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Eminem takes a knee during Super Bowl halftime performance

Video clips of rapper Eminem taking the knee during his performance at the 2022 Super Bowl take gone viral on social media and sparked praise and criticism.

The rapper took the knee later on finishing his 2002 hit vocal “Lose Yourself” equally his accompanying ring began training for the next song.

The gesture has become a symbol of back up of racial equality and justice since NFL player-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick took the knee during the national anthem during a pre-flavor game in 2016.

Video clips of Eminem taking the knee have been shared widely on Twitter on multiple pages and been viewed over 1.5 million times.

While many reacted with praise for the functioning and the gesture, others remarked that politics should remain out of football. This comes after years of protests from NFL players making the gesture ahead of football games.

Some comments on social media suggested that the NFL had told Eminem not to accept the knee. However, the national football game league denied this was true after the functioning, according to a

“We watched all elements of the show during multiple rehearsals this calendar week and were aware that Eminem was going to do that,” league spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

On social media the rapper was praised for supporting racial equality but also mocked for his efforts.

Human rights activist Mohamad Safa praised Eminem for raising the consequence and supported individuals taking the genu on large stages.

“I’m non black, just I meet. I’m not black, but I heard you. I’one thousand not black, merely I will kneel with Colin Kaepernick and Eminem to support Black Lives Matter, am I alone?” he wrote on his Twitter page.

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Rolling Stone
journalist Rob Sheffield praised the entire halftime prove functioning and dubbed it one of the NFL’south all-fourth dimension greats.

“I went deep on why tonight was one of the best smashing Super Bowl halftime performances,” Sheffield wrote. “Dre takes a W, Eminem takes a knee, holleration and hateration take the L and given the NFL’s complex history with hip-hop, it’s long overdue.”

Television host Joy Reid just tweeted: “Expert on Eminem. And that halftime testify was [fire emojis]”

Yet, criticisms of the gesture and Eminem focused on the appropriateness of his success in hip hop equally well every bit general mockery.

Donald Trump Jr. mocked Eminem past tweeting an epitome of Ellen DeGeneres at a football.

“Eminem getting ready to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show,” he captioned the image.

Other criticisms towards Eminem said that he had appropriated Black culture past being a rapper.

Rebel News
Australia correspondent Avi Yemini took to Twitter to question why Eminem had non been canceled.

“Eminem built his entire career on appropriating black culture,” he wrote on Twitter. “Isn’t that a cancelable offense these days? I’m merely trying to go on upwards.”

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Florida Republican candidate Lavern Spicer also criticized Eminem while praising the other artists during the halftime show.

“How is it that Eminem has not yet been canceled for cultural appropriation of hip-hop.” she tweeted.

She afterwards tweeted: “That Pepsi Halftime prove was American excellence. All that great talent was born and bred right hither in this country.

“We have the all-time and brightest right hither in the United states. (Anybody but Eminem)”

has contacted the NFL for annotate.

Eminem performs during the Pepsi Super Basin LVI Halftime Show at SoFi Stadium on Feb 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California. Eminem took a knee at the end of his song Lose Yourself
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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