The Super Bowl commercials of 2022 are in the books, and it was a fun time, wasn’t it? Yes, the biggest dark of football was also the Super Bowl of ads. How else should the Super Bowl live stream go, anyways?

Nosotros got the ii huge Marvel ads we expected, as Marvel was tipped to drop Dr. Strange ii and Moon Knight teasers. The former turned out to exist the much-bigger of the pair, which is of no surprise. Information technology’s possibly revealed a major MCU motility that’due south been long expected.

We accept not yet seen a new Pixar’s Lightyear trailer, though Jurassic Earth: Dominion and Bel-Air got spots. The latter is already on Peacock, if you lot want to watch.

Super Basin 2022 commercials highlights

  • Cryptocurrency substitution platform, Coinbase premiered a bizarre ad that was basically only a QR lawmaking bouncing effectually the screen. Scanning the code links to a $15 costless crypto offer, and proved then popular information technology crashed the company’southward app.

(Paradigm credit: Coinbase via NBC)
  • During the Super Bowl Amazon debuted the kickoff trailer for its upcoming Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Ability. This cursory teaser doesn’t give much abroad, but has certainly got Tolkien fans talking.

  • After a brief sneak peak at the end of Spider-Man: No Style Home, the full Dr. Strange 2 trailer dropped during the large game. The action-packed trailer showcases what could exist the darkest MCU movie to engagement, has the net asking and “was that Patrick Stewart?”

  • Super Bowl commercials often run into actors step back into famous roles and this twelvemonth it was the turn of Jim Carrey to reprise his role from 1996’s The Cable Guy in a spot for Verizon.

  • Carrey wasn’t the only player returning to an iconic role for a Super Bowl commercial. Mike Myers also revived Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers film serial in an advert for General Motors. Seth Light-green, Rob Lowe and Mindy Sterling also reprised their roles from the legendary one-act series.


Hey, it’s the guy who played Phil in Modernistic Family, and he has a retail therapy trouble. Supposedly Greenlight could have taught him how to avert this.

Here’due south Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao’south Budweiser spot. Because the clydesdales deserve loftier-end direction.

Why am I tranquillity on updates … well? All of these ads? Well, nosotros’ve seen them earlier tonight.

Idris Elba is so charismatic, he can make a ad interesting. Information technology’s still a shock that the James Bond folks haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I know I’m not talking almost the game hither, just that looked


for Burrow.

Well, back to ads, equally Amazon’s showing united states that we should exist afraid of Alexa’s power. Hither, we see what happens when i married couple — Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost — proceed lying, but to have their Alexa reveal their fibs.

So, Ben Affleck had a gambling addiction, correct? We forget that for the paycheck, right?

Then, nosotros’ve gotten the LoTR series ad. We’ve gotten the mind-breaking Dr. Strange 2 ad. What’due south adjacent?

Did yous know they really want to make Austin Powers 4? Well, this GM advertizing with Michael Myers equally Dr. Evil, Seth Green as Scott Evil and the rest of the villains, should make information technology obvious.

Nosotros volition never get enough of Guy Fieri, especially at present that nosotros’ve been to Flavortown. Think Narnia, simply in your fridge and filled with frosted tips.

That Lay’s commercial is so good that nosotros’ll keep watching information technology, over and over again. Maybe my personal favorite of the night (possibly because of the lack of crypto).

“Oasis’t you ever wondered, what else is out there?” Then begins the kickoff teaser trailer for Amazon’s huge-budget Lord of the Rings show The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Ability. Watch higher up, and try to decrypt the secrets of this origin story of sorts.

This Google Pixel half dozen ad well-nigh accurate capture of Blackness skin tones shouldn’t need to exist. The world of smartphone cameras shouldn’t have had this problem. But this is a success of an advertisement.

Ah a Scientology ad. That happened. It says nosotros can rise.

Jim Carrey is back as The Cable Guy, who refuses to have the modern technology, for Verizon. And J. Lo really wants y’all to watch the Olympics.

I’m batting 0-2 on that, equally Verizon FiOS doesn’t serve my block.

