Ben Affleck Gifted Jennifer Lopez A Four-Minute Video Montage Of Their Best Moments From The Early 2000s For Valentine’south Day And Y’all Seriously Need To Lookout It

Will he be getting a 3rd Oscar for this? Mayhap not.

Ellen Durney

The Super Basin May Be Flopping Right Now, But Bennifer Is Sure Going Strong

Jen and Ben own the Valentine’southward Twenty-four hour period weekend.

Natalie Oganesyan

J.Lo’s 8 Rom-Com Boy Toys Ranked From Worst To Best

Charlie from
Marry Me? Steve from
The Wedding Planner? Gigli from
Gigli? Who will exist receiving a final rose from J.Lo?

Matthew Huff

Jennifer Lopez Said She And Ben Affleck Have To Steal “Private Moments” Together In The “Bathroom” And “Closet” When They’re With All Their Kids

Hence the PDA was on total display at their latest cherry-red carpet appearance.

Emily Mae Czachor

Jennifer Lopez Reflected On The “Savage” Criticism She And Ben Affleck Faced When They Were Outset Together And Admitted That It “Destroyed” Their Human relationship “From The Inside Out”

Jennifer shed more lite on what led her and Ben to terminate their date in 2004, and opened up well-nigh how they’re doing things differently this fourth dimension around.

Ellen Durney

Here’s Why Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Won’t Be Splitting Someday Soon

Bennifer is here to stay, y’all.

Alex Gurley

Jennifer Lopez Got Candid Virtually Teaching Her Kids To Manage “Salubrious Relationships” Later on Revealing She Was Fearful Of Reuniting With Ben Affleck But Feels “Proud Of The Human He’s Become”

“They’re not babies anymore, and then you tin can’t just take them on your lap and tell them it’southward going to be okay… It’due south all about how loving, open, and accepting y’all can be.”

Leyla Mohammed

1 hour agone

Jennifer Lopez Called Her Relationship With Ben Affleck “A Cute Love Story” And Said She Feels “So Lucky And Happy And Proud To Be With Him”

“It’s a beautiful dear story that we got a second chance.”

Ben Henry

Jennifer Lopez Said She And Ben Affleck Are Less “Open up” About Their Relationship Considering Of Past Tabloid Handling

“I would say we learned our lesson the first fourth dimension.”

Emily Mae Czachor

22 Hot Celeb Guys Turning 50 This Year Who Volition Alter The Way Y’all Call up Of 50-Twelvemonth-Old Men Forever

At that place’southward no uncertainty these guys are aging like a fine wine.

Angela Andaloro

Ben Affleck Explained Why He Was Asked To “Fix” His Teeth To Be In “Armageddon”

“Be sexy, how practise I do that?”


Jennifer Lopez Just Vowed To Be A “Better Partner” To Ben Affleck Afterwards He Admitted That He Was Hesitant Well-nigh Getting Back Together 17 Years After Their Split

Jennifer’due south pledge came as Ben reflected on their “meaningful relationship” in a new interview. The pair rekindled their romance last year after initially dating in the early ‘00s.

Stephanie Soteriou

Ben Affleck Admitted That Information technology Was “Depressing” When “Gigli” Flopped And That Information technology Made Him Have “A Lot Of Self-Doubt”

“It engendered a lot of negative feelings in people most me.”


Ben Affleck Is Really Glad That He Never Ended Upwardly Running For Congress

” I have a feeling she would have cleaned my clock.”

Alex Gurley

Ben Affleck Chosen His Get-go Moving-picture show With Jennifer Lopez A “Gift” Despite Its Lack Of Success Considering They Met While Filming Information technology

“I did go to meet Jennifer, the relationship with whom has been really meaningful to me in my life.”

Emily Mae Czachor

Ben Affleck Said That He Finds The Deplorable Affleck Memes “Funny,” Merely Worries Nearly What His Kids Recall

“I mean, there’due south nobody who hasn’t felt that style at a junket.”

