CoD: Mobile Alive Player Count

Call of Duty: Mobile Live Player Count:

Call of Duty: Mobile
one of the highest-rated mobile games released in October 2019, the game is developed by TIMI Games and is actively marketed past Activision. CoD: Mobile even won the “Best Mobile Game” award from The Game Awards in 2019. On October 22, 2020, a little over a year since information technology was released, Telephone call of Duty: Mobile The game has over 300 one thousand thousand downloads worldwide as
reported by Activision. Hither, you lot will acquire the game’due south statistics and Call of Duty: Mobile live actor count.

However, the number of downloads is different from the number of active players. We at
have estimated that seventy% or
210 million are actively playing the CoD: Mobile and simply 10% or thirty~ million players are playing information technology daily.

Discover how many players are meantime playing Call of Duty: Mobile right now. On this page you will learn Call of Duty Mobile alive player count or at least the estimated players of this game. We will provide you an estimated graph each month in 2 years.

The numbers you see above are only an estimated data on the game. We have compiled these numbers using the most recent data from various online sources. Telephone call of Duty Mobile live count histrion count is the number of players currently playing Call of Duty Mobile. This counter changes as y’all refresh this page since Call of Duty: Mobile players worldwide started sessions and ending gaming sessions.

Phone call of Duty: Mobile Live Monthly Actor Count [Nautical chart]

Alive monthly statistics is the summary of the logged Call of Duty Mobile monthly active players. Nosotros take besides logged summit number of Call of Duty Mobile players. Pregnant the number of Telephone call of Duty Mobile players playing simultaneously at the same time. Phone call of Duty Mobile We take gathered all the data and entered it on a chart for the users better understanding.

Call of Duty Mobile Alive Monthly Thespian Detailed [TABLE]

Calendar month Average Monthly Players Monthly Gain / Loss Monthly Gain / Loss % Max Players Daily
Last xxx Days 56,021,401 ane,471,258 2.70 half dozen,535,830
January 30, 2022 54,550,143 -516,003 -0.94 6,364,183
December 30, 2021 55,066,146 360,599 0.66 six,424,384
November xxx, 2021 54,705,547 183,534 0.34 6,382,314
October 30, 2021 54,522,013 1,410,544 2.66 vi,360,902
September 30, 2021 53,111,469 -909,677 -1.68 vi,196,338
Baronial thirty, 2021 54,021,146 ane,965,935 iii.78 6,302,467
July thirty, 2021 52,055,211 985,264 1.93 6,073,108
June thirty, 2021 51,069,947 114,477 0.22 5,958,160
May 30, 2021 50,955,470 2,944,010 6.xiii 5,944,805
April 30, 2021 48,011,460 2,109,350 4.60 5,601,337
March xxx, 2021 45,902,110 -650,037 -1.xl 5,355,246
February 20, 2021 46,552,147 1,983,501 4.45 5,431,084
Jan xxx, 2021 44,568,646 2,122,316 5.00 5,199,675
December xxx, 2020 42,446,330 4,716,259 12.50 4,952,072
Nov xxx, 2020 37,730,071 -2,734,291 -6.76 iv,401,842
Oct xxx, 2020 xl,464,362 -iv,914,349 -ten.83 4,720,842
September 30, 2020 45,378,711 -3,708,828 -vii.56 v,294,183
August 30, 2020 49,087,539 -five,965,992 -10.84 v,726,880
July 30, 2020 55,053,531 -four,376,344 -7.36 half-dozen,422,912
June 30, 2020 59,429,875 498,375 0.85 6,933,485
May 30, 2020 58,931,500 -seven,818,500 -11.71 half-dozen,875,342
May xxx, 2020 66,750,000 -1,837,500 -2.68 7,787,500
April thirty, 2020 68,587,500 -6,929,375 -9.eighteen 8,001,875
March 30, 2020 75,516,875 -ii,887,285 -three.68 8,810,302
February 20, 2020 78,404,160 2,554,184 3.37 9,147,152
January 30, 2020 75,849,976 -iii,020,503 -3.83 8,849,164
December 30, 2019 78,870,479 78,870,479 1.00 9,201,556

Hither’due south a detailed tabular array of Phone call of Duty Mobile estimated monthly users. On the tabular array it is presented the max users of the game, gain / loss users, percentage of its gain and loss, and the max pinnacle players on a given day.

Call of Duty: Mobile Revenue

CoD: Mobile generated almost 500 million in 2019 alone with just few month afterward its released. More than half of that revenue came from the United States (generally Brazil) which is roughly $215 million. Followed by Japan and Germany.

Phone call of Duty Mobile Available Platforms:

Phone call of Duty: Mobile is of course a mobile game which can simply be played with an Android and iOS device.

Total Call of Duty Mobile estimated concurrent players across all platforms such as PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
[?]. Meet below on which platform you can play this game.



Nintendo Switch
Android ✔️
iOS ✔️

Download Telephone call of Duty: Mobile

Download Call of Duty: Mobile

Well-nigh Call of Duty: Mobile

No uncertainty that Telephone call of Duty: Mobile is an incredibly popular freemium shooter game that has a huge following. The
subsidiary, TiMi Studios, developed this fast-paced shooting game for Android and iOS. Activision and Garena jointly published the game back in October 2019. I call back playing this game when I was 15 years old on an quondam PC and today fifteen years later on this game is still racking the Get-go-person shooting game category. The game unites the exhilarating showdown of a Battle Royale with impressive FPS game mechanics.

Connectivity and Modes

Phone call of Duty: Mobile is playable only in online style. You’ll need a information or wifi connection to admission the game’s servers in any mode. Information technology comes in more than than half a dozen modes that include Squad Deathmatch, Complimentary for All, Domination, Search and Destroy, etc. Multiplayer gameplay is the primary aim for each of these game modes.

How to Play

You can choose betwixt ranked or not-ranked options when you play the multiplayer mode. You can also earn or buy in-game currencies called Credits and COD Points. The currencies don’t really enhance the gameplay, besides unlocking skins and characters.

The main gameplay is in FPS (Offset Person Shooter) mode. Virtual controls volition never match up to existent buttons and joysticks. But COC Mobile does a good task of integrating useful buttons on-screen. You can even make precision movements like tossing grenades, crouching, vaulting, etc.

The Battle Royale style pits you against a hundred other similarly ranked shooters. Yous can opt for a One-man, Two-man, or Four-man squad. A plane ferries all the players across the map, and you choose your ain drib-points. Once in, you scavenge the map for guns, items, & vehicles to fight it out. The map keeps shrinking, and the last team continuing wins.

System Requirement

COD mobile requires about 1.5 GB of space in Android and iOS, respectively. And then, download times for COD can take a while. Yous tin can play the game smoothly with at least iv GB RAM phone and high refresh rate.


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