Valve Steam Deck price, pre-orders, games and latest news

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The Valve Steam Deck is the answer to “what happens if yous cantankerous a Nintendo Switch with a PC.” While information technology may wait like the aforementioned Nintendo hybrid console, the Steam Deck is quite a different machine, finer aiming to make PC gaming genuinely portable.

Valve’due south Steam Deck is basically a auto built around the custom SteamOS and custom processor and graphics tech from AMD. And it aims to evangelize the functionality of a gaming PC in a handheld from — with it tipped to even exist able to run Windows 10 or Windows eleven.

With that in mind, hither’s what we know nearly the Valve Steam Deck and so far.

Steam Deck latest news (February 23)

  • Yous can now bank check your ain Steam Library to run into which games volition be compatible with the Steam Deck
  • Valve has authorized iFixit to sell replacement parts for the Steam Deck and then that users take the pick to repair the panel themselves.
  • Valve has released Steam Deck CAD files to let users 3D print their ain shells.
    Tech YouTubers accept given their early on impressions of the Steam Deck, and they’re impressed.

Valve Steam Deck specs

Cost $399; $529; $649 Same processor/RAM, unlike storage
CPU/GPU AMD Zen two + RDNA ii APU 4-core, 8-thread with viii RDNA 2 compute units for GPU. CPU: 2.4 to 3.5GHz; GPU: 1.0 to 1.6GHz
GPU Compute 1TF to i.6TF
Screen 7″ 1280×800 LCD Display 512GB model to include anti-glare etched glass
Battery 40-watt hour 7-8 hours for 2D games/spider web browsing
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB Type-C, three.5mm headphone jack
Storage 64GB; 256GB; 512GB 256GB and 512GB models will use faster NVMe SSD storage. 64GB will utilize eMMC.
Expansion Micro SD Carte du jour slot
OS SteamOS
Max Power Draw 20W (including display)
Other Built-in microphone, ambience light sensor

Steam Deck price and release date

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The Steam Deck will go on sale starting on Feb 25, announced Valve in a weblog post. On that date, those who reserved the handheld will exist notified via email and have three days to place their orders. New batches of the device will release on a weekly basis later.

Valve volition start sending invites soon afterwards 10 am PST on Feb 25. Emails will be sent in the same order that reservations were made. The visitor says that folks tin can just order the Steam Deck model they originally reserved and that reservation deposits volition be practical to the final cost of the Steam Deck – shipping costs included.

The Valve Steam Deck was originally set up for a December release, only heavy demand and the current scrap shortages saw the Steam Deck’south release pushed back to 2022.

The Steam Deck will be available in iii different varieties. The 64GB eMMC storage model volition exist the cheapest at $399 and will include a carrying case.

The $529 center-tier model will include 256GB of NVMe SSD storage, with a carrying example and an exclusive Steam Community profile packet, although we’re not entirely sure what that is.

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The highest-cease model, which will run for $649, will include 512GB of NVMe SSD storage, premium anti-glare etched glass, an sectional conveying case, an exclusive Steam Customs profile packet and an exclusive virtual keyboard theme.

Steam Deck pattern

Steam Deck GIFs

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The Steam Deck’s chassis appears to be formed of matte blackness plastic shell, with a blueprint that’due south inexplicably Switch-similar.

In that location’south a standard assortment of A, B, X, Y push button, along with ii analog sticks and both principal and secondary shoulder buttons.The R2 and L2 shoulder buttons do seem to be jump loaded, with analog-fashion compression. This is unlike the Nintendo Switch, which features single-click shoulder buttons.

Around the grips are additional macro buttons which can likely be programmed for custom functions. Around the dorsum is the Valve logo along with a vent to frazzle out heat. Towards the pinnacle is the power button, USB-Type C port, another vent, a headphone jack and book controllers.

The Steam Deck's packaging and case

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Interestingly, on the face of the Steam Deck are 2 flat affect pads, a callback to the ill-blighted Steam Controller from 2015, every bit well as buttons for Steam, the bill of fare and for options. And next to the screen are two speaker grills. The Steam Deck will also feature gyro controls, which tin brand aiming in shooters easier when playing on a handheld.

Valve has as well revealed that the Steam Deck volition come with a complimentary carrying case, and information technology has shared photos of the final packaging to requite us a sense of what it will look like when it finally starts shipping.

The visitor has recently released official CAD files to let users to 3D impress their own Steam Deck shells. This could open the door for modders and third-political party manufacturers alike to piece of work on endless accessories and cases for the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck display

Steam Deck being played

(Epitome credit: Valve)

According to the Steam Deck hardware page, information technology will sport a 7-inch  1280 x 800 resolution LCD touchscreen, on par with the Nintendo Switch OLED. Although, it should exist noted, OLED displays tend to produce more vibrant colors and deeper blacks than LCDs.

Steam Deck performance and battery life

Valve Steam Deck

(Paradigm credit: Valve)

The Steam Deck is being powered past an AMD processor that, co-ordinate to Valve, has been “optimized for handheld gaming.” It’s running on a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 compages, and so hardware similar to what’s establish on the Xbox Series X. RDNA two is actually one of the few differentiating factors betwixt the Xbox Series X and PS5, potentially giving Microsoft’s console an reward.