Natasha Jokic

Ben Affleck Said Shooting “Justice League” Was The Lowest Indicate Of His Life: “It Was Awful”

The actor did not comment on the abuse allegations against Joss Whedon, starting time broken past his costar Ray Fisher.

Natalie Oganesyan

30 Parejas de celebridades a las que se les acabó el amor en 2021

¿También sigues devastadx por Kim y Kanye?

Lauren Garafano

6 Actores que se arrepintieron de aceptar un papel y 6 que se arrepintieron de NO aceptarlo

Sandra Bullock casi interpreta a Neo Y a Trinity en

Andy Golder

Ryan Reynolds Said His Local Pizza Place Thinks He’southward Ben Affleck: “They’ll Ask How J.Lo Is And I’one thousand Like, ‘Corking, Good'”

“They believe I’yard Ben Affleck and I’ve never corrected them.”

Natalie Oganesyan

Jennifer Lopez Responded To Reports That She Was Angry With Ben Affleck Over His Interview Where He Discussed His Alcoholism And Marriage To Jennifer Garner: “Information technology Is Non How I Experience”

“I couldn’t have more than respect for Ben as a male parent, a coparent, and a person.”

Natasha Jokic

Ellen Durney

“Logan Roy Is My Male monarch,” And Every Other Unhinged Thought Nosotros Had About The “Succession” Finale

“In an ideal globe, I would dear a throuple between Shiv and Tom and Greg.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Ben Affleck Essentially Blamed His Marriage To Jennifer Garner For His Alcoholism In A New Interview, And People Are Non Having It

“Ben Affleck never deserved Jennifer Garner, and has spent 17 years proving that.”

Kayla Yandoli

Ben Affleck Shared Some Thoughts On His And Jennifer Lopez’s Breakup In 2004 And How The Media Contributed To It

“The idea that…being together is poison and ugly and toxic and the thing none of us want to be office of.”

Emily Mae Czachor

Ben Affleck Explained Why He Was Hesitant To Rekindle His Relationship With Jennifer Lopez 17 Years After They Broke Up

Ben and Jen shocked the world this summer when they went public with their rekindled relationship after 17 years autonomously, but according to Ben, in that location was a lot to consider earlier taking the bound.

Ellen Durney


Ben Affleck Says He’d Still Be Drinking If He Was Married To Jennifer Garner

“I was trapped.”


Snoop Dogg Mispronounced A Bunch Of Names While Announcing The Golden Globe Nominations: “Work With Me Now”

“Been Aff-fleck. Ben Affleck, my mistake. Sorry bout that Ben.”

Natalie Oganesyan

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Spotted Cuddling By The Jumbotron On Their Date At An NBA Game

Honestly and genuinely, we love to see it.

Emily Mae Czachor

Help! I Have A Boyfriend Simply Can’t Get Over My Married-With-Kids Ex

“During our relationship, I plant out he had a wife and kids and I was heartbroken.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Ben Affleck Reflected On His Human relationship With Jennifer Lopez And Said He Feels “Lucky” To “Have Benefited From Second Chances”

“It’southward hard to say who benefits more.”

Emily Mae Czachor

25 Coprotagonistas tan unidos que hasta estuvieron en sus bodas y xiii que ni invitados fueron

¡No tenía idea de que el elenco de
Pitch Perfect
fuera tan unido!

Kristen Harris

Cómo se veía “el hombre más sexy” el año en que fue elegido y cómo se ve ahora

Algunos casos son un poco extraños, la verdad.

Matt Stopera


Can You Judge The Shared Zodiac Sign Of These Famous Pairs That Take Almost Nada To Do With Each Other?

Information technology’due south strange, merely these actually make a lot of sense.

Pernell Quilon

24 Parejas famosas que llevan muchísimo tiempo juntas (y con quien andaban antes)

Es SUPER RARO ver a Freddie Prinze Jr. y Sarah Michelle Gellar con otras personas.

Matt Stopera

Trevante Rhodes And André Holland, Plus 36 Other Celebrities Who Had So Much Sexual Chemistry Information technology Literally Hurt

Some co-stars take cipher chemistry. These got alllllllll of it.

