Scott visited Camden Yards as a kid and loved Oriole Park. This was our outset trip together, and it definitely lived upwardly to expectations. Eutaw Street, the iconic warehouse along right field, and crab-smothered food were the highlights.


The most unique feature of the stadium is the old Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad warehouse integrated into right field along Eutaw Street. This warehouse is famed to be the longest brick building forth the East Coast. The stadium was named “Camden Yards” afterwards the quondam rail terminal at the site operated by B&O. It was converted to team offices/spaces and a private guild when the new stadium was completed in 1992. The brick architecture of the stadium fits nicely with this warehouse and the downtown buildings. The brick retro-classic design reminded me a lot of the current Busch Stadium.

Baltimore unfortunately doesn’t accept a beautiful skyline and the majority of the view from the stadium is the iconic warehouse.

The stadium featured a number of statues. A large Babe Ruth statue poses outside the main entrance. Newly discovered by us was that the Great Bambino was a Baltimore native and actually played a few months for the Orioles at the beginning of his career. A Brooks Robinson statue is featured near the Pickles Pub entrance. Statues of Orioles greats (Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, and Jim Palmer), new equally of 2012, peek out over left field. Retired numbers are displayed along the left upper decks as well as big number statues at the left field Eutaw entrance.

Major milestones are included on the walls along the concourse. Very wide and bright concourse with squeamish graphics and banners.

Information technology was very easy to get around the stadium. The principal level is the merely one that wraps all the way around, and passes through Eutaw St. The upper level doesn’t wrap all the way around and yous unfortunately can’t access the 2nd level (suites).

The HD scoreboard and video screen are placed in right-heart field and are easy to see from most spots in the stadium. We had a great view from our seats in section 39 backside home plate. The lineup colors (white on orange) were pretty difficult to read. The white on black portions for scoring were easy to make out. The pattern above the scoreboard was smashing with a clock and Oriole birds perched on the ii edges. “The Sun” keepsake is beneath the clock, which is difficult to see in daylight (bold libation at night when it’south lit upward). I assume The Baltimore Lord’s day is one of their major sponsors.

The only designs we didn’t like were the stacked bullpens and big, patently batter’s middle.

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The Inner Harbor is just a few blocks from the stadium and has gorgeous views of the bay. We walked effectually this area, checking out the historic ships and buildings. We then hopped on a Lime scooter and rode out to Infant Ruth’s Birthplace and Museum.

It was very piece of cake to bulldoze and park near the stadium ($15). The area around the stadium seemed pretty rubber, merely outside this area is supposedly a bit rough. Thus, we stuck to the stadium and harbor areas.

At that place are a few restaurants right outside the stadium including Dempsey’s Brew Pub & Restaurant (within the old warehouse) and Pickles Pub (which has gameday specials).


The food was outstanding. Maryland is known for its crab, and at that place were multiple Quondam Bay Seafood & Flying Dog Grill stands throughout the park serving up crab specialties like softshell crab, crab cakes, crab soup, crab fries, crab chips, crab pretzels, crab mac ‘n cheese… (Information technology’s similar Bubba from Forrest Gump, only with crab instead of shrimp.) I had the Chesapeake fries, which are waffle fries with Old Bay seasoning, smothered in crab dip. They were some of the best chips I’ve e’er had. Scott had the shaved pork from Boog’southward BBQ and it was pretty good (ameliorate than average ballpark BBQ). Boog’s is named after Oriole slugger Boog Powell, and he frequently signs autographs at Boog’due south (we must have missed him). The Chippers (nacho-style kettle chips with stuff like crab and BBQ pulled pork on elevation) are also supposed to exist proficient, but they sold out earlier we could endeavor them.

There were plenty of local beer options in which we opted to try the Flying Dog Bleacher Beer (lager) and Dead Rise Erstwhile Bay Summer Ale. The bleacher beer tastes pretty similar to the Kona Big Moving ridge, which is one of Scott’s favorites. The Dead Ascension has a subtle hint of Erstwhile Bay seasoning, and Scott enjoyed it (me, not and then much).

