Australians may not be able to travel without quarantine to Europe fifty-fifty if they are fully vaccinated, with both the European Council and the United states issuing warnings near the severity of the Omicron wave downward under.

On 17 January, the European Council removed Australia, Canada and Argentina from the “white listing”, the list of countries for which restrictions on not-essential travel should be listed.

One mean solar day later on, on xviii Jan, the United States updated its travel communication for Australia to “do not travel” afterwards the Heart for Disease Command issued a level 4 travel health observe for Commonwealth of australia due to “a very high level of COVID-nineteen in the country”.

That was virtually a week afterwards reported instance numbers peaked at more than 100,000 on 8 January.

The European Council list is reviewed every two weeks, and so if Commonwealth of australia’s instance numbers continue to fall information technology could exist reinstated as early as next week.

The recommendation is not legally binding, and countries can gear up their own border restrictions. Italia, Greece and Cyprus accept already ignored the ruling. Many European countries are likewise experiencing a large number of Covid cases, including France, Italian republic, Espana, Germany and Denmark.

The European Council recommended that states gradually lift their travel restrictions for people coming from New Zealand, Republic of indonesia, Republic of korea, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, State of kuwait, Republic of peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Uruguay, and Prc, field of study to confirmation of reciprocity



Millions of patients are currently on tenterhooks, often in desperation, hoping the NHS will find time to care for them. In my local hospital trust lone, in that location are 100,000 people stuck in this limbo, with 8,000 of them waiting for more a twelvemonth to date. The backlog for operations has reached an all-fourth dimension high, with Covid making an already difficult situation impossible. Those patients expecting surgery may be shocked by how the current organisation could encourage those who care for them to see pound signs rather than patients.

During the pandemic, the government has poured funding into private healthcare firms, nominally to relieve pressure on overstretched NHS hospitals. The kind of spending that was once deployed for cataracts and hip operations is now beingness used routinely to deliver cancer and cardiology care.

Nobody objects to every attempt being made to cutting waiting lists: merely that has non happened, and costs have also rocketed. During the Covid crisis, individual companies accept pocketed millions in furlough payments while billing the NHS for services that we now know weren’t fully used…







US authorities are confident most states will soon reach and pass a superlative in coronavirus Omicron variant cases, even as hospitals struggle to cope with the current surge, Joe Biden’s principal medical adviser said on Sunday.

“I recall [we’re] as confident every bit you tin be,” Anthony Fauci told ABC’s This Week. “Y’all never want to be overconfident when you’re dealing with this virus, because it has certainly surprised us in the past.

“But, if you lot wait at the patterns that nosotros take seen in South Africa, in the UK and in State of israel, and in the [United states] n-e and New England and upper midwest states, they have peaked and started to come up down rather sharply.

“There are still some southern states and western states that keep to get upward but if the design follows the trend that we’re seeing in other places … I believe that you will start to run across a turnaround throughout the entire country.”






Most half of those who became ill with Covid in the first wave of infections may have long-term and even permanent changes to their sense of olfactory property, co-ordinate to preliminary research from

A sudden loss of smell, or an impaired or distorted perception of odours, emerged as an unusual symptom of Covid early on in the pandemic. While many people swiftly recovered, others found that their sense of odor never quite returned to normal.

To detect out how mutual the impairments might be, scientists at the Karolinska Establish in Stockholm ran comprehensive tests on 100 individuals who caught Covid in the showtime moving ridge of infections that swept through Sweden in bound 2020.

Their early findings show that xviii months after recovering from Covid, very few people – only iv% – had lost their sense of smell entirely, but a 3rd had a reduced ability to discover odours, and well-nigh half complained of parosmia, where the sense of smell is distorted. Most of those with a reduced sense of odor were unaware of it earlier they joined the report.






74,799 new Covid-xix cases reported in UK







Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2022/jan/23/covid-news-boris-johnson-partygate-no-10-swipe-card-data