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PSA: Do Not Miss Out on ‘Cris Tales’ Free on the Epic Games Store

Ballsy Games Store Free Game Cris Tales Explained

Cris Tales is the costless Epic Games Store giveaway for the calendar week of February 24, 2022, offering users a unique JRPG steeped in Colombian culture.

Epic Games’ policy of handing out free titles every week via its digital storefront, the Epic Games Store, has successfully garnered an audience. According to the company’s 2021 yr in review, the Epic Games Store has over 194 million users despite missing some quality-of-life features similar user profiles seen with competitor Steam. It’south hard to deny the allure of picking upward a free game every week, and Thursday, February 24’s offering

Cris Tales

should be a big describe for RPG fans.

Last week Epic Games Store users could claim the oceanic survival game
Windbound, simply as of today that swapped over to Starbreeze Studios’
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The twin-stick adventure/puzzle game asks players to control two characters, following an “epic fairy tale journeying” directed past Josef Fares – at present widely known for
Information technology Takes Two, which won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021.
Cris Tales
did not have quite the same positive reception at launch last twelvemonth, but its time-based mechanics and story rooted in Due south American civilisation offer a lot.

Cris Tales as Indie JRPG Love Letter

dreams incorporated syck interview september 2021

Enough of JRPGs are unleashed by AAA and indie developers every twelvemonth, but
Cris Tales
drew attention thank you to its uniquely storybook-styled, paw-drawn animation when announced at E3 2019’s PC Gaming Bear witness. With a alloy of influences ranging from Walt Disney animation to Shonen manga and anime,
Cris Tales
stands out from the crowd. Part of what makes this style interesting is the fact that information technology’due south a game revolving around the powers of Fourth dimension Mages, and lead protagonist Crisbell literally sees the globe split beyond past, present, and hereafter timelines at in one case.

The powers available to Crisbell and her companions don’t just affect how players see the world.
Cris Tales
uses turn-based battles in which the turn lodge is malleable. Crisbell can not only learn spells that heal or enhance the speed of whichever three party members are on the field, she can as well use her Sword of Time to send opponents on the right side of screen into the futurity; or opponents on the left side into the by. This ability has a myriad of effects on various condition atmospheric condition and abilities that both players and enemies utilize, leading to a game that grows naturally more complex over its runtime.

Cris Tales every bit Colombian Disney Princess Story

dreams incorporated syck interview september 2021

Cris Tales
is as well a game steeped in the cultural heritage of its Colombian developer. Dreams Uncorporated CEO Carlos Andres Rocha Silva told Game Bluster that Crisbell was designed like a “Colombian Disney Princess” in an interview last twelvemonth, and her party travels to various locales that take inspiration from landmarks beyond Republic of colombia while seeking the power they need to stop the Fourth dimension Empress. For example, the Las Lajas Sanctuary, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, and El Penon de Guatape all have parallels in
Cris Tales.

That influence goes a step further. Different races inhabiting the world draw from Colombian wild animals, and underlying narrative beats tackle the reality of living in Republic of colombia; from flooding coastal cities to patriarchal family structures, too as revolutions past underrepresented peoples of the nation. The narrative isn’t overwhelmed past social commentary, but it creates a recognizable backbone that helps the world feel real despite its fantastical elements.

While these elements offer enough of reasons to give
Cris Tales
a shot, its initial reception was hampered by bugs and other issues resulting from a pocket-size indie team tackling an ambitious projection. Dreams Uncorporated spent time ironing out these concerns after launch, which means the version of
Cris Tales
coming free to Epic Games Store users next week should be more polished. Hopefully they detect something to enjoy, merely as usual the JRPG will make manner for a different game on March iii to keep upwardly Epic Games’ variety of offerings.

Cris Tales

is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Serial X/Southward. It will exist available for costless on Epic Games Store from February 24 to March 3, 2022.

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