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Updated: Feb., 2020

Is there a place for love and romance — or, at to the lowest degree, reading, writing and research about academic aspects of it — in your classroom?

Try some of our ideas, beneath, though make sure to get-go preview the Times articles linked from each to determine their ceremoniousness for your students.

We’d too be delighted to hear what you do (or don’t practise!) to mark this vacation in your classroom; please go out a note in the comments.


Illustrations by Kaye Blegvad

Write Personal Essays, Stories and Poems nigh Relationships

— In this commodity ten New Yorkers tell brusque personal stories of dearest and enchantment in the Metropolis. In this piece, people share stories of breakups and bad dates. Use these stories or the weekly Modern Dear cavalcade — in which essayists write about relationships with romantic partners, family unit members, friends or even beloved animals — as inspiration for your own essays, stories and poems. And if the longer essays are too challenging as models, try the “Tiny Love Stories,” each no more than than 100 words. What would yours say?

— Or, listen to dear with the Modernistic Love podcast — and find a Reader Idea about using those podcasts to teach narrative writing. If yous go really inspired and want to make your ain, consider submitting information technology to our annual Student Podcast Competition this jump. In 2018 one of our winning teams was a teenage couple, Quinn Page and Bailey Osborne, who explored the question, Should your significant other be your best friend?

— Sentinel love stories via Modern Love videos, like the ane below:




Modern Honey | A Kiss, Deferred

A 12-year-old girl’s life and love are shattered by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Video player loading

A 12-year-old girl’south life and love are shattered past the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

— Write a honey letter — to your crush, a friend, a pet, a place or even a favorite possession. Use these drawings, messages, poems, telegrams and letters created by famous New Yorkers as inspiration. Or, respond our Pupil Opinion question, “What Does the Globe Need to Know About an Important Person in Your Life?” that was inspired by a popular Modernistic Love essay, “You May Want to Marry My Husband.”

— Y’all could also try to ship a Valentine’s Day appreciation to the people who have played important roles in your life. In this essay, a author tells everyone from her 5th grade vanquish to her barber to her therapist what they mean to her. Who would be on your list?

Read and Write About Weddings

— Using the weekly Vows or Mini-Vows columns in the Weddings section as inspiration, interview a couple near their relationship. (How did they meet? What are the most memorable moments in their history together? What makes them well-suited to each other?) Write upward what you larn in a short and entertaining Vows-fashion narrative and illustrate your story with a photo. Or, make a video, like this one about the first-e’er same-sex couple to appear in the column, in 2002.

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— Read about 10 inspirational marriage proposals Times readers submitted in 2009, then write a short skit that depicts an original and memorable marriage proposal between characters you lot invent.

Take Some Romance-Themed Literacy Quizzes

Match the besotted, thwarted, inappropriate or (more rarely) happy character from archetype works of literature with his or her beloved via this quiz.

— What words vest in the 21 blanks of our Valentine’south Day backup? You tin make full them in from your ain imagination, “Mad-Libs”-style, or choose from a scrambled list of the words that originally appeared in this 2010 Modern Love cavalcade.

— Due east.L.50. students might enjoy our interactive quiz and teaching suggestions for Valentine’due south Day that are inspired by a fun Times article about one offbeat way to spend the vacation.


Learn About Love and Marriage Through the Ages and Beyond the World

— What practice primary documents from unlike eras tell us about attitudes toward love, romance and marriage? Read this Op-Ed piece that features Victorian-era “amorous advertisements,” taken from the pages of The New York Herald, and compare them with similar ads, from Craigslist or elsewhere, today.

— Look within a vast collection of cards, from as early every bit the 1680s, featuring pop-ups, cutouts and Civil War soldiers in “3 Centuries of Valentines Offer 12,000 Ways to Say ‘I Love You lot’.” Compare the words, images and sentiments to Valentines cards today. What’s changed? What’s remained the aforementioned?