For those building a playlist, this is “Nonetheless DRE.”

Dre is tickling the ivories exclusively for anybody who says rap has no musical instruments.

From “Forgot about D.R.E.” to “Lose Yourself,” Eminem is dusting off the big notes this night. Wonder if nosotros’ll e’er become a new Eminem album that is a big hit. Seems similar his recent opuses haven’t hit the same style.

Then, it’s all building to Eminem? Or a grouping number? Either way, Kendrick is killing it, “alright.”

Who had “M.A.A.d City (Man Downwardly)” on their halftime evidence bingo card? Kendrick brought it to start his department of the prove!

Later Dr. Dre and Snoop started things off, surprise invitee 50 Cent (who we predicted over on our Super Basin 2022 live stream guide), has taken the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage. “In Da Club” made too much sense.

Miss Mary made it a “Family unit Thing” afterwards.

An unidentified Jonas brother showed Leslie Jones, Tommy Lee Jones and Rashida Jones how to keep up.

Any Community fan worth their common salt is happy to run into Jeff Winger and Ben Chang, or rather Joel McHale and Ken Jeong, reunite in this advert.

OK, it’due south halftime-time! Should be getting more ads, too. Or so we’d approximate.

Larry David starred in an ad where he (rightly) mocks crypto trading, even though information technology’s an ad for crypto-trading visitor FTX.

Matthew McConaughey, unimpressed by space, stars in this advertisement that (rightly) mocks the metaverse and all the space race for … well … Salesforce. Which … ugh.

Jason Sudeikis is
darn charismatic, he could make us care about a TurboTax advertising for one fleeting moment. That moment has ended, but information technology certain happened.

That Caesar’s Sportsbook commercial certain was something, wasn’t it? Some Mannings got some jokes their mode, and the rest was … well, we’ll go along seeing these ads everywhere won’t we?

That Candle had a Super Basin commercial moment in this weird Uber Eats ad we’ve covered earlier today. Besides, Cousin Greg (the egg!).

We missed the full version of the “Do It For The Phones” commercial when it dropped earlier.

Awkwafina stars in a Disney Plus ad that takes all the Marvel characters (and more) on Disney Plus, and gives u.s.a. caprine animal versions. It’s a play on the “Greatest of All Time” thing that probably sounded a lot better on paper.

Anna Kendrick, Barbie and Skeletor in a Rocket Mortgage commercial? What in the MadLibs?

Jamie‑Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler gave us The Sopranos reunion we didn’t know we needed, in a Chevy Silverado EV advertising.

Serena Williams, fashionably tardily every bit usual, caps off Michelob’due south advertizement we’ve already talked about earlier today.

Originally shared much before today, the snippet of the NOPE trailer higher up is was just the showtime. You lot tin see the whole thing below.

Meta/Facebook’due south Meta Quest 2 ad is amazingly not fun. Really weird and creepy. Very on brand.

(Paradigm credit: Coinbase via NBC)

Oh that was clever. A bouncing QR code on your screen, as its post-trailer nevertheless revealed, was a way to get people to sign upward for Coinbase. What the heck is a Coinbase? Well, it’due south a Bitcoin company, and since I ignore crypto currency, I’ll allow y’all take that offer for $15 in free crypto, and basically play the lotto to endeavour to win iii one thousand thousand in free crypto.

We don’t know who loves this Carvana advert. Information technology sure was abrasive.

Check out our coverage of the Polestar 2, the EV that had a trailer that subtly seemed to mock Tesla CEO Elon Musk. I’g not our auto editor, and I live in NYC, and so I’m lucky enough to have a driver’s license.

Information technology’s a new version of the Netflix 2022 movies trailer! We’ve reported a bit on this, including our initial reactions to The Gray Man and the Knives Out ii first looks.

The more I think about those Curiosity Studios trailers, the more I smile. Moon Knight looks weird and fun, and if Curiosity is ready to unveil that large a reveal in the Dr. Strange 2 trailer, who knows what awaits in the actual movie?

The Moon Knight trailer we were hoping for? Well, it doesn’t seem to deliver whatever new accents for Oscar Isaac, unfortunately.

