Elden Ring Ashes of War locations guide

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Desire to know what Elden Ring Ashes of State of war are, and how they tin aid y’all in the Lands Betwixt? In previous FromSoftware games, you had gems that you could utilize to grant weapons a sure affinity and damage type, like lightning, fire, bleed, or even just to improve their scaling towards a sure attribute, as with the Heavy gem for strength and the Sharp jewel for dexterity. Elden Ring’s weapon system is a lot simpler and less resources-intensive by comparing.

Here you accept Ashes of War, which y’all tin can apply to weapons at Sites of Grace, and they change the scaling of the weapon, while too giving it a skill that consumes FP—basically weapon arts from Dark Souls 3. Every weapon besides has a default skill that the Ashes of War can replace. These skills might let y’all swing your weapon quickly every bit with Wild Strikes, accuse forward and thrust as with Charge Forth, or fire a projectile bract of blood or holy low-cal.

Certain Ashes of War tin but be equipped with sure weapons. We’ll explain where to discover each, how they change scaling, what they can be used with, and their skill. The all-time thing nigh them is they tin can easily exist swapped out without changing your weapon’s upgrade level, so yous can switch out impairment types to take advantage of dominate weaknesses. Here’south what y’all demand to know about Elden Ring Ashes of War and how to go the Whetstone Knife to apply them.

Whetstone Knife

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Where to find the Elden Ring Whetstone Knife

You’ll demand the Whetstone Knife to apply Ashes of War to weapons, and luckily it’s not too hard to discover. It’due south located in the Gatefront Ruins in West Limgrave—head down the stairs to find a chest in the basement containing the pocketknife, and Ash of War: Storm Stomp.

You lot need to caput to a Site of Grace to use it, and you lot’ll be able to supercede your weapon’south default Ash of War with a different one. You tin also choose one of two affinities, which affect scaling. Don’t worry though, this won’t permanently supervene upon your weapon skill.

Y’all tin unlock other affinity choices to proceed with your skill past finding other crafting knives. The Glintstone Whetblade, for instance, unlocks the magic and cold affinities. Check further downwardly in this guide for where to notice the other whetblades. Smith Master Hewg in the Roundtable Hold can too indistinguishable Ashes of War if yous accept the Lost Ashes of War. You can become some of these from in forepart of the locked main gate in Leyndell, Royal Capital, later in the game.

Affinity listing

Elden Ring Ashes of War affinity list

Every Ash of War has an analogousness that’due south contained of the skill information technology provides. For example, you can cull the “standard” analogousness to leave your weapon’southward scaling unchanged. Each Ash of War also has a 2d base affinity you can cull to change its scaling. Here are the types we’ve found so far, and what they change in terms of tier:

  • Keen:
    Forcefulness scaling -1, dex scaling +one
  • Quality:
    Strength scaling +1, dex scaling +1
  • Heavy:
    Forcefulness scaling +ii, dex scaling disappears
  • Magic:
    Strength scaling -one, dex scaling -1, adds D tier intelligence scaling, and magic impairment
  • Sacred:
    Strength scaling -1, dex scaling -ane, adds D tier faith scaling, and holy damage
  • Blood:
    D tier forcefulness, D tier dex, adds D tier cabalistic scaling, and blood loss buildup
  • Occult:
    Strength scaling -1, dex scaling -i, adds C tier cabalistic scaling
  • Cold:
    Strength scaling -one, dex scaling -ane, adds D tier intelligence scaling, and frost buildup
  • Burn:
    D tier strength, East tier dexterity, and adds burn damage
  • Lightning:
    E tier force, D tier dexterity, and adds lightning damage.

Elden Band Ashes of War locations

You lot tin get Ashes of War by killing certain Teardrop Scarabs, and yous can tell where they are by the faint chiming racket these invisible enemies make. Others come from defeating bosses and specific chests. Here’s what nosotros’ve found and so far, broken downwards by affinity.

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Storm Wall

This shield skill tin can create a wall of storm winds in front of you to deflect arrows and other physical projectiles.

  • Weapon type:
    Small and medium shields
  • Where to notice:
    In West Limgrave. Head to the end of the broken span east of Stormveil Castle, and head west forth the cliff to detect a scarab.

Mighty Shot

Prepare a shot, and pull the bowstring to its limit to penetrate the enemy’s guard.

  • Weapon type:
    Light bows and longbows
  • Where to discover:
    In the Weeping Peninsula. Heading south from West Limgrave, across the Bridge of Sacrifice, head along the road past the broken carriage, the dogs, and the troll. A little further on you’ll spot a scarab on the road in forepart.


Hold the bow horizontally and fire off a serial of shots faster than the eye can see.

  • Weapon type:
    Low-cal bows
  • Where to find:
    Just north of the Seethewater River site of grace in southern Mt. Gelmir yous’ll spot a scarab.

Shield Crash

Two paw the shield and charge forward while maintaining guard. Weaker enemies will be shoved backwards. Hold to extend.

  • Weapon type:
    All shields
  • Where to find:
    In the Lux Ruins due n of where the Grand Lift of Dectus comes upwards in the Altus Plateau. You’ll find a scarab in the northern office of the ruins.