— Or, go along a chase through Times Machine, as we did in this postal service, putting in the search term “Valentine’south Day” to see how the holiday was celebrated, and reported on, in Times history.

— Just what are we celebrating when we gloat Valentine’s Solar day? Where did this holiday come from and why do nosotros intendance about it so much? Read this article well-nigh major Valentine’due south Mean solar day theories, from aboriginal Rome to the present. And then, practise your own research to see what other histories you can find. Which do you find the most compelling and why?

— Where in the world is Valentine’s Twenty-four hour period, or a tradition like information technology, historic? How does information technology differ from celebrations in the U.S.? For instance, read “‘You Tin’t Ban Dear’: Pakistanis Defy a Valentine’south Day Prohibition” to larn about how the Islamabad High Courtroom banned Valentine’southward celebrations across Pakistan, deeming them “against the teachings of Islam” and a sign of growing Western influence — and how some are taking a hazard by celebrating anyway. Or, read nigh the day sometimes called Russian St. Valentine’southward Day and what information technology honors.

— The speed and the telescopic of the gay rights movement has been “astonishing” compared to that of movements for African-Americans’ or women’s rights, The Times wrote in a 2013 piece, “A Sea Modify in Less Than l Years as Gay Rights Gained Momentum.” Two years later a Supreme Court ruling fabricated aforementioned-sexual practice marriage a correct nationwide in the Usa. What do you know almost the history of this motility in the United States? Elsewhere in the earth? Use Times search to learn more than, and to see where L.M.B.T.Q. bug stand today.

Test a Psychological Experiment

— Here’s how “To Fall in Beloved With Anyone, Do This,” one of the most pop-always posts on NYTimes.com. It begins:

More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making ii strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Last summer, I applied his technique in my own life, which is how I constitute myself continuing on a bridge at midnight, staring into a man’s optics for exactly four minutes.

Read the essay and discuss whether or not you believe this could actually work — or put information technology to the exam by experimenting with a partner and the 36 Questions That Lead to Love. Afterward, consider the questions we ask in our related Student Opinion question: What makes 2 people fall in love? Is information technology fate or chemistry? Or could it just be having the chance to get to know someone intimately in a short menstruum of time?

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— Or, read another of the most pop Modern Love columns of all time, “What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Matrimony,” and learn about the behavioral techniques the writer learned from a dolphin trainer to “nudge” her husband “a piffling closer to perfect.” You might so try out similar techniques, whether in the context of a relationship, a bad habit of your own, or as a way to “nudge” your school or customs on a item upshot or behavior.


Investigate and Suggest the “Romance Industry”

What are the economics of Valentine’s Day and the romance industry in general? Check out pieces on everything from the reason backside the 2019 dearth of Sweethearts candies to how the world’s top flower market gets ready for Valentine’south Mean solar day. And then, cull a concern, manufacture or local shop that thrives on Valentine’south 24-hour interval and investigate how information technology advertises, what special products it offers, how its services or offerings have changed over the years. (For instance, this 2020 article reports that Finally, this article reports that “the sharing economy has come for the flower industry” thank you to “climate-conscious romantics.”) What advice would you give this business concern? Why?

Or, focus only on the economic impact of online dating, and inquiry the various services, like online dating coaches, that accept grown up around it. How practice these businesses piece of work? Why, according to this article, are they adequately easy to start but hard to grow? Where do you think this industry will go in the time to come? Why?

In fact, online dating has become such a big business that, co-ordinate to reports filed with the Federal Trade Commission, Americans looking for dearest lost at least $143 million to scammers last year. What advice might you give a friend or relative to brand sure they stay condom?

Exist a Romance Entrepreneur

Invent your own Valentine’s Mean solar day product, service or app. For instance, what gifts would yous add to this T Magazine listing for those who are “indifferent, hurt, on the run or dumped?”

Tell Someone Yous Love Them — With Economics

— Write a Valentine’s message using the language of economics. The Economix Weblog reports on Twitter #FedValentines like “You had me at QE1″ and “I’d like to infringe yous overnight and then concur yous to maturity.”