In this Jurassic World: Rule trailer, Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant are back, dinosaurs are running wild through polite social club and everyone else however alive in the Jurassic Park/World movies is still here, also.

And so, people thought that was Patrick Stewart as Professor 10 in Dr. Strange ii, which is wild.

Dr. Strange isn’t sleeping well, he says, at the outset of the trailer for Doc Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, “Every night, I dream the same dream, the nightmare begins,” he notes. And then, we run across a whole lot of confusing things, and the Dr. is arrested for his crimes against reality. And information technology well-nigh sounds similar Patrick Stewart’south vocalisation can be heard, and Wanda Maximoff appears too, talking about things that don’t seem fair (where are her kids?!).

With Headspace yous tin sleep with John Legend, co-ordinate to this Super Bowl commercial. But just his vocalisation, non the bodily physical celebrity. We’re guessing that Chrissy Teigen vetoed that feature.

Kevin Hart apparently wants you to think his VIP status at Sam’s Order is a huge deal. But it turns out it’s bachelor for everyone with the correct app.

Did y’all see the very fine print virtually YouTube Idiot box’due south unlimited DVR in that advert? Those recordings don’t terminal forever, then don’t expect those shows and movies to last as long as they would on your (very slow) cable box. Information technology’s not our pinnacle pick for the best cable TV alternative, just it’s not bad either.

That Bel-Air trailer that just striking? It’s just a hint of what’southward to come…

I’ve had my fair share of Flamin’ Hot Doritos lately (not the new Taco Bell tacos, but I virtually did concluding night), then it’south finally time for animals to experience the burn. And, of class, information technology’southward set to a popular song. What’s less expected? The beat for the popular rail is fabricated up of animal noises, much like the old “BUD,” “WEIS,” “ER.” frogs.

The first Moon Knight trailer (above) didn’t actually give u.s. a strong hint about how violent the testify will be. We’re expecting a Super Bowl commercial for the Disney Plus series, and we’re very curious if it will testify off the reported Goggle box-fourteen rating that the show will have.

Yep, we accept a Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic The Hedgehog ii movie. Of course, it starts with a pun and and then we go some more of Idris Elba equally Knuckles. Plus, a Wintertime Soldier joke.

Lindsay Lohan’due south e’er been the bailiwick of rumor and speculation, and this Planet Fitness ad pokes at her entire history in the spotlight. And, yes, this is our commencement Danny Trejo spotting of the night.

Renée Zellweger is unrecognizable in this ad for The Thing Nearly Pam, a series nigh convicted real-life killer Pam Hupp where the honour-winning actress has donned a fatty arrange.

The MCU meets Schitt’s Creek in this Nissan advertizing with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Brie Larson, Danai Gurira and Dave Bautista. All it’southward missing is Dr. Foreign showing up to explain why the multiverse crashes in every Super Bowl commercial.

A Meridian Gun Bohemian advertisement that’s also a Porsche ad? That’s i way to try and make it seem less obvious that this picture was delayed more than than a Dr. Dre or Guns Due north Roses album.

So, at that place’s going to be a watch party for the Lord of the Rings Rings of Ability teaser trailer, which is set for 8:fifteen p.thousand. ET.

Zay-oos? Is that how you pronounce Zeus’ proper name? Well, information technology is when you’re a barista who’due south well-nigh to accidentally infuriate a man who can lite him up with a big bolt.

The Rock promoting "Super Gold Sunday"

(Image credit: NBC)

Super Gold Dominicus, Dwayne “The Stone” Johnson tells us in this pre-show advertisement, is a once in a lifetime event, where the Super Bowl and the Olympics are happening at the aforementioned time. Yes, a Super Bowl commercial for the Super Bowl. It can happen, with the great one.

NBC just aired their teaser trailer for JOE VS CAROLE, a show we’ve already talked about on this live blog. Can Peacock make a must-come across prove out of an Netflix docuseries? Let’s notice out.

Steve Kornacki at Super Bowl 2022 pre-show

(Image credit: NBC)

They never let this guy go a intermission, do they?

