Finding the Launch Options within Steam.

Launch Options
are command lines that change the Dota 2 client.



How to access Dota 2’s Launch Options:

  1. Open the
  2. Navigate to
  3. Right click
    Dota two
  4. Select
  5. Navigate to
  6. Click
    Fix Launch Options…

Command lines


  • Multiple command lines should exist separated by a space.
  • Console commands tin likewise be added to the launch options in order to activate it on startup. To do so, add a plus sign (+) earlier the command and include the parameters(if they be) after a whitespace.
    • Instance:To fix the attribute
      to 0, input
      +r_lod 0
      in the launch options.

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Command Effect
+con_enable i Enables the panel in-game.
+fps_max # Set the maximum frame per 2nd to the number that has been assigned.
-480 Forces the engine to offset with 480p resolution.
-antiaddiction_test Adds an uptime clock.
-autoconfig Restores video and performance settings to default for the current hardware detected. Ignores settings within any .cfg files until this parameter is removed.
-console Enables the console in-game.
-cursor_scale_percent # Able to change cursor size. Default 100. Overrides the setting in the in-game options if used.
-deprecated_dx9 Forces running on DirectX 9. It is a temporary command-line flag to facilitate reporting problems with DirectX 11.
-dx11 Forces running on DirectX 11.
-enable_addons Forces the engine to search for white-listed (past Valve) custom game content placed within the game’south installation directory instead of using the default game content packed inside the VPK files. Tin can be used in matchmaking games. Current white-list: Minimap, HUD, icons, custom cursor images, all sound directories, flash videos.
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-fullscreen Set up display mode to total screen way.
-gl Forces Dota to run on OpenGL. On Windows, OpenGL is no longer supported (the OpenGL DLC has been emptied).
-h <height> Forces the engine to showtime with resolution set to <height> value in pixels. Ex:
-h 768
-high Gives Dota ii priority CPU usage.
-input_button_code_is_scan_code Forces Dota to receive keyboard input as scan codes. On Linux this might assistance when keyboard bindings doesn’t work with non-Usa layout
-language <lawmaking> Changes the language of the game strings and menu, e.g. “-language italian”.
-map dota Loads the Dota ii map right when yous launch the game. Helps load times after you detect a game since you lot no longer have to load the map and so.
-nexon Adds the Southward Korean server to your search options if you have a Korean Nexon account.
-noborder Set display mode to borderless window mode.
-nod3d9ex Disables Windows Aero DirectX extensions; may improve performance in certain cases.
-noforcemaccel Use the Windows mouse acceleration settings. Only works if
is set.
-noforcemspd Utilize the Windows mouse speed settings. Just works if
is prepare.
-nogammaramp Forces Dota to use desktop color profile. This besides applies to other source games (ex. F.lux will exist applied in Fullscreen)
-nomicsettings Stops Dota 2 from changing microphone output values upon launching the game. May help people with issues in third political party communication software, such equally Skype, in which their microphone volume would get maxed upon launching the game.
-nomousegrab Enables alt-tab function in some Linux desktop environments (such every bit XFCE) where Dota 2 is running fullscreen and grabbing the mouse wouldn’t permit users to alt-tab out of the game.[ii]
-noprewarm Disables the resource pre-loading. The effects of
(see Deprecated commands) are agile by default.
-nosound Plough off in-game audio.
-novid Automatically skips the introduction video.
-override_vpk Forces the engine to search for custom game content placed within the game’due south installation directory instead of using the default game content packed inside VPK files. Cannot be used in matchmaking games.
-perfectworld Allows you to play on Chinese Perfect World servers.
-phased_window_create Forces dota to open in the same window as steam. Specially useful in Linux environments with multiple monitors. Also fixes the problem when using the conversation cycle would force the cursor to exist stuck in one direction.
[ Info Needed ]
-safe_mode Restores rendering API used (DirectX eleven, OpenGL) to default choice. Ignores settings inside whatsoever .cfg files until this parameter is removed.
-sdl_displayindex # Decides the screen dota will run on in Linux. Uses a 0-based alphabetize from primary monitor.
-sdlaudio Forces running on the SDL audio system (it is the default i).
-sdlaudiodriver <audio API> Sets the sound API SDL Audio volition use. To set up Dota playing no audio,
-sdlaudiodriver directsound
-sdlaudiodriver winmm
may exist utilized.
-sw Gear up display mode to windowed mode.
-useforcedmparms Allows the use of
-vulkan Apply Vulkan support.
-vulkan_disable_steam_shader_cache Disable steam from precaching the shaders before Dota two launches. Useful when game fails to launch on Linux with Vulkan.
-w <width> Forces the engine to kickoff with resolution set to <width> value in pixels. Ex:
-w 1024
-10 <position horizontal> Place the borderless window along the horizontal axis. Useful for multiple monitor desktops. Ex:
-ten 1921
(With three monitors, it will place it on the middle screen.)
-xaudio Forces running on the XAudio audio organization.
-y <position vertical> Place the borderless window forth the vertical axis. Useful for multiple monitor desktops. Ex:
-y 0
(Places game window at the top of the monitor, over the taskbar.)
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Deprecated commands


