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The episode starts with Rhea getting shocked seeing Prachi beside their car. Pallavi tells she came to create a new drama. Rhea tells them she volition talk and she asks Prachi what’s she doing most their automobile. Prachi says don’t worry equally I’yard not coming with y’all as I hate long drives like yous. Pallavi tells she didn’t arrange this auto. Prachi tells the driver of your arranged machine is not good that’southward why I arranged another automobile. Pallavi tells them she will contact that driver. Prachi asks her to contact if she doesn’t trust her. Rhea asks why she is helping when she wants to spoil the honeymoon. Prachi says information technology’s just the start so I volition spoil it when you lot attain Manali. Pallavi contacts Commuter and gets to know he is not feeling well. Aliya and Pallavi asks Rhea to relish their honeymoon. Ranbir thanks Prachi for help then he calls Rhea telling they are getting tardily. Prachi opens the door for them. Ranbir goes to hug her. Prachi tells Rhea that your honeymoon and my challenge starts here, I just spoil your honeymoon and asks her to think all way long that she had a risk to delay their honeymoon but didn’t practise. Rhea gets upset. Ranbir asks what happened to her. Rhea tells zippo and tells Prachi that she will miss her on their honeymoon. Prachi tells not long. They leave to honeymoon.

Daljeet tells Prachi is hiding her feelings. Sahana says don’t know what’s Prachi is planning. Daljeet tells they tin can keep an eye on Prachi to know her program. Sahana agrees. Pallavi tells Aliya that she is feeling relaxed that they went on honeymoon. Aliya tells she is feeling mood off considering of Prachi. Pallavi tells Prachi doesn’t have a standard to become my retainer then I won’t let her call me Mom in law and we have to accept advantage as Rhea and Ranbir are not here and shall teach a lesson to Prachi and I don’t let her sleep in my son’s bedroom. Aliya smirks.

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Prachi sees her saree and recalls her past moments with Ranbir and how they planned to go on Honeymoon to Manali and how Ranbir took Rhea to her favorite place and information technology’s practiced Rhea challanged me and at present their honeymoon won’t happen. Rhea thinks why she helped them.

Ranbir thinks Prachi is happy and it is similar something fishy and hope Rhea won’t get disappointed with me and what I will do going to Manali. Driver stops the automobile telling them there is some repair and he checks the auto. Rhea tells this way is looking empty and how much fourth dimension information technology takes to set it. Ranbir asks if she is feeling scared. Rhea tells she won’t when he is with her. The commuter tells the car is fine and he asks them to push the car so they can reach a mechanic as the nearby hotel is not good. Rhea thinks it might be Prachi’southward plan and she asks if they can get another car. Commuter tells they may get it in the eight hours and he asks them to push and he tells he informs to company people by video calling them.

Driver video calls Prachi and she enjoys their state. Daljeet hears the vocalism of Rhea and thinks how information technology’s coming then she opens the door of Prachi and sees her talking on a video call and she feels happy thinking she won’t let them get on honeymoon. Rhea tells him she is tired. Rhea notices the driver is even so on a video call and she goes to him. Driver tells he will cut the phone call but Prachi says let’s her come up. Rhea takes the phone request if he is talking to Prachi. Prachi tells she sensed correctly.

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Episode ends.

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