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The episode starts with Rupy blasphemous Jasmine. He says that she won’t get love and peace in her life. Jasmine runs from in that location. Teko asks Rupy to at-home downwardly. Rupy apologizes to Kushbeer for having a girl like Jasmine. They all get shocked hearing sounds coming from Jasmine’south room. Jasmine breaks the things in her room. She recalls Rupy’s words and breaks the mirror. Amrik comes to Jasmine and tries to calm her down.

Jasmine asks how Rupy can insult her in forepart of all the Virks. She says that Tejo must take called Rupy to insult her. Jasmine asks why Amrik is helping her in spite of her asking him to slap Kushbeer. Amrik says that because Jasmine is his wife. Jasmine says that it’s a lie. She says that Amrik is scared of her. Amrik admits it and adds that the fact is Jasmine is his wife. He asks Jasmine to permit go off the past and have a fresh kickoff. Jasmine recalls her insults and shouts no. She sends Amrik out and closes the door. Jasmine vows to separate Fateh and Tejo.

Tejo is crying recalling all the incident. Fateh comes to Tejo. He calls out Tejo. Tejo wipes her tears on seeing him. She asks Fateh why he has come, Jasmine will create a scene of she sees them together. Tejo says that co-ordinate to Jasmine’s rule, they should stay away. Fateh tries to calm her down. Tejo says that Jasmine keeps on insulting everyone and they can’t practise anything. Tejo decides to search inJasmine’s room to discover the proof.

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Fateh says that Jasmine is everytime in the house, then they tin’t search in her room. Tejo says that they accept to search in her room when she’s at habitation by diverting her attention on something else. Fateh asks whom Jasmine hates the nearly in this firm. He holds Tejo’s hand and signs. Tejo says that shw hates them the most. Fateh says that she can’t tolerate to see them together. He says an idea, but they need their family’s help for that.

Jasmine is in call with Sweety and says that today no one broke her rules including Tejo and says that they’re scared of her. Fateh and Tejo get prepare and are in call. Tejo asks how they volition divert Jasmine. Fateh says that he volition handle it. Jasmine says to Sweety that Tejo and Fateh die to meet each otgee, but she won’t allow them meet. Jasmine hears music playing and goes to cheque. Tejo and Fateh are dancing in their room looking at each other through glass windows. Jasmine comes to Fateh and turns off the music and asks either information technology’s a house or market.

Fateh says that she hasn’t put whatever restrictions to play loud music. Jasmine asks Fateh where he is going getting prepare. Fateh says that he has a date with someone. Jasmine asks with whom. Fateh says that she’s better than Jasmine in every aspects. Jasmine mocks Fateh and leaves. Fateh informs Tejo that Jasmine is coming downstairs.

Simran and Mahi praise Tejo’southward look. Simran makes Tejo article of clothing a necklace. Jasmine sees this and says that Tejo is besides going for appointment. She says that she was certain that Tejo and Fateh are cooking something. Jasmine goes to Tejo and asks if she’s going for date with Fateh. Fateh comes there and tells a shayari for Tejo and she replies with a shayari. Jasmine wonders what’s happening, what they’re upto.

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Jasmine says that Fateh won’t go out from now and it’south her new rule. She says that she will see at present how they volition go for date now. Fateh suggests having their date in the house. Jasmine reminds them about the partitioning of the house. Fateh says that it can’t terminate them. Tejo texts Mahi that Jasmine’s attention is ob them and asks her to search in Jasmine’s room. Simran and Mahi become to Jasmine’southward room.

Fateh puts a table in the center and they sit down respectively on their side. They have a talk. Jasmine stops and so and says that they’re breaking her rule. She reminds them that they shouldn’t talk to each other. They agree and become silent. They talk through texts. Jasmine is watching sitting on the couch. Meanwhile Simran and Mahi are searching in Jasmine’s room. Jasmine gets irritated and gets up to leave to her room. Fateh says that today is valentine’s 24-hour interval to stop Jasmine. Jasmine turns around. Fateh says that he is talking to himself. Tejo replies with a yes and says that she’s talking with herself too. Jasmine comes back and sit on the burrow.

Tejo and Fateh feed each other. Gurpreet and Nimmo are hidding and watching this. Gurpreet hopes that Simran and Mahi go whatsoever proof. Mahi texts that they couldn’t notice anything and asks Tejo for a clue. Tejo asks her to cheque in the Air conditioning. Mahi does and so. Jasmine gets up to leave for her. Tejo asks Fateh to do something to terminate Jasmine.

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The episode ends.

Precap: Amrik tells Fateh that Jasmine called law. Fateh goes to check and finds cop waiting outside their business firm. Jasmine smirks.

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