Natalie Oganesyan

12 Famous People Who Despised The Movies Made About Their Lives, And 12 Who Said “Pass The Popcorn”

The existent Guccis didn’t exactly react with a continuing ovation to
Business firm of Gucci.

Mary Colussi

vii “SNL” Couples Who Are No Longer Together, Plus three Couples Who Met On “SNL” And Are Notwithstanding Going Potent

Y’all don’t need dating apps when you work at
Saturday Night Live.

Kat Pickhardt

xx Parejas de famosos que cortaron y 21 que empezaron a andar en 2021

De Bennifer a Kimye, lo tenemos todo.

Lauren Garafano

Why We Tin’t Look Away From Megan Trick And Machine Gun Kelly’southward Bizarre Relationship

“He knew that part of his job was to uphold the promise of them beingness these ill, pleather freaks — in a practiced way.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Explained How Writing “Good Will Hunting” Nearly Ruined Their Friendship And Revealed Why It Took Them 25 Years To Work Together Again

Practiced Will Hunting
took us and so long…we were, like, unemployed, broke guys.”

Ellen Durney

Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Were Originally Supposed To Kiss In “The Final Duel,” And Hither’s Why It Didn’t Terminate Up Happening

“That would’ve been our showtime onscreen buss.”

Emily Mae Czachor

twenty Celebrity Couples Who Called It Quits And 21 Who Started Dating In 2021 (And then Far)

From Bennifer to Kimye, we’ve got it all.

Lauren Garafano

sixteen Celeb Couples Who Fabricated Their Ruddy Carpet Debut In 2021 And How Long They’ve Actually Been Together

2021 is the year of love!

Kristen Harris

Ben Affleck Opened Up Nearly Existence “In Awe” Of Jennifer Lopez In Their First Joint Interview Since Getting Dorsum Together Days After Making Their Kickoff Red Carpet Appearance In xviii Years

Ben likened Jennifer’south impact to one that only “few people throughout history have had,” in a rare public declaration of how he’south inspired by her success.

Leyla Mohammed

Alex Gurley

Ben Affleck Had The Sweetest Things To Say About Jennifer Lopez In Their Offset Articulation Interview

“I can only stand by and adore with respect.”

Alex Gurley

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Walked The Cherry Carpeting At The Met Gala As If They Were The Sheriffs Of A Very Stylish Town

J.Lo and Ben are so in love!

Joyann Jeffrey

twenty Actors Who Were Perfectly Cast In Flick Roles, And 20 Actors Who Were Horribly Cast And Almost Ruined The Picture show

No one only Jennifer Hudson could’ve played Effie White in

Kayla Yandoli

The 2021 Venice Film Festival Has Wrapped Upwards, And then Here Are Some Of The Very Best Style Looks

And yes, Ben and Jen are on this list.

Allie Hayes

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are At present Red Carpet Official

They’re notwithstanding going strong.

Vannessa Jackson

35 Times Famous Men Went Above And Across And Were Wholesome Equally Heck To “Regular” People

“Ryan Gosling paid for my parking during my whole jump pause.”

Kayla Yandoli

14 Shockingly Accurate “Based On A True Story” Movie Scenes Versus xiv That’d Make A Historian’s Center Twitch

The airport escape in
more arctic (and Canadian) in real life.

Mary Colussi

Alex Rodriguez Opened Up About How He And His Daughters Are Coping Since His Split up From Jennifer Lopez Days After She Unfollowed Him And Wiped Their Relationship From Instagram

Earlier this calendar week, J.Lo deleted all photos of her and Alex together on Instagram afterwards rekindling her relationship with Ben Affleck.

Leyla Mohammed

Alex Rodriguez Said He’s Focusing On His Kids And “Grateful” For His Onetime Human relationship With Jennifer Lopez

“I had five years of an incredible life and partnership.”

Emily Mae Czachor

31 Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense of taste Has Changed Drastically Since 2004

Nothing says “2004” like a pair of pointy-toed pumps and low-rise jeans.

