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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Time Danny DeVito Got Him High As A ‘Prank’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Tricked Into Getting High on Junior Set past Danny DeVito

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Arnold Schwarzenegger recalled one of the many pranks played on him past co-star Danny DeVito.

Photograph: Gage Skidmore

While Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for blowing things up and taking on legions of bad guys, from the tardily 80s onward, the
star found his feet briefly in the comedy genre thanks to the movies
Kindergarten Cop.
In 1994, besides as a reunion with director James Cameron on the action blockbuster
True Lies, he besides teamed upward once again with Danny DeVito on the comedy

a movie that told the story of a scientist who undergoes an experimental handling that sees him existence impregnated. While the picture show was moderately successful but not on the same comedy level equally 1988’southward
Twins, the two actors appear to have had enough of fun making the movie, with DeVito in one case tricking Schwarzenegger into getting loftier on fix.

In a contempo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Schwarzenegger discussed his upcoming reunion with DeVito on the movie
Triplets, the sequel to
, and that led to him recalling some of the pranks that were played on him by his co-star. At length, he recounted:

“There was ane time when I was shooting Inferior, I call up and it was tiffin pause. And Danny said to me, he says, ‘Come to my trailer, I cook some skillful Italian nutrient.’ And I said okay, so I went to the trailer, we ate the Italian nutrient, it was succulent… Then subsequently he says ‘Arnold y’all always give me cigars and I always feel guilty. I have cigars this time, I want to give you a cigar.’ And and so I said ‘Well that’due south – finally, I said, Danny, this is really great.’

He gives me this cigar, a actually long ane, cute cigar – Montecristo, Aniversario. And then and so, I put it in my mouth and calorie-free information technology up and he just comes to me with the lighter and we light it up and I’m smoking it and it was fantastic. We get to the ready, nosotros continue on with the scene, I forgot my lines. I’m standing in front of the camera, it was a close up of me, Danny’due south behind the camera and the director says ‘action’ – Ivan Reitman – and I said, ‘um… What am I supposed to say?’

‘Well, we [standing] on with the scene, Arnold, from before dejeuner, remember the scene when you and Danny were talking nigh going out and you’re now meaning and all of these kinds of things?’ And so I said, ‘No, I don’t remember,’ I said ‘What did we exercise earlier luncheon?’ And and then I had to go to the script supervisor, I had to check out the script, I totally forgot everything. Find out then an hour and a one-half later on when I finally started remembering things again that Danny put some marijuana in the front of the cigar.”

Junior Was Not a Complete Box Function Bomb, Only Wasn’t Ane of Schwarzenegger’s Finest Hours

didn’t just reunite the stars of
, simply likewise put them back under the direction of Ivan Reitman, who sadly passed away this weekend, and proved that sometimes even bringing together a successful team doesn’t guarantee box part golden. The movie barely scraped past $100 meg at the box office, which on the dorsum on its $60 million upkeep was a long way from the $216 million taken by
, which price only $18 meg to make.

While Schwarzenegger managed a couple of hits with his start comedy roles, follow-upward movies like
Jingle All The Way
, despite later gaining a cult post-obit, proved that what Arnie did best was act tough and accident things up, something he thankfully has washed much more of in recent years than trying to make people express joy. Following the death of Ivan Reitman, there volition need to be a alter in personnel on
, which could see son Jason step into the alienation, just in the meantime, Schwarzenegger will be seen combining his activeness and comedy work on
Kung Fury 2, in which he plays “The President” aslope David Sandberg in a picture show that features Jorma Taccone as a “Kung Fuhrer” Adolf Hitler, and David Hasselhoff equally Hoff 9000, a member of Sandberg’due south character’s team who transforms into a auto. Don’t pretend you aren’t intrigued.

Scout Danny DeVito Go Pranked past Arnold Schwarzenegger Ahead of Twins 2 Filming

Triplets will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito back together for their belated Twins sequel, only the pair have already started having a laugh.

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