This Ambulance movie looks intense and corny. A weird combination, correct?

So, while the Chainsmokers play, allow’s talk virtually music some more, as the team merely talked about potential halftime show songs.

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Kit Hoover picking Eminem's Lose Yourself for the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show

(Image credit: NBC)

I’ll admit, I had to google who Catherine “Kit” Hoover is, but her pick of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” is a much meliorate option than the track I’grand worried Eminem volition play (“Rap God”).

As for the other picks? I’chiliad good with everything, but I’d actually
lose myself
if Kendrick played “Money Trees.”

This rap and R&B halftime evidence is extremely long-overdue. The NFL should be ashamed that information technology took this long. Yeah, it’s often difficult to become the right stars for this show, especially when the league’south on bad terms with the culture (where is Colin Kaepernick playing these days?).

Yes, the halftime show is almost like hosting the Oscars, it’south difficult to be beloved and non just got a bunch of inexpensive shots from the cheap seats. The people who detest rap will have their Twitter fingers on fire. But the rest of us? It’s gonna be a fun night.

We come across there’s a whole app for the Halftime Show. And, lol, no we’re not downloading it.

The Super Bowl commercials are the biggest ads of the year, or and then they want you to think? Michelob’s bringing a comical vibe for its spot with all the athletes. Let your inner Lebowski fly with appearances from Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Brooks Koepka, Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumike at the only thing bigger than the Super Basin: a bowling alley named Superior Bowl.

Does information technology matter that T-Mobile’s advert with Miley Cyrus and credit to humanity Dolly Parton is the first fourth dimension a godmother and goddaughter accept joined forces for a Super Bowl ad? We’re non sure, merely in this age of misinformation, we’re only hoping that’s a fact and that we’re not forgetting most some advertizing from the 1990’s. If you love music in ads, and so you’re probably really happy with T-Mobile, which likewise ran an advertisement with Scrubs stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison:

You’ve never actually been to Flavortown if you lot’ve never seen this Super Basin commercial for Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda. In this advertising, a society of Guy Fieri lookalikes — hidden inside the fridge, similar some climate-controlled version of Narnia — prize season over all else. And you’ll need to hit play to see their mayor feels about this alcoholic soda.

The charisma-deficient Mannings are being used as executives intended: for the Caesars Sportsbook Ads to tell people to ready gambling limits.

Jason Bateman took a interruption from Ozarks season 4 part two to piece of work on this electric vehicle advertisement for the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Information technology’s … kinda funny. At to the lowest degree when Bateman is scrunched into a tiny car.

I could have chosen to not embed the Caesar’s gambling ads featuring J.B. Smoove and the Mannings, because I’ve got 2 reasons non to. Get-go off: they’re not good ads. They’re loud, abrasive and unfunny. Second of all? These ads are everywhere. And supposedly there’s one final ad that Caesar’s is releasing for the big game — though the YouTube release is prepare for 1 a.m. ET on Monday (which may be a mode to keep us on our toes).

Also, Jeff Goldblum called them the Minnesota Bengals. Which is funny.

You don’t demand to know about “six seasons and a moving-picture show” to relish this Planter’s advertizing reuniting Community stars Joel McHale and Ken Jeong. It’s all well-nigh a classic fence: practice you devour snacks by the handful or eat with an intent, selecting i at a fourth dimension?

Ah, the Chainsmokers performing “Closer.” Time to observe commercials to watch…

Food waste is a real problem. So, Hellmann’s brought in erstwhile Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo (get it, because of his last proper name) to make an advertising where he tackles people who he thinks are throwing abroad nutrient. Even
the ubiquitous Pete Davidson shows upward to have a tackle.

That crypto trading commercial starring Tom Brady? I’d actually hate to be a Tom Brady fan watching that. Even with all of Brady’s flaws and weirdnesses, this feels like a new depression.

Based on this clip they just played, I’one thousand only similar all the NFL players in Super Basin 2022: I have no idea what a monobob is. But that’s because I am not watching the Winter Olympics. Some people dear this stuff, I was never an Olympics person.

