New York (CNN Business)Super Bowl tickets have never been a bargain. At least non for the terminal LIV years or and then.

But for those looking to attend the big game at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Lord’s day, the prices won’t be every bit high as they were simply a few weeks agone.

There also were record prices at last year’due south game in Tampa, Florida, when SeatGeek and StubHub, 2 of the leading resale services, sold seats at prices above $8,000. The ticket costs were inflated by limited capacity rules imposed because of the pandemic, and also because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing in their own stadium — a Super Bowl first.

    The pre-pandemic tape was the 2020 game betwixt Kansas Metropolis and San Francisco in Miami, when the average price was betwixt $half-dozen,500 and $7,200, depending upon the service.

      When this year’s matchup was set ii weeks ago, with the hometown LA Rams set up to meet the championship-starved Cincinnati Bengals, record resale prices seemed likely. Prices on all three resale services for a single ticket were effectually $10,000. Now it appears the prices won’t top the recent records.

      But they’ll still be plush. In add-on to the cost of the tickets, parking passes are going for hundreds of dollars, and as much as $5,700 if y’all want to park in one of the lots closest to the stadium.

      “Parking is always a large bargain for Super Bowls,” said Brett Goldberg, of TickPick, some other resale service. “Already express parking becomes much more express because of the space the NFL takes upwardly.” Some fans who can’t afford tickets to the game may choose to get a parking space then they tin tailgate and spotter the game on televisions from the lot.

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      Overall, parking passes, including those at lots fairly far from SoFi Stadium, are going for an average of almost $516 on SeatGeek, with a minimum price of $275 on StubHub.

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      For those who actually desire to be inside the stadium, the prices might be a fraction of the highs of a few weeks ago, merely they’re still in the thousands.

      On TickPick, the boilerplate cost of tickets purchased on Friday and early Sabbatum was virtually $5,100, taking the overall average price of tickets purchased on the service downward to $half dozen,500, just almost where it was through all of 2020.

      “The fan base of operations responded to lower pricing,” said Goldberg.

      Every bit of Saturday morning the boilerplate price of tickets purchased on SeatGeek over the previous 24 hours was $6,414, up from the prior 24-hour interval’s average of $five,143, but even so a fraction of where the prices were just after the conference championships.

      Ticket sellers often cut prices in the days leading upwards to the Super Bowl, worried that they’ll miss a hazard to sell the tickets at all.

      “It’s an expiring good. They’re non really worth anything come up Sunday night,” said Chris Leyden, managing director of consumer strategy at SeatGeek.

      StubHub said the boilerplate price of tickets sold on the site the last 24 hours is downward to $4,100. That’s taking the boilerplate overall average price of ticket sold since the beginning of selling to $6,700, just above its 2020 mark of $six,500.

      With the hometown Rams i of the teams in the Super Bowl, the expectation is that there may be more than last infinitesimal purchases than a normal Super Bowl, which are typically played in a neutral site that nigh fans have to travel to.

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        That could lead to an unusual terminal minute surge in boilerplate ticket prices for fans who missed buying at the bottom of the market, fifty-fifty if the prices remain below the electric current overall average.

        “When the belatedly buying behavior kicks in, equally I would expect information technology to, the prices take nowhere to go simply up,” said Akshay Khanna, general manager of North American operations for StubHub.