Co-ordinate to Valve, this processor is “more than enough functioning to run the latest AAA games in a very efficient power envelope.” I guess nosotros’ll take to see how it fares against demanding titles such as Cyberpunk 2077. At the very least, developers who have been working on Steam Deck dev kits have had very few bug getting their games to run. Actually, it’southward pretty much been seamless and so far.

Steam Deck, unsurprisingly, links with Steam. So anyone who buys a Steam Deck should balance assured that almost of all of their Steam library will exist available to download immediately, thank you to Proton.

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The Steam Deck tin also exist spec’d with either 64GB of eMMC storage or 256/512GB of NVMe storage. There’s a microSD card slot for additional expansion.

The device will house a 40 watt-hour battery, which promises several hours of play for “near games.” Lighter games or web browsing should net 7 to eight hours of battery.

Co-ordinate to the FAQ, the Steam Deck is ultimately a PC running Steam Bone, and “you tin install third party software and operating systems.” In a video interview by IGN, Valve developers confirmed that because the Steam Deck is running Linux, it will also exist possible to install the Epic Games Shop. We’ve got an explainer on Steam OS and the underlying Proton technology that volition allow the Steam Deck to play many Windows-only games.

Steam Deck games and compatibility

When it was first announced the Steam Deck was touted as the device for taking “your Steam Library, anywhere.” But as it turns out, the Steam Deck only supports some 16,000 games so far. That’south plenty, but is still shy of the whole Steam Library line up.

And that has raised questions of compatibility, which has prompted Valve to create the Steam Deck Compatibility program. This will meet games on the Steam Shop accessed via the Steam Deck labeled as “Verified,” “Playable,” “Unsupported,” or “Unknown.” The onetime is for games that run perfectly on the Steam Deck out of the box, while Playable is for games that crave a few tweaks get-go. Unsupported is for games that don’t work and Unknown is for those games that have yet to exist checked for Steam Deck compatibility.

Since the announcement, Valve has already begun ratings its unabridged library based on how compatible each game is with the Steam Deck. So far, 86 games have been reviewed for compatibility and given ratings. Notwithstanding, considering the size of Steam’s game library, it however may be a while until we accept a clear flick every bit to which exact games volition be fully playable on the upcoming device.

Fifty-fifty and then, information technology’s nonetheless upward to publishers to ensure games work properly, or if at all, on Steam Deck natively. Ballsy Games has confirmed that Fortnite will non be coming to Steam Deck for a myriad of reasons, ranging from anti-cheat security concerns to lack of need.

Steam Deck dock

Steam Deck Dock

(Prototype credit: Valve)

Like the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck will also work with a docking accessory. The dock volition allow gamers to connect their Steam Deck to a television or monitor. It will also give gamers added expansion slots, which could come in handy when wanting to connect one the all-time fight sticks for playing Street Fighter V at a LAN effect or esports cafe. The dock will exist sold separately at a after date. Merely remember, this is a PC, so it tin can work off of any other USB Type-C hub.

Steam Deck FAQ

Can you lot upgrade the Steam Deck storage?

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Internal storage is not user upgradable, at to the lowest degree not officially. Valve’s Gabe Newell has confirmed that inside is a normal internal Grand.two 2230 SSD slot which, theoretically, can be swapped out. It will take an experienced PC modder to supervene upon information technology though. Plus, it will likely void any warranty. All Steam Decks do have a micro SD card slot, nonetheless.

Is NVMe SSD worth it?

The Steam Deck comes in 2 unlike storage types. The cheapest $399 model has eMMC storage, which is nearly similar to an SD card. The more expensive variants have fast NVMe SSDs. NVMe SSDs take greater read/write speeds, and will translate to faster load times for games. For most gamers, the upgrade will be worth information technology.

What is the all-time Steam Deck to buy?

Whether you purchase the base $399 Steam Deck or the most expensive 512GB $649 model, know that all units have the same computational and graphical horsepower. The major deviation is storage size and speed. The base unit will have slower eMMC storage while the $529 and $649 models have 256GB and 512GB of fast NVME SSD storage. For most, we feel the middle $529 model will suffice.

Does Steam Deck have 5G or cellular connection?

No. Steam Deck is Wi-Fi only.

Does Steam Deck come with a dock?

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck dock will not be included. It will exist sold separately. A cost has not been confirmed.

Does Steam Deck support keyboard and mouse?

Yes. The Steam Deck is ultimately a PC. You can plug in, or wirelessly connect via Bluetooth, both a keyboard and a mouse. Information technology will be easier to plug peripherals in via a dock.

Does Steam Deck back up VR?

Technically speaking, yes. The Steam Deck tin can worth with the best VR headsets, but is not designed for virtual reality in mind. Remember, the Steam Deck is a handheld system meant to play games at 720p resolutions. For VR, y’all’ll need some more horsepower.

Does the Steam Deck have a kickstand?

No. The Steam Deck does non have a built-in kickstand. A dock or another solution will exist required.

Valve Steam Deck outlook

The Valve Steam Deck wasn’t a machine we had been crying out for, but not that it’due south made an appearance, the idea of a portable gaming PC from one of the best game companies around is rather highly-seasoned.

Nosotros’d need to go hands-on to get a proper impression of the Steam Deck, only it could be a sleeper hitting device of 2022. We just hope that its specs tin can deliver enough gaming power to last more than a few years.

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