The new 14-inch and xvi-inch MacBook Pro models have officially arrived. I paid a visit to my local Apple Store this morn to selection upward a 14-inch model, plus a few Apple Polishing Cloths (don’t inquire me why). Caput beneath for some quick start impressions afterward unboxing Apple’south latest and greatest MacBook Pro, which is a return to class in many ways.

My configuration

While I have used (and profoundly enjoyed) the 16-inch MacBook Pro form gene released in 2019, I downsized this year to the new 14-inch model in silver. The 16-inch MacBook Pro form factor can go unwieldy pretty chop-chop, so this yr I opted for the 14-inch, which should be far more manageable for things similar travel.

Here are the specs of the car I purchased:

  • 10-Core M1 Pro CPU
  • 16-Core GPU
  • 16GB Unified Retentiveness
  • 1TB SSD Storage

If I were doing it over over again, I would probably have opted for 32GB of RAM rather than the 1TB of SSD storage (which is a bit overkill for my needs). Nevertheless, this is the configuration I was able to go for day one selection upward, and I’yard pretty happy with information technology.

What notch?

I didn’t believe the notch rumors, so I was amazed when they turned out to be true and slightly disappointed at the notion of having a notch without the added benefit of Confront ID. Afterward a few hours with the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, I still wish Apple would bring Face ID to the Mac, but I’thousand not bothered by the notch at all.

The notch on the new MacBook Pro exists almost entirely inside the macOS menu bar that has been a staple for years. The fashion information technology works is that you lot have a 16:10 display
the notch and menu bar area. So 1 way to expect at things is that the carte du jour bar and notch area is pure bonus screen real estate.

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Ports (and MagSafe) are back

The new MacBook Pro features three Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port, an SD bill of fare slot, and MagSafe for charging. Feels a lot similar 2015, correct?

I will well-nigh certainly never use the SD card slot on the side of my new MacBook Pro. I may utilize the HDMI port from time to time, such as for connecting to a Television in a hotel room. But MagSafe? I’k thrilled to accept MagSafe back on the Mac. Plus, I’thou very happy to take the added versatility of being able to charge with either MagSafe or a USB-C port.

Simply a note if y’all’re struggling to cull between silver and space gray: the MagSafe connector is
color-matched to your machine. Instead, you lot’ll go a silver MagSafe connector regardless of whether you choose the silver or space gray MacBook Pro colour. Having a color-matched MagSafe connector was enough to push button me towards buying a argent MacBook Pro.


The display on the new MacBooks is simply stunning. The combination of the higher resolution display, the mini-LED backlighting, and the ProMotion refresh charge per unit makes for the single biggest twelvemonth-over-year bound in MacBook Pro display quality that I can remember.

I of the reasons I opted for the xiv-inch model instead of the 16-inch is because of this higher-resolution display. The fourteen-inch MacBook Pro has a resolution of 3,024 past ane,964 pixels. This makes for 254 pixels per inch, which means the new MacBook Pro ships at a native 2x Retina resolution by default.

With well-nigh of my previous MacBook Pro models, I opted for the “More than Space” brandish resolution pick in Arrangement Preferences. With the 14-inch MacBook Pro, I’ll be sticking with the default. Information technology’south but so expert. The fourteen-inch display actually does feel similar the “sweet spot” betwixt 13-inches and 16-inches, particular in this compact and edge-to-edge form gene.

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The combination of the ProMotion brandish and M1 Pro processor ways that the functioning of the MacBook Pro is smooth in every way imaginable. The ProMotion display means that animations, scrolling through webpages, and more than are incredibly fluid – only like on the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. I thing to note, all the same, is that there’s withal some piece of work to exist done on the software side of things, every bit Apple and tertiary-political party developers both continue to update their apps to accept advantage of the higher refresh rate tech.

The new aspect ratio will also accept some time to be accommodated for past third-party apps.


Finally, in terms of design, the new MacBook Pro models practice something that Apple hasn’t done in years: they prioritize function over form. That’south non to say the new machines aren’t impressive from a pattern standpoint, but rather they do a much ameliorate job at striking the balance between design and functionality.

The new 14-inch MacBook Pro is the same thickness as the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro released last yr, only information technology certainly
thicker. This is due to the flatter blueprint effectually the edges, a alter that Apple tree has said allows it to fit more than internally. It is also noticeably heavier, at 3.5 pounds (1.6kg) versus 3.0 pounds (1.4kg).

Other pattern tidbits:

  • The “MacBook Pro” branding is gone from beneath the brandish, but it’s now engraved on the bottom
  • The Apple logo on the back is much larger than earlier (simply it however doesn’t light upwards)
  • The feet are bigger simply not necessarily in a bad way
  • The fan vents are interestingly placed along the lesser edges
  • The braided MagSafe cable is very nice
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Wrap upward

That’s all for now. I’ll have more than thoughts on the new 14-inch MacBook Pro over the coming days and weeks, but I just had to become these initial impressions out of my system. Have any questions for me? Allow me know down in the comments!

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