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Repeating Thrust

Twist to build power, then unleash a flurry of thrusts.

  • Weapon type:
    All thrusting weapons (except jumbo weapons)
  • Where to find:
    In West Limgrave. Defeat the Night Cavalry world boss on the bridge south of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. Every bit you may judge from the name, this boss only appears at night.

Sword Dance

Quickly shut in to perform a series of spinning upwards slashes.

  • Weapon type:
    Swords, axes, and polearms capable of slashing (except colossal weapons and great spears)
  • Where to discover:
    In West Liurnia. From the Revenger’s Shack site of grace, head south by the statue of the old map, and through the cliff passage with bats towards the Road’southward Finish Catacombs. You’ll spot a scarab along the road.


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Storm Stomp

Stomp hard on the ground to kick up a momentary tempest.

  • Weapon type:
    All melee weapons
  • Where to find:
    The Gatefront Ruins army camp in West Limgrave. Head downwardly the stairs into the basement to find information technology along with the Whetstone Knife.


Spin your weapon around to surround yourself with tempest winds. This is the skill Godrick uses in his fight.

  • Weapon type:
    All swords capable of slashing (except small and colossal weapons)
  • Where to find:
    In East Limgrave. In Stormveil Castle, before Godrick’s fog door, go through the left doorway, and kill the scarab at that place. Watch out for the big pot-man higher up.


Hold your sword against your face to heave your adjacent set on.

  • Weapon blazon:
    All melee weapons
  • Where to notice:
    In W Limgrave. Head south along the road from the Agheel Lake N Site of Grace and yous’ll spot a scarab by a campfire well-nigh a group of soldiers. Sentry out for the Night Cavalry if you haven’t defeated him and it’s night.

Square Off

Level your sword to perform a normal attack to slash upwardly through an enemy’s guard, or a running thrust with your strong attack.

  • Weapon blazon:
    All straight swords
  • Where to find:
    In Siofra River. From the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, caput north-east to find a portal on an island. Head through this, and you’ll spot a scarab just below a waterfall to your left.

Charge Forth

Speedily accuse forwards, conveying the momentum into a thrust. Agree to cover greater altitude.

  • Weapon type:
    Polearms, heavy swords, and twin blades capable of thrusting
  • Where to find:
    In Due north Liurnia. Caput north from the Fallen Ruins of the Lake site of grace nearly the Academy Gate Boondocks, to spy a scarab attached to the underside of a span curvation. Below will be poison sacks, and on the other side, a giant crab. Shoot it with a bow to knock it off, then quickly run it down.


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Postage stamp (Sweep)

Caryatid weapon and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from enemy attacks. Follow upward with a strong attack for a sweeping strike.

  • Weapon type:
    Swords, axes, and hammers (except small-scale and medium swords)
  • Where to find:
    West Limgrave. Dropped by the invisible scarab that leaves glowing tracks on the beach north-west of the Stranded Graveyard.
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Wild Strikes

Swing your weapon with wild abandon. Concur to keep swinging or follow up with a normal or potent attack.

  • Weapon type:
    Axes and hammers
  • Where to find:
    In West Limgrave. Dropped by the scarab on the road winding up to Stormveil Castle from the Gatefront Ruins.


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Thrust your weapon into the footing to create a gravity well, dealing impairment and pulling enemies in.

  • Weapon type:
    All melee weapons (except small-scale arms and whips)
  • Where to find:
    In West Limgrave. Defeat the sorcerer on the closed beach surrounded past ruins to the southeast of the Stranded Graveyard. If y’all head around the edge to where the Seaside Ruins site of grace is, at that place’southward a way you can descend with Torrent from platform to platform.

Caria Grandeur

Transform blade into a magical greatsword and swing it down. Can exist charged to increase power past two levels.

  • Weapon type:
    Swords (except colossal weapons)
  • Where to notice:
    In West Liurnia. In Caria Manor, head from Estate Upper Level Site of Grace through the garden with the wolves, upward the stairs past the Troll Knight, and the Pages on the stairs above. Instead of going into the room with the circle of chairs, head left. Drib down from platform to platform, and so cliff to cliff, taking care of the Pot Men. Eventually, you lot’ll become to the top of a gatehouse. This is on a body above the gate.

Loretta Slash

Jump frontwards, imbuing the blade with magic, and then descend into a sweeping slash.

  • Weapon blazon:
    Polearms and twinblades
  • Where to find:
    In West Liurnia. In Caria Manor, in the far north of the region, defeat Royal Knight Loretta in the room with the circle of chairs surrounding the pool, after the Troll Knight and the Pages on the stairs.


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Sacred Bract

After charging up, fire a golden bladed projectile.

  • Weapon blazon:
    All melee weapons (except small arms and whips)
  • Where to find:
    In East Limgrave. Head southeast of Summonwater Village, near the Bestial Sanctum portal, and y’all’ll spot a scarab on a hillside.

Golden Vow

Raise your weapon in the air in salute to the Erdtree to gain increased attack power and defense.