Boston’s beer, Samuel Adams, has a perfect pairing here with Boston Dynamics. Aye, the folks who make some of New England’south finest beers have teamed upwardly with the mad scientists behind those robotic dogs that we think are going to take u.s. all down eventually during the robot uprising.

Yes, Hyundai is getting in on the Uncharted motion-picture show action. This ad, which just played during the Super Basin’s Football Nighttime In America pre-show coverage, shows the true heroes for every 1 of video game (and at present moving picture) character Nathan Drake’s adventures: the folks who clean Drake’due south Hyundai Tucson.

Online retailer Rakuten really wants to make a proper name for itself, and and so information technology fabricated the same nifty choice that Ted Lasso’s casting directors did: it brought Hannah Waddingham in. But this advertising, which feels like a very low-stakes Casino Royale, will send most people walking away thinking “oh wow, Hannah Waddingham is corking,” rather than anything nearly Rakuten.

This Dodge RAM trucks advert might be exactly what some folks needed, a “Raminder” that information technology’s almost to be Valentine’s Mean solar day. We’re sure that the Super Bowl Halftime Evidence crew won’t like the proffer that you should duck out during that performance to discover a gift. Only we don’t know what kind of gift you’ll be able to get in that short burst.

We just saw a little bit of this year’s Uber Eats Super Basin commercial, the office with Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus) eating makeup. A whole minute-long version featuring Trevor Noah (Daily Show), Gwyneth Paltrow (Broth) and even Succession’s ain Nicholas Braun is available in a higher place.

I mentioned the older Pringles advert earlier today, and then let’southward talk about the new i. This spot pays respect to every snacker who has ever gotten their mitt a little lodged in one of those brightly colored tubes (I’ve got i near me to go along my energy upwards, information technology’s the Scorchin Wavy Loaded Nachos).

The moral of the story? Merely concur the tube upwardly and permit the chips slide out. Or else you might become stuck with that tube forever.

Nikki Bella and Terry Crews have brought a needed dose of personality to this pre-game show. They’re judging and hosting, respectively, for the new flavor of America’s Got Talent (which starts dorsum up on Feb 21).

A social media postal service of Arnold Schwarzenegger equally Zeus seemed too good to be truthful for a funny movie, especially since it but said “February.” And so, we wound up getting an-already released Super Bowl commercial with Arnie and Salma Hayek as Zeus and Hera, promoting BMW’s new electric vehicles.

Okay, NBC just played its shorter version of the Super Bowl Halftime Show trailer, and I take to say that from my personal opinion? It’s so much better. While I’d rather it have Mary J’southward “Family Matter” (which Dr. Dre produced) in the clip like the full trailer does? It completely skips over Eminem’south meme of a song “Rap God.” I can only wish the actual halftime show does also.

To a higher place, you’ll find the full advert.

Edgar Wright isn’t the only large-name director with piece of work airing during the Super Bowl. Chloé Zhao, the Oscar-winning manager of Nomadland (who besides directed Marvel’southward Eternals) directed “A Clydesdale’s Journey,” the above Budweiser spot. This Super Bowl commercial has aught dialogue (this isn’t Mr. Ed 2022) but a lot of inspiring feels.

I hear them playing Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” in the background of an NBC segment about Joe Couch. And, somewhere, I bet Kanye West (if he’s watching) is aroused almost it.

This ad with Peyton Manning, Michael Strahan and another football game player? Not certain what they’re teasing, but that was funny in its own right. Felt like a modern “wazzup?” in some mode.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen this ad nevertheless, look to run across it a
lot. Real-life couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are seen hither in an incident with the Amazon Alexa AI that seems awfully reminiscent of the AI-gone-likewise-powerful picture Her, which Johansson lent her vocalism to.

The Scorchin Pringles ad, where teen tells his girlfriend’s dad how good a kisser his daughter is? I don’t know how I missed it considering it’s not new at all (published last May on YouTube), simply information technology’s good.

You remember all those faux shows in 30 Rock? Watching the pre-pre-pre-show on NBC, I saw a spot for the Bravo series Beneath Deck, nigh people who ain yachts — which really feels like a machination of Jack Donaghy’s encephalon. Or is that simply me?