These commands are deprecated. They either no longer work at all (i.e. were removed), or accept no apply anymore.

Command Event Reason
-32bit Forces running on the 32-flake client (the 64-bit client is default). The game is no longer supported on 32-scrap systems.
-dashboard <lawmaking> Changes the loading screen and main menu background according to the code inserted.

  • international_2012
    – Displays The International 2012 loading screen and primary carte background.
  • international_2013
    – Displays The International 2013 loading screen and master carte du jour background.
  • international_2014
    – Displays The International 2014 loading screen only.
  • frostivus_2013
    – Displays Frostivus 2013 main menu background.
  • newbloom_2014
    – Displays New Blossom 2014 loading screen and primary carte groundwork.
  • spirits_2013
    – Displays Three Spirits main carte background.
The Reborn Dashboard does non support the one-time themes anymore.
-dx9 Forces running on DirectX ix. DirectX9 has been deprecated. A temporary control-line flag
has been added.
-prewarm Causes the game to pre-load many resources it needs for a match of Dota upon initial launch of the game, earlier the dashboard appears. It has been removed. Its effects are now active by default.
-windowed Game runs in windowed way. Changeable in the game settings. (the code ‘-sw’ still works for the same purpose)

Patch history


  • Added a control line choice
    to manually set the audio API SDL Sound will apply.
  • Removed support for native XAudio support — the default audio system is now SDL (this affected
  • Deprecated DirectX 9 support (this affected
    -dx9). Added a temporary control-line flag
    to facilitate reporting issues with DirectX xi.
  • Removed support for OpenGL on Windows (this affected
  • Removed back up for Dota on 32-flake systems (this affected
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  • Removed
    -prewarm. Its effects are now active by default.
  • Added
    -noprewarm, which disables the resource pre-loading upon launch, then that it happens upon connecting to matches once more.
  • Added
    -prewarm. Causes the game to pre-load many resources information technology needs for a match of Dota upon initial launch of the game, before the dashboard appears.
  • Added

  • [U]

    has been fabricated the default launch option for Dota 2 on 64-bit systems. (DirectX 11 default accept been reverted. Therefore, yous must add the -dx11 control to run with Directx 11[4].)
  • Custom cursor images are now immune in matchmaking (i. e. whitelisted for
  • Added all sound directories to the whitelist for
  • Updated
    to include sound scripts, music scripts, and Flash videos.
  • The use of
    is no longer immune in matchmaking games in gild to prevent gaining a competitive advantage.
(Update 2)
  • Added a new launch choice
    that lets you override a whitelist of files that we will be populating (currently supporting Minimap, HUD related elements, Icons and VO).



  1. [Github] Keyboard problems on Dota two Reborn Linux version

  2. [Linux] Alt+tab doesn’t work

  3. [Linux] Forcing dota two to open in the same window + chatwheel forcing cursor to go left/correct

  4. DirectX 11 default accept been reverted

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