  • Weapon type:
    Usable on all melee weapons
  • Where to find:
    In West Limgrave. Dropped by a mounted knight on Stormhill, on a ridge to the west of the Saintsbridge site of grace.

Gilt Slam

Bound into the air and crash downwardly with your butt, causing a shockwave of holy light.

  • Weapon type:
    All melee weapons
  • Where to find:
    In the Altus Plateau. In the forest with the Erdtree in the north, yous’ll find the Woodsfolk Ruins on the east side. At that place is a scarab within along with some enemies.


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Bloody Slash

Coat your blade in your own blood and fire a claret-bladed projectile.

  • Weapon blazon:
    Usable on swords (except colossal weapons)
  • Where to find:
    In East Limgrave. Defeat the commander of Fort Haight on the battlements. The fort is at the southernmost point of East Limgrave overlooking the sea.

Bloody Blade

Glaze your blade in your own blood to unleash a rapid-fire airborne blood-blade.

  • Weapon blazon:
    Small and medium swords
  • Where to find:
    In the Altus Plateau. Head due north-east from where the G Lift of Dectus comes up and so turn due north past some ground forces camps into a swampy valley filled with dead trees. Y’all’ll detect a scarab here.


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Spectral Lance

Hurl a phantasmal spear at foes.

  • Weapon blazon:
    Polearms (except reapers)
  • Where to notice:
    In North Liurnia. In the graveyard of Raya Lucaria University. Caput beyond the rickety wooden bridge, and go straight to spy a fallen gravestone that you can walk over to drop downwardly into a sloped expanse with a scarab and dogs. It’due south catchy to get the scarab while fighting the dogs, and so I recommend using AoEs to striking them all at the same time.
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Lifesteal Fist

A punch that renders foes unconscious and steals their HP. Effective against humans.

  • Weapon type:
    Fists and claws
  • Where to find:
    In Caelid. From the Rotview Balustrade Site of Grace, head due east along the road that slowly veers south. Go by the ruined convoy, the Caelem Ruins, and the Smoldering Wall site of grace and you’ll meet a scarab just off to the left side of the route.


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Flaming Strike

Emits flame in a wide forrard arc and coats the weapon with fire.

  • Weapon blazon:
    All melee weapons (except colossal weapons and whips)
  • Where to find:
    In Caelid. At Redmane Castle in the most southeasterly point of the map, fight your way to the primary gate with the troll. Head right around the side of the fort, jumping the gaps and fighting the bats until you get to the graveyard. You lot will spot a scarab here.


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Lightning Slash

Phone call a bolt of lightning into your weapon and swing it downwards to create an explosive stupor. This imbues the weapon with lightning.

  • Weapon type:
    Swords, axes, and hammers
  • Where to notice:
    In the Altus Plateau. Near the northernmost gate through the outer wall of Leyndell, you’ll discover a soldier camp with a scarab inside.


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Can you buy Ashes of War?

In East Limgrave, y’all can really buy a selection of Ashes of War at the Warmaster’southward Shack on Stormhill, which is hard to observe if y’all’re non looking. While he doesn’t sell whatsoever that grant bleed, magic, burn down, or holy damage, he does have lots of the default skills you get for certain weapons:

  • Stamp
  • Kicking
  • Suffer
  • War Weep
  • Spinning Slash
  • Impaling Thrust
  • Quickstep
  • Stormblade
  • Parry
  • No skill

Other Whetblades

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Elden Ring Iron Whetblade location

The Iron Whetblade lets you add the Heavy, Keen, or Quality affinities to weapons that don’t already accept them. You tin can find it in Stormveil Castle behind a fog door locked with a Stonesword Key:

  • Caput to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace and head through the courtyard with flamethrowers to the doorway, directly contrary of where the stairs come down.
  • Now head through this pocket-size, lit bedchamber into the big room with the tables, the Grafted Scion, and body parts hanging from the ceiling.
  • Bear right along the wall, then turn right once more to enter a small courtyard where the door is.
  • The Iron Whetblade is within on a body by the burn, though beware of the enemies.

Glintstone Whetblade location.

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Elden Band Glintstone Whetblade location

This crafting pocketknife is plant in the Raya Lucaria Academy and lets yous add the magic and cold affinities to any of your weapons, no thing the skill you’re using. From the Fence Parlor Site of Grace, head out into the courtyard and look up to the left to meet a body in a window with an item. This is the Glintstone Whetblade, but it’south a little more complex to get to it:

  • Brim the courtyard ledge until you can drop downwards onto the gantries below.
  • See 1 and leap onto steps leading upward to the double doors.
  • As you run upwards, stick to the sides to avoid the giant rolling balls.
  • You lot’ll arrive in a courtyard where you’ll be invaded. Defeat the invader and head left until you get to the door yous tin open.
  • Kill the 2 sorcerers just by it, then head downwardly the stairs to where all the enemies are.
  • Circle back on yourself and head into the room with a further wizard to find the Glintstone Whetblade.

Nosotros’ll be sure to add more crafting pocketknife locations when we find them.

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