Learn how to complete the story and defeat all story bosses with Game8’due south consummate story walkthrough for Elden Band. Read on to learn where to go first, what objectives you’ll need to complete, every bit well as other helpful information!

1 Get out the building and follow the path until you cantankerous the span to the north
2 Enter the next area and approach the statue to offset the boss boxing against the
Grafted Scion

The story volition proceed
even if you lose in this fight.

▶ Can you Beat the Tutorial Boss? | How to Vanquish Grafted Scion
If you managed to beat the Grafted Scion, exit to your right and follow the path until yous reach the cliff to autumn downwardly, die, and proceed through the tutorial

3 After the cutscene, drop down the cliff where the sitting phantom is and pass through the cavern to proceed the tutorial
4 Pass through the fog to the next area and defeat the
Soldier of Godrick

This is a much easier dominate than the get-go ane and then take your time to principal the combat basics.

▶ How to Beat Soldier of Godrick
5 Afterwards defeating the boss, continue onward until you achieve the expanse where you lot brutal from earlier, and so leave the edifice to reach Limgrave
6 Earlier exploring the rest of Limgrave, be certain to prioritize reaching the Site of Grace at
to meet Melina

With Melina, you tin can apply
to level up your character and increase attributes. You volition likewise receive the
Spectral Steed Whistle
for your very own mountain!

▶ Rune Farming Guide

▶ How to Find and Ride the Horse Mount
7 Head northwest while activating more Sites of Grace until you achieve Stormhill, where yous’ll fight
Margit, the Fell Omen

▶ How to Beat out Margit the Roughshod Omen
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Location What You Tin Detect
Gatefront ・Run into Melina and unlock the level upwards feature
Gatefront Ruins ・West Limgrave Map Fragment
Siofra River Well ・East Limgrave Map Fragment
Third Church building of Marika ・Sacred Tear
・Flask of Wondrous Physick

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Elden Ring - Game Over screen

If you waltz through each area without exploring them thoroughly, you might stop upwards dying a lot due to existence underleveled. The story walkthrough above
only lists the chief objectives
to progress the main story. Defeat enemies y’all run into, explore dungeons, and defeat bosses to obtain more than powerful items and Runes to strengthen your graphic symbol.

Elden Ring - Site of Grace

Activate every Lost Grace that you tin can notice during your travels to unlock more than
Sites of Grace. These sites office equally
save points, resting spots, fast travel points, and more!

You tin too follow the
golden trail of sites
on your map to reach your next objective in example you become lost.

Sites of Grace: How to Salvage the Game

Elden Ring - Using Runes to level up

You will drib all your Runes upon expiry and volition be completely lost if you autumn again earlier retrieving them. Fifty-fifty if you manage to return to where you dropped them, you volition just be able to recover a portion of your Runes. Try not to keep a lot of Runes while exploring and use them as much as you tin on levelling up your character to avoid putting them to waste material.

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