plan as documented by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara in their best selling 2009 book,
Dark Mission: The Hugger-mugger History of NASA.

What we also learned from President Vladimir Putin and a armed forces intelligence grouping associated with the Q motility (a motion linked to the 17thursday
letter of the alphabet of the alphabet) was that the global elite are practicing ‘Satanists’ who conjure up the power of demonic and other negative entities to subjugate humanity and the spirit of the planet. In this regard, what Putin effectively said in his 2013 State of the Nation Accost was “the New World Society Worships Satan.”

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These dark magic ceremonies are routinely held at different energy vortexes or ‘sacred sites’ around the planet as revealed past many occult researchers such equally Fritz Springmeier in his book serial,
Bloodlines of the Illuminati. More recently, Brad Olsen, a highly competent researcher and author, also revealed many of these blackness magic/Satanist practices in his book serial
Across Esoteric:

There is a complete command over the human race, and to think that blackness magic could be used to control the masses is disturbing. The occult is employed in a new kind of fascism today amidst some of the elite globalists, who completely control virtually every aspect of our lives, from health and finance to politics and education…. Enquiry indicates that occult ceremonies and rituals at the upper levels get far beyond what anyone tin can imagine…. Why is it and then hard to believe that occult practices are a real tool for control? (p. 55).

Importantly, Thor Han pointed out the explicit connection between the Jupiter Accords signed in July and the Antarctica meetings held five months afterward. A provision of the Accords was the surrender of the global aristocracy past Dec 2021. This timeline is corroborated by Christine Lagarde’s July tweet that meetings were to be held in Antarctica in December. Her tweet is compelling evidence that the conduce had indeed been given five months to set to hand over their power, without collapsing the world financial system as a condition for their leaving Globe through the Antarctica intergalactic portal.

This negotiated surrender and departure of the cabal signals an incredible new fourth dimension lies alee as the world transitions to new financial, political, wellness, and free energy systems that will revolutionize life. The message from Oona, 1 of the Guardians, provides even so more details into the incredible planetary transitions we are presently well-nigh to witness. I will analyze her message in Part two of this series.

A video version of this commodity is available on YouTube & Rumble

I wish to give thanks Elena Danaan for permission to publicly release Thor Han’due south letters. Her website is here.

© Michael East. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Dec 16, 2021 Update:
The original source for the four twitter posts cited in the higher up article has been found. The four tweets first appeared on the twitter business relationship of XRP the Standard Productions on Dec 3. They were and then reposted in an article published on The Void on December 7, which I used as my source for the above commodity. 2 of the tweets were then posted by Ben Fulford on his site on December 13, 2021. Joseph Farrell cited the Void article and referred to Klaus Schwab tweet on Dec 13. I posted the in a higher place article discussing the iv tweets on Dec 16. The XRP site posts satirical stories, and takes pride in misinforming people. Unfortunately, regarding the four Antarctica tweets, this does bandage considerable dubiety on their authenticity. All the same, disinformation is designed to muddy the waters about real events, and something did genuinely happen in Antarctica as one of the four sources, David Schwartz, is actively posting about his recent trip there. So nosotros know ane of the four twitter sources did become to Antarctica. Did Klaus Schwab and  Christine Lagarde also go in that location? Now we don’t know. This unfortunate evolution does not diminish the accuracy of the information relayed past Elena Danaan from her source Thor Han about what has recently happened in Antarctica. All it does is cast confusion and misdirection in an already hard field to research. While I did conduct some due diligence on the four twitter posts, information technology plainly wasn’t adept enough. Lesson learned. I will do improve next time. Fool me one time shame on you. Fool me twice …

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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