— In “How to Be a Improve Valentine, Through Economics,” a professor at Stanford recommends three unproblematic steps to be smarter at signaling your honey for someone. What advice do you lot find nigh interesting? Why?

Upkeep for Romance

— Programme a romantic getaway or dinner on a upkeep, using Times resources. If you had, say, $100 (or $25, or $5) to spend on Valentine’due south Day, how could y’all get the most bang for your buck? Utilise this lesson program with the Valentine’s Day Times Topics folio, which includes recipes for Valentine’southward dinners and suggestions for places to visit, things to practise and gifts to give, to plan the best celebration possible.

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Wait for Artistic Manifestations of Love

— In “Honey Is in the Air, and in the Art,” a critic commencement defines several types of love, and so looks for manifestations of them in art in New York Urban center — and finds everything from a sculpture called “Sleeping Eros” at the Metropolitan Museum to the bronze effigy of Balto, a heroic dog, in Central Park. Where can you observe manifestations of love in art in your area?

Create Art to Explore Love and Relationships

— In a work of Op-Fine art called “Pick Your Cupid,” artist Ji Lee takes the classic cherub figure and remakes it to limited everything from “In a relationship, only looking” to “hipster” to “filthy rich.” Cull some other classic symbol of love and create versions that say something new, or needed, for the 21st century.

— Create a photograph essay or video well-nigh some aspect of dear and romance in your life, school or community. You could photograph “Where to Hold Hands” in your expanse, curate images of kisses that like these, show many meanings, document how a local restaurant celebrates Valentine’s Day, create original works of art that modernize older notions of love and relationships, or create a map or graphic that explores your romantic life— real or imagined.


Analyze a Graphic on the Language of Love

The graph above is from our weekly “What’s Going On in This Graph?” feature and is in some way related to dear and relationships. Take a closer look and tell us: What do you observe? What do yous wonder? What practise you recollect is going on in this graph? Read the comments to meet what other students had to say and what our moderators from the American Statistical Association replied, then so add your own.

Utilize Math to Brand the Perfect Valentine

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a customizable algebraic equation,” writes The Times almost Süss, the math widget higher up:

Like many geometric figures, a heart can be captured in all its curvaceous glory by a single algebraic equation. The equation for a sphere looks simple plenty: x²+y²+z²=1. A heart is something more complex:


Süss — High german for “sweet” — is an interactive widget that allows yous to tweak the algebra and customize the centre to your souls’s delight. Information technology was created for Valentine’south 24-hour interval by Imaginary, a nonprofit organisation in Berlin that designs open-source mathematics programs and exhibitions. (You lot can also visit their widget on its website hither.)

Play with the widget and read almost how it incorporates the concept of farthermost points, or “singularities,” a subject of study in the field of algebraic geometry.

Study the Science of Beloved

— Find out what happens in the brain when y’all fall in love, besides as how your encephalon reacts to being dumped.

— Use Valentine’s Mean solar day as an alibi to study the heart. The Times Health section has a special page on Eye Disease and Health, which you could use while doing our lesson plans on advanced technologies used to care for diseases of the cardiopulmonary system, or on looking at how social class affects the health of eye patients.

Larn About Chocolate

How is information technology made? How can consumers choose the all-time and near ethically produced confined? This primer can tell you lot everything you need to know — and tin can evidence students how reading about chocolate can teach them fascinating things about scientific discipline, history, geography, culture, ethics and economics along the fashion.

Explore the Impact of Technology on Relationships




App Smart | The Dating Game

Apps like Happn, Bumble and Glimpse offer an alternative to Tinder.


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Apps like Happn, Bumble and Glimpse offer an alternative to Tinder.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/13/learning/lesson-plans/valentines-day-across-the-curriculum-exploring-the-history-literature-economics-science-and-psychology-of-love-and-romance.html