Information technology took seven months of development. A nervous inquire of a charismatic celebrity. A hastily purchased dollhouse and a phantom real estate “listing.”

And finally, a war room of fifty on game night that amplified Rocket Mortgage’s message to the masses and ensured a rather improbable feat: back-to-back victories in USA TODAY’southward Ad Meter, the Super Bowl of large-game ad.

The lending behemoth became the first company to record sequent wins since Super Sunday king Budweiser threepeated in 2013-xv, an upset all the more than notable given the highly transactional nature of home loans and a ownership landscape perpetually fraught with peril.

Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage – bringing a sis company nether the big-game umbrella this year – fought those headwinds thanks to a pair of cross-generational icons in Barbie and triple-threat Anna Kendrick, along with a certain win-at-all-costs mentality that leaves nix to chance, on any platform.

The sixty-2d spot – during a Super Bowl broadcast asking $six million to $seven million for xxx seconds – takes “Pitch Perfect” icon Kendrick into a living room of girls hoping to score a new house for Barbie, only to find the nightmare of modern homeownership at every corner. Rocket’s suite of products mitigates those hurdles and placed Barbie into her dream Malibu home.

Information technology’south a brief diversion from the mine field facing consumers. And to exist clear, Barbie was atomic number 82 blocker on the project.

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“We’ll look at 100 ideas,” Casey Hurbis, Rocket’s chief marketing officeholder, told Us TODAY Sports on Monday. “What is Super Bowl-worthy and campaign-able? Is it simple? Is it relevant? Is information technology epic? Is it unexpected? On America’southward biggest phase, you have to take a chance to observe out.

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“We saw early that this opportunity with Barbie and with Anna that a calorie-free bulb goes off and you realize, ‘This could happen.’”

In 2021, Rocket Mortgage prevailed with “Sure Is Meliorate,” fronted past another set up of celebrities, including comedian Tracy Morgan and Los Angeles Chargers strongman Joey Bosa.

In launching the repeat bid, Hurbis said the ad was conceived well before Rocket approached Kendrick’s campsite inbound the winter, and when they embraced it, “that’s when you know you’re on to a good idea.”

Rocket Mortgage managed to secure a total delivery from Kendrick and Mattel. Kendrick shared a link to United states of america TODAY’s Advertisement Meter contest with her seven million Twitter followers and was active in teasing the spot in the run-up to game solar day.

Mattel and Barbie’s roughly 500,000 followers did the same. And while at that place’s no scientific style with which to track what put the advertisement over the top – it edged Amazon’s “Heed Reader” by a mere 6.82-6.77 score – Rocket certainly left no rock veneer unturned.

Hurbis sounds a bit like Al Pacino’s Coach Tony D’Amato in “Whatever Given Sunday” when he speaks of “the inches we look for in the Super Bowl that can amplify your brand, your threescore seconds in the spotlight.”

In this case, it was an advertizement rep far from the C-suite who came up with the idea to create an active list for Barbie’southward firm on Rocket’s website – “1 bedroom, 1 bath, i pink slide” – as an Easter egg for the curious. That merely gave more provender for Hurbis’ staff of 60 – working from 4 p.m. to ii a.m. ET – to inundation the social media zone and best position Rocket to conquer a 64-spot field.

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Ad Meter, in its 34th yr, ranks commercials by consumer rating with registered voters scoring each ad on a 1-to-10 scale.

“There’s a lot of great competition,” Hurbis says. “A gamble for every brand to put its best self forward. The stakes are loftier, the investment is large and the court of public opinion can exist loud. It’southward non for the faint of heart. It’due south the nearly intense lx seconds of my year.”

And in less than vi months, it will be become time for a bid to threepeat in 2023.