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The nutrient prices were pretty reasonable ($viii for fries with crab). Beer prices were comparable to Busch ($10). The tickets were pretty pricey throughout the stadium even though the stands were relatively empty (possibly inflated due to Memorial Twenty-four hour period weekend). The cheapest tickets on StubHub were $22+fees, and nigh the same direct from the Orioles, which is pretty high for a more often than not empty stadium.


Eutaw Street is the nigh unique extra expanse, featuring Boog’s BBQ. Similar to Yawkey Way at Fenway, this street tin can only be accessed on game days if y’all have tickets to the game. Many players have striking homeruns along the street, which are marked past baseball-shaped plaques (nosotros saw Berkman’s from 2011). Nosotros only noticed these after an O’s fan pointed them out to us.

There are suites bachelor on the 2d level, which only ticketed people tin can gain admission. In that location is a Budweiser Roof Deck overlooking the concoction’south heart in middle field, where anyone could enjoy a beer.

There is a Kids Corner with a fun play place and a special child’s store. Nosotros enjoyed playing with the large Oriole bobbleheads.

There were plenty of bathrooms, stalls were plentiful (no lines), and the quality was standard (nix special). The seats had plenty of leg infinite, and are nighttime green (standard plastic seat with metal armrests).

The main team store was pretty typical, with entrance along Eutaw Street. There was too a pocket-size authentics shop along Eutaw. They don’t accept a museum within the park, but the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards is right past the stadium (looks like a church), and the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum is simply a few blocks away.


The sound system was good – not overpowering just could hear music from the various spots nosotros scoped out. At that place was some organ music, merely information technology was pretty infrequent. They utilized a trumpet sound for “charge” which most fans actually participated in.

On the big screen they had typical kind of activities. Fans seemed to savour watching the hotdog race (although I always adopt when real people are dressed up). The Smile Cam got fans showing their pretty white teeth for United Concordia Dental. They too had the standard Kiss Cam.

During the National Anthem, fans shouted “O!” during the lyrics “Oh, say does that star-spangled imprint notwithstanding wave…” We went on Memorial Day so in that location were lots of extra armed forces tributes throughout the day.

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Throughout the game, fans chanted “Permit’s Go O’s!” “Seven Nation Ground forces” by The White Stripes was played many, many times, due to its dirge-friendly “O!” bass line. Fans were very friendly, providing recommendations for their favorite ballpark eats. The park wasn’t super full (probable due to the team’s poor performance), only the fans present participated in chants, thank you, and the wave.

For the 7th inning stretch the fans all sang “Country Boy” fabricated tradition later John Denver famously sang this atop the dugout in 1997 and in Game ane of the 1983 World Series.

We saw a glimpse of The Oriole Bird mascot before the game started and between innings dancing on the dugout with a cute kid. Apparently the mascot doesn’t have a special name and has been chosen The Oriole Bird since he hatched in 1979. We also saw a black cat run forth the first base of operations line earlier the game started (I’m assuming that was just an accident but I was excited to see a true cat 😻).

The Oriole Bird
The Oriole Bird mascot

The celebrations for monumental moments were pretty minimal. Nunez striking a homer, and the correct field / primary sign lit up with “Home Run” and a bong/siren went off. When the Orioles scored the sign lit upwardly with “O’mazing.” Later the win, the signs just lit up with “Orioles Win.”

Summary & Scoring

Date Visited:Mon, May 27, 2019 (Memorial Mean solar day)
Game Played:
Orioles 5, Tigers 3. The Orioles with their MLB-worst record, fifty-fifty won a game for us! Highlights included home runs past Nunez and Villar and 2 Detroit errors that resulted in unearned runs. Box Score
4 out of 5 stars
– Iconic brick warehouse integrated into right field forth Eutaw Street


3.8 out of 5 stars
– Near Inner Harbor and Baby Ruth’southward Birthplace
4.5 out of 5 stars
– Crab-smothered everything, Boog’s BBQ, great local beers like Flying Dog


4 out of 5 stars
– Eutaw Street with lounge areas, many concession stands, and admission to team/authentics stores


3.8 out of 5 stars
– “Country Boy” vocal tradition, great fan participation


3.9 out of 5 stars
– Camden Yards is a beautiful, iconic, influential ballpark, and while its active fanbase is currently modest, it is extremely loyal. It is above-boilerplate across the board, from its crab-filled menu to its prime location almost the harbor.