Lauren Garafano


Celebrities Are Admitting That They Basically Never Bathe — Practise You Call up These 27 Famous People Do?

Permit’s encounter if you can sniff them out.

Stephen LaConte

xvi Actors With Their Fictional Friends From Movies Side-By-Side With Their Real-Life Closest Friends

We love a good celeb BFF duo. 👯‍♀️

Simrin Singh


I’m Genuinely Curious Whether You Think These 24 Celebrities Actually Got Vaccinated

Kanye West, Chris Pratt, Taylor Swift, and more.

Stephen LaConte


Your Taste In These 43 “Trashy” Movies Volition Reveal If You’re An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert

If you walked out of the theater during
The Whole Ten Yards, then you’re probably an extrovert.

Kayla Yandoli

Bennifer 2.0 Is The 2000s Reboot We Needed

The fascination with J.Lo’due south renewed romance with Ben Affleck is a testament to the enduring appeal of her glory.

Alessa Dominguez

Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Hold Dorsum When She Was Asked About Ben Affleck’s Giant Tattoo

“It’south awful! I hateful, I would tell him that.”

Alex Gurley

Bennifer Is Dorsum, Then People Are Sharing Which Celeb Couples Should Get Dorsum Together Side by side

Who should be added to the list?

Alexa Lisitza

Matt Damon Is “So Happy” For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez After They Confirmed Bennifer’s Improvement

“I’k glad for both of them.”

Emily Mae Czachor

Ben Affleck Gifted Jennifer Lopez A Custom Necklace For Her 52nd Birthday To Correspond Their “Love” And “Chapters For Change And Growth”

“With the custom slice Ben created for Jennifer, information technology conspicuously communicated their love, but it’s as well a reminder of their chapters for change and growth.”

Ben Henry

Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Hiding Her Honey For Ben Affleck Anymore And Is Now Wearing His Name On Her Necklace

Jennifer is spelling things out!

Alex Gurley

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck But Re-Created An Iconic Scene From Her “Jenny From The Block” Video After Going Instagram Official And People Are Losing It

“Nosotros’re witnessing a cultural touchstone. Our grandkids will enquire united states of america where we were on this day.”

Ellen Durney

Bennifer Is Instagram Official, And I’m Actually Shaking


Natalie Oganesyan

xviii Celebrity Instagrams Yous Probably Missed This Week

Here’s what you might’ve missed!

Morgan Murrell

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Embracing In A New Pic Together, And This Is What I Needed Today

Information technology’s almost as well much to handle.

Emily Mae Czachor

Jennifer Lopez Gave A Very Coy Response To A Question About Her Human relationship With Ben Affleck

“Y’all can call me. You have my number!”

Alex Gurley

Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, AND Ben Affleck Are All Starring In A Film Together, And The Beginning Trailer Is Epic

Lies! Expose! Matt Damon and Ben Affleck with giddy hairdos!

Allie Hayes

Stephen LaConte

Jennifer Lopez Revealed She’s “Super Happy” And “Never Been Better” Later She Was Pictured On A Cute Date With Ben Affleck

“It’due south the best time of my life.”

Ben Henry

50 Actors Who Had So Much Chemistry With Their Costars, They Married Them

From OTP to IRL.

Kristen Harris

15 Wildly Interesting Movie Facts That Fabricated Me Desire To Sentry These Films All Over Again

The more than you know!

Morgan Murrell

Listen: Bennifer Is Back–But Are Ben And Jen Really The Ultimate Power Couple?

“This sparked a new era of a celebrity couple obsession. I mean we’ve got the Brad-Jen-Angelina triangle, Tom and Katie, Ashton and Demi …”

BuzzFeed Daily

Alex Rodriguez Was Seen Hanging Out With Ben Affleck’s Ex, Lindsay Shookus

“They’ve been friends for 15 years.”

Ben Henry

14 Actors Who Demanded (And Got) Changes To The Script

Thank you to Robert Downey Jr. for saving
The Avengers
from a pitiful, shawarma-less existence.

