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Pokemon Go Needs To Add The Real Shadow Lugia

Pokemon Get

recently brought back Giovanni to the game. The infamous Squad Rocket dominate has been a mainstay in the
franchise since the 90s, with appearances in the original video games and anime. Giovanni has also plagued
Pokemon GO
in the past, bringing with him his Squad GO Rocket minions and corrupting Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. With his electric current appearance in
Pokemon Go, Giovanni was upwardly to like misdeeds and brought with him a new lineup for himself and the other Team GO Rocket bosses also.

Part of Giovanni’s updated lineup in
Pokemon GO
included the Shadow Pokemon, Lugia. Lugia has been a part of the
franchise well-nigh as long as Giovanni and is 1 of the series most honey characters. As the mascot for
Pokemon Silverish, Lugia is almost instantly recognizable past many and has also been the focus of other fan-favorite entries in the franchise like
Pokemon: The Moving-picture show 2000
likewise every bit
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Shadow Lugia

Shadow Lugia, like Lugia, is simply as easily recognizable to many fans. This is partly because of its like design only also because of how unique information technology is. While most other corrupted and contradistinct Pokemon in the series are nigh identical to their original designs, Shadow Lugia feels and looks like a new Pokemon. The aspects of Lugia’s traditional design are nowadays when players originally encounter Shadow Lugia in
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, but the overall aesthetic of Lugia is changed in the game. This combined with the remarkable history of Lugia’south cosmos, and
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
being the but way to take hold of Lugia in Gen iii without an result, guaranteed that fans would remember Shadow Lugia for years to come.

When the annunciation for
Pokemon Get
calculation new Shadow Pokemon and bringing back Giovanni came out, many fans likely thought they would exist able to run into this version of Lugia once again. It had already been hinted that Shadow Lugia might be a function of Giovanni’s render, and many people were excited to run into such an iconic Pokemon realized in the series another time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality that was delivered, and the Shadow Lugia that players encountered in
Pokemon GO
is instead a regular Lugia with a Shadow aura rather than the Shadow Lugia from
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

While it might non have been likely that Shadow Lugia would appear exactly the same as it had in
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, it wasn’t impossible.
Pokemon GO
has had varying looks for Pokemon over the years, with special editions of Pokemon similar Pikachu standing out. The upcoming
Pokemon Become
event jubilant
Pokemon Bright Diamond
Shining Pearl
even features the Sinnoh starters wearing special hats. With this in listen, it felt possible that the original Shadow Lugia that fans had been introduced to in Gen iii could render instead of a regular Lugia with a Shadow aureola.

On top of this, the
franchise has been revisiting classic Pokemon and fan-favorites for several generations now. Once
Pokemon Legends: Arceus
releases regional forms of Pokemon will have been introduced into three different games in the Pokemon series, reimagining Pokemon that fans already know. While reintroducing Shadow Lugia as a variant of Lugia in
Pokemon GO
might not have been the almost likely approach, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility either. Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark were recently revealed for
Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and their tragic lore continues to touch the darker aspects of the Pokemon universe much as Shadow Pokemon practice.

Reintroducing Shadow Lugia could take continued with this arroyo and brought back a fan favorite Pokemon. The Shadow Pokemon in
Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
were great representations of how the poor handling of Pokemon could decadent them and be harmful, something that Team Rocket is also known for. While
Pokemon GO
would accept yet needed to have players cleanse Shadow Lugia, any approach that reprised its design from Gen iii would have been appreciated by fans.

It’south still cool to see the Shadow mechanic being used in
Pokemon GO, simply it doesn’t change the fact that information technology would take been nice to see any of these options explored. Shadow Lugia is iconic to many fans and introducing it to a new audience with
Pokemon GO
would take provided veteran players with some other mode to share some of their memories from earlier
games. Shadow Lugia’s original design would have as well brought an iconic Pokemon into the present while keeping the current Shadow Pokemon continued to the original concepts explored in
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Hopefully, fans will run into Shadow Lugia reprised in a time to come
game similar to the regional forms of other Legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos in
Pokemon Sword
Shield. For at present, though, the encounter with Giovanni volition be as close equally payers get.

Pokemon GO

is bachelor now on Android and iOS devices.

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