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Kuskokwim 300 – Mushing – Bethel – Jeff King – Richie Diehl – Alaska

Jeff Male monarch arrived into Kalskag, stayed just a bit and returned to the trail. The next checkpoint, Tuluksak, holds a mandatory 4 hour layover. Meanwhile Rohn is just approaching Kalskag.

Pete and the Team have reestablished the sixth identify over Josh Cadzow and have just returned to the Kuskokwim River. Wind volition finally be at their back and the trail will be quite a scrap amend (or should be) as he moves toward Tuluksak himself.

Jeff Male monarch is no stranger to this race having won it more times than anyone else. His pocketbook of tricks is plainly the biggest, but annihilation can still happen. Last twelvemonth in the 2012 Iditarod his dogs just wouldn’t go and he was forced to end. Information technology is highly unlikely that this would happen at this point in the race, but in that location are 100 more miles left in this race.

Other local mushers Richie Diehl is holding 10th place, while Mike Williams Jr. is in eighth identify. The “Bethel Boys” are doing a dandy chore against this tough competition.  Get Men Go!

Go Team Kaiser!

Funny story from the trail. Aniak Checkpoint sent two snowmachines out to see how the Russian Musher Mikhail Telpin was doing. They couldn’t speak Russian, so they played some Russian Music “Are you okay” and he smiled. When you can’t speak- Sing! That gives new meaning to the term Music is the Universal Language!
Nix similar Bush Alaska Creativity! Way to go!

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From Aniak Checkpoint Facebook:

Reported from Whitefish Lake: Mushers checked in as follows: Jeff King v:42, Rohn Buser 5:49, Joar Leifseth Ulsom 6:19, Paul Gephardt 6:23, Tony Browning 6:30, Josh Cadzow 6:47, Pete Kaiser half dozen:49, Mike Williams Jr. half-dozen:51 John Baker 7:00, Martin Buser 7:02, Richie Diehl 7:05, Cim Smyth seven:24, Ramey Smith 7:25

That puts Pete most an hr off the pace of the 2 leaders and in a group of 5 mushers traveling pretty close together.

A storm from the south has taken over the K300 mushing area and equally a result discussion we have from the trail is that conditions are pretty tough out on the trail.

Here is what we have so far:

Rohn and Jeff are withal leading the race on the way from Whitefish lake to Kalskag. Looking at their speed shows a marked decrease on the trail at this betoken. Looking at other mushers past Whitefish seems to show similar results.

Aniak Checkpoint says on their Facebook folio “Information technology’s getting colder and windier in Aniak. There accept been reports that the trail to Whitefish Lake is pretty nasty. Aniak checkpoint is getting some snowmachiners ready on standby in example any mushers go off trail.”

Pete and our favorite Team are only approaching and probably through Whitefish lake at this point. If conditions are like they are hither in Bethel, it is bound to be a bit miserable out there. The snow is bravado and pecks your cheeks. Doppler radar shows a cell of atmospheric precipitation right in the section that the mushers are right at present.

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One musher is still on the trail from Kalskag to Aniak. Siberian Musher Mikhail Telpin left Kalskag at 3:30pm. His GPS isn’t working, merely Aniak checkpoint shows him out.

Its going to be a not bad night of armchair mushing this evening, and so stay tuned as we sit along side ya!

(One Item of Note– On the Iditarod Tracker TB is the trailbreaker, and then earlier when I put Pete in 5th it was because of the TB. I kept wondering why it wasn’t in the lead as it is in the Iditarod. And then it came to me– TONY BROWNING!!)

Go Team Kaiser!

Photos from the Aniak Facebook page (Bank check it out!) and one from Dave Cannon (Check out his swell photography website here!)

UPDATE- Rohn and Jeff are out of Whitefish lake.

Pete and the Team seem to exist having a pretty good run. Right now GPS shows them a solid 6th, but there is almost half of the race to go. Most teams haven’t reached the Whitefish Lake checkpoint still and are out on the barren tundra with the air current crossing the trail. Once they reach Whitefish, they will head Northwest and the trail volition change.
Some folks seem to be a lilliputian nervous as to Pete’s progress, but fright non– There is much racing yet to come up!
The battle right now seems to exist for the pb as Rohn and Jeff duke information technology out on the tundra. Teams battling for whatsoever position tend to travel a bit quicker, just this early on in the race near will just desire to stay inside striking distance waiting for a mistake that they can garner advantage from.
Pete and the Squad are following non only those two mushers, but Paul Gepbhart and Tony Browning who have had nifty success in the K300 as well. Browning has non been back for years so he is somewhat of a wild menu. (A wildcard known for pulling a rabbit out of a hat on occasion!!)
I am thinking that Pete and the Squad are in fine shape, though he has to worry some about the massive pack of mushers HE is leading that are right on his tail. The advantage that Pete has is that the teams up front are breaking trail and if it is at all drifted and in poor shape from wind and snow, the going will exist much easier for him.

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A bit of trivia– The meridian times between Kalskag and Aniak were within 20 minutes of each other except for Rohn who had the fastest time (3:21). Pete’southward time was iii:49 and Jeff’s was 3:39. This is really racing folks!

Shortly Pete is well-nigh 2 miles from the Whitefish lake signal.

Go Team Kaiser!!