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Alberto Salazar’s permanent ban from SafeSport was for declared sexual attack, new written report finds

Just last month, old Nike Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar had his permanent ban from the sport upheld past the U.S. Center for SafeSport. A new report from the New York Times on Monday revealed it was considering an arbitrator institute that he more than likely than not had sexually assaulted an athlete on two different occasions.

The famed running coach Alberto Salazar, who helped elevation Americans be more competitive in track and field before he was suspended for doping violations, was barred from the sport for life concluding month later an arbitrator found that he more likely than not had sexually assaulted an athlete on two different occasions, according to a summary of the ruling reviewed by The New York Times.

The case confronting Salazar was pursued past the U.s.a. Middle for SafeSport, an organization that investigates reports of corruption inside Olympic sports. SafeSport ruled Salazar permanently ineligible in July 2021, finding that he had committed four violations, which included two instances of penetrating a runner with a finger while giving an athletic massage.

Salazar asked for an arbitration hearing, where he denied the accusations and said he did not speak with or see the runner on the days in question. The arbitrator did not find Salazar’due south explanation credible, and accepted his accuser’s version of events.

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The details of the ruling, which have non been reported until at present, shed new light on why Salazar, a powerful figure inside elite running, was specifically barred from his sport. A number of runners have publicly accused him of bullying and behavior that was verbally and emotionally abusive, but the accusations of physical assault had not been publicly revealed. Salazar has never been criminally charged in connection with these allegations.

SafeSport, an independent nonprofit organization in Denver that responds to reports of misconduct within the U.South. Olympic and Paralympic sports, pursued activity against Salazar and ruled him permanently ineligible in July 2021.

They currently list Salazar’s misconduct on their database as “sexual misconduct,” though the specific allegations against the passenger vehicle were not known because they do not release details of its rulings. The report from The Times reveals new details on why the famed running passenger vehicle Salazar was banned. Until now, the details were unknown.

Salazar has been accused of making comments about teammates’ bodies and weight in the by, but accusations of concrete assail had non been publicly revealed. He has not been criminally charged with these allegations.

Numerous athletes have spoken out against Salazar for conduct against women. In November 2019, former high school star Mary Cain, who trained nether Salazar from 2013 to 2015, spoke out nigh years of emotional abuse every bit a member of the Nike Oregon Project.

Afterwards Cain’southward public comments, several other members of the project spoke out and shared their ain experiences under Salazar.

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Salazar, 63, has denied all allegations. In an email to The Times, he said he “never engaged in any sort of inappropriate sexual contact or sexual misconduct.”

Salazar as well told The Times that the SafeSports procedure was “unfair” and “lacked due process protections.”

The U.s. Anti-Doping Bureau also banned Salazar, along with Dr. Jeffrey Brown in September 2019 for four years. Although no athlete training under Salazar tested positive for a banned substance, the USADA adamant Salazar tampered with the doping control process and trafficked banned performance-enhancing substances.

Salazar also denied those allegations and appealed that ban. His appeal was denied in September.

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by NY Times and OregonLive