Lenovo ThinkReality A3, nReal Calorie-free, Ray-Ban Stories and standard spectacles, left to right.

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Smart glasses
and VR headsets may be the future, but that doesn’t hateful we’ll be abandoning our phones whatsoever time soon. That’south according to Ruben Castano, Motorola’s head of customer experience, who spoke with CNET exclusively ahead of the company’s
Edge Plus launch.

“At the center of it will ever be the smartphone,” Castano said when asked almost how
the metaverse
will influence smartphones and futurity devices such as smart glasses. “The smartphone is a very personal device. Information technology’due south something that you e’er deport with you.”

The metaverse is a coating term that describes online spaces where people can work, play and socialize through digital avatars, equally my colleagues Scott Stein and Andrew Morse
explain. The concept itself isn’t new, simply there’due south been a boom in interest lately as companies includingMeta
have made it a core part of their businesses.

At the same fourth dimension, tech giants such as Meta,
and Microsoft have made progress in the development of smart glasses and VR eyewear in contempo years. Both advancements are expected to play a crucial role in the future of personal engineering science. If the metaverse becomes the next major evolution of the social cyberspace, and so smart glasses could i day be our preferred method for accessing it. Even Apple is rumored to be
working on a headset
of its own.

But a future in which people are regularly using smart glasses is still far out, according to Castano. For the time being, the most popular iterations of the metaverse will be the ones we can access in the palms of our hands. The games Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox take been cited as examples of metaverse that exist through our phones today.


Roblox is a metaverse experience that doesn’t crave smart glasses.


“Information technology’southward extended reality, and there are many different flavors of that,” Castano said in reference to the metaverse. “I remember normal consumers will yet be able to admission a lot of this metaverse, of this digital overlay, through their phone direct.”

Motorola is best known for its phones, merely it’south also exploring emerging technologies similar smart glasses. Its newly announced Motorola Border Plus telephone supports
Qualcomm’south Snapdragon Spaces XR software evolution platform for augmented reality glasses. Its parent company Lenovo likewise makes a pair of smart glasses called the
ThinkReality A3.  Motorola recently announced a “5G Neckband” with Verizon, which is designed to business firm computing components in the interest of making smart glasses lighter.

With that in mind, information technology’south no surprise that Castano has thought about smart spectacles and the metaverse. Smart glasses volition be “the side by side level” devices for accessing the metaverse, he says. But they shouldn’t exist considered a replacement for the phone; the two devices will probable work in tandem.

It’s emblematic of the shifting part of phones. While information technology’south true that nosotros largely use them for communicating, reading emails and watching movies, they’re also becoming our digital wallets, car keys and connection hub for newer devices such as smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

“More and more than smart devices go bachelor to consumers,” he said. “But at the finish of the mean solar day, the phone volition always be kind of that central controller for them.”

Still, the manufacture faces several important hurdles before smart glasses can become ubiquitous. That includes improving bombardment life and phone compatibility. There’s no telling when smart glasses volition play a role in our lives, if at all. Just what does seem articulate is that smartphones will be a large part of that transition.

“We’re still not there yet,” said Castano. “Just we’re planting the seeds right at present.”

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Source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/motorola-exec-smart-glasses-are-the-future-but-they-wont-replace-phones/

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