Mary Colussi

I Am Non Exaggerating When I Say All I Intendance About Is Bennifer Possibly Sharing Clothes

I, for one, am totally here for the slow yet sure rekindling of this romance.

Natalie Oganesyan

fourteen Roles Actors Accepted Because They Hoped It Would Brand Their Kids Think They Were Absurd

Tired: My dad is Ben Affleck. Wired: My dad is Batman.

Mary Colussi

Literally Just A Bunch Of Celebrity Couples Who Allegedly Bankrupt Upwardly Afterward The Human being Cheated With The Nanny

Why is this so mutual in Hollywood?

Stephen LaConte

17 Times Interference From Hollywood Executives Drastically Inverse Films (Or Tried To, At Least)

The suits honey it! They practise have a couple notes, though…

Mary Colussi

Ben Affleck Looked Then Happy Leaving Jennifer Lopez’s House Yesterday And I Can’t Assistance But Be Happy For Him Too

Ben’s face up says it all.

Alex Gurley

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’southward Near Iconic Moments That Testify They’ve Always Been #RelationshipGoals

Love is in the air for Bennifer 2.0.

Michele Bird

Kate Winslet Is Not Interested In Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Reunion

“I’ve never read about Jennifer in my life.”

Joyann Jeffrey

16 Times Actors Played Practical Jokes On Their Co-Stars And Proved Their Pranks Are Equally Skilful Equally Their Performances

And the Academy Award for Best Prank goes to…

Mary Colussi

Diddy Posted A Throwback Paparazzi Motion-picture show Of Him And Jennifer Lopez, And I Am Unwell

I approximate some people just wake upwards and choose anarchy.

Natasha Jokic

Ben Affleck Seemed To Be Wearing The Scout Jennifer Lopez Gave Him In 2002 Afterwards The Pair Reunited And Were Reportedly Spotted Kissing

In recent pictures, Ben can be seen wearing a watch that looks identical to the one Jennifer gave him in the “Jenny From the Block” music video.

Ben Henry

Listen: The Arts and crafts Beer World Is Facing A Reckoning With Allegations Of Sexism, Assault

“The stories escalated pretty rapidly with women sharing accounts of sexual harassment, assault, rapes — so actually information technology’s run the gamut of accusations across the country and world.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Pictured Together Hours After Alex Rodriguez Posted About “Clearing Out” His Life

“Annihilation that doesn’t serve me is immigration out of my life.”

Ben Henry

19 Famous Friends Who Just Back up And Love Each Other And then Adorably

I would give my left kidney to exist a part of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal’s friendship.

Hannah Marder

Jennifer Lawrence Hilariously Broke The Reports Nearly Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck On A Podcast

“They are on vacation with each other right at present.”

Joyann Jeffrey

Matt Damon Is Too On The Bennifer Train, And It’s The Best Matter Ever

Do it for the fans, Bennifer.

Courtney Cummings

Listen: Prince Harry’southward New Testify With Oprah Has A Release Engagement–And Yes, It Could Mean More Drama With The Royals

“They evidently still have 90 more minutes of footage from that Oprah interview. And so we may even see more of that.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Chrissy Teigen Chosen Out Celebrity Men Sending “Desperate” Messages To Women On Raya

“Ya both wrong, congrats.”

Morgan Sloss

Listen: “Shadow & Os” On Netflix Has Everything Neat From The Books And More

“My favorite thing well-nigh this is that fans have been fan-casting Ben Barnes as the function of The Darkling for years.”

BuzzFeed Daily

Ben Affleck Had A Hilarious Response Afterwards A Woman Unmatched Him On A Celebrity Dating App

“Why did you unmatch me? It’south me.”

Alex Gurley

Here’s How The Cyberspace Reacted To Newly Unmarried Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reportedly Hanging Out


Natasha Jokic

31 Devastating Celebrity Breakups People Will Never Get Over, No Matter How Much Time Has Passed

I will
become over Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman’due south separation.

Kayla Yandoli