A Super Bowl commercial that I like? Promoting an NBC show I’ve never heard of? This prune for The Endgame where Morena Baccarin plays arms dealer Elena Federova has me really thinking most setting it to be recorded in my DVR. Or at least that’s how much I miss the Firefly co-star.

My least favorite part of the Super Bowl commercials is how I never recognize the athletes in the ads. So, give thanks you, Geico for calling out Ickey Forest as being the football athlete in your ad. I’ve got no idea who the guy in the Pizza Hut ads is. Pizza Hut didn’t put the advertizing up on their YouTube for me to bank check, either.

This “Stash” ad, though, that played after it, which is trying to make investing mainstream? Love the fine text that these are all actors.

In “weird to come across yous back” ads, Jim Carrey inverse out of his Robotnik costume for the Sonic The Hedgehog ii movie long enough to become The Cable Guy for this Verizon 5G ad. And this makes me wonder something, seriously: has 5G actually done enough yet to merit Jim Carrey? The hype was high, but the results so far? This is but the trailer, of course. The total advertising is being saved for the game.

Wondering how I’m watching Super Bowl 2022 and all of the pre-show festivities? Well, I’grand watching the Super Basin on Sling Television set, my preferred alive Boob tube service.

An NBC correspondant also only revealed that The Chainsmokers will be performing at the big game or mayhap earlier it. I’m not certain. What I do know is that at that place’s a rumor that the Super Bowl halftime evidence featuring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar may likewise encounter 50 Cent join in on the fun, bringing some eastward coast burn to the westward coast thing.

Oh, and nosotros’ve got an update to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’southward involvement with Super Basin 2022. Deadline reports that the XFL co-owner will appear in the NBC pre-game bear witness, and he’due south set to deliver a “pre-kickoff oral communication.”

We’re thinking it won’t be your standard voice communication, and that it could be more almost “drive” and “power” and accept a form similar to the rap that Eminem will evangelize in the Super Bowl Halftime Bear witness 2022.

Who else but saw a bit of Peacock’southward Tiger Male monarch drama show JOE vs CAROLE in an ad prepare to Jefferson Aeroplane’s “Somebody To Love?” Well, we’ve got the full 2-minute 45-2nd trailer for the upcoming show:

Carole Baskin is played by SNL great Kate McKinnon, and Joe Exotic is a fiddling-less recognizable version of John Cameron Mitchell.

Oh, and await at my lack of manners! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Henry T. Casey, senior editor at Tom’s Guide where I primarily cover streaming. And today, I’ve already made my wings, which you can see beneath (I used J. Kenji López-Alt’southward recipe).

My Super Bowl wings

(Image credit: @HenryTCasey via Twitter)

And in Super Basin ads news, Willie Nelson’s partnered with … Skechers? Yes, Willie’s all about finding condolement wherever he tin can in this spot using his vocal “On the Route.”

The weird thing about Super Basin commercials is how they’re oft leaked far in advance of the game. Advertisers pay all that money simply to … well, play their own spoiler. Such is the case with the website-maker Squarespace. Its new advert starring MJ herself Zendaya (how excited are you for Euphoria season 2 episode half dozen?) is already live.

But as anyone who finishes that advertizement (or has a good ear for voices) volition tell, she’southward non the only superstar in the ad. We’re hoping 3 Stacks got paid well for that one. Squarespace would never pay someone in web-hosting, right?

And hello to all you early arrivers: we’ve got a footling treat.

Early this morning, Universal Pictures dropped the trailer for Jordan Peele’due south new movie “NOPE.” While this trailer starts off with the story of the first Black-endemic horse trainers business in Hollywood, things go creepy real fast. Starring Keke Palmer, Stephen Yeun and Daniel Kaluuya, this trailer is teasing a ton of supernatural activity, an upset horse and “a bad miracle.”

Debuting in theaters on July 22, 2022, NOPE may stand for “Not of Planet World.”

Are y’all going to be watching the Super Bowl on Roku? We wouldn’t be shocked, as the company makes our peak pick for the best streaming device.