Frank Lampard has admitted he has a betoken to prove at Everton and that he did not seek assurances over task security from Farhad Moshiri during talks to get the society’s sixth permanent manager in six years.

Lampard concluded 12 months out of the game on Monday when he was appointed by Everton on a two-and-a-half year contract. During an assured first press conference on Thursday, the 43-year-old said his new part “gets my juices flowing” and that his preferred fashion of play fitted neatly with the lodge’due south traditions. Merely after existence sacked by Chelsea – “i bad month and you lose your job,” equally he described it – Lampard accepts his managerial credentials volition exist questioned as he attempts to haul Everton out of relegation trouble.

“It’s the world we alive in,” he said. “I guess if y’all decide to be the manager of a football lodge, particularly in the Premier League, yous are not going to cruise through your career without having points to prove at various different times. Even the absolute best – the most successful – have that, and so I accept got no effect with that. As a player, I found I had a indicate to bear witness at various different times; sometimes information technology brings the best out of you and I promise it does with me.”

Moshiri, Everton’south majority shareholder, has overseen lavish spending and managerial churn since his arrival in 2016, leading to contempo fan protests over how the club is run. Lampard, however, does non consider Everton or the task he has inherited from Rafael Benítez as a gamble, and admits he did not ask for long-term stability from Moshiri considering results volition make up one’s mind his future.

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“I don’t want to talk about private conversations merely I don’t sit here peckish fourth dimension in terms of a 2 or three-twelvemonth vision,” said Lampard, who has added Ashley Cole to his backroom team as outset-team autobus. “I know it is very nice to talk virtually the new stadium and where we want to exist in the next few years, merely what I have learned from being in football and being at Chelsea is that you only need to get your head down and work.

“I am at the start of something now, and I certainly haven’t asked for any assurances to that point. I will exist as good as what impression I can take on this team and this squad. I will exist as good every bit the manner and the style of playing can be enjoyed by the fans. I will be particularly as good as the results nosotros can produce in the short term and, hopefully, the long term. There are ‘maybes’ and ‘ifs’ but it is not worth getting involved with them. I’m in a not bad job and I am very proud to be here. At present is simply the time to work.”

Lampard presides over his kickoff training session at Finch Farm.
Photo: Tony McArdle/Everton FC/Getty Images

Despite the team’south Premier League position, fan unrest and erratic ownership, Lampard says he had no misgivings. “I took information technology as I constitute, and that is the just way. I have found an owner, a chairman and a board that, from my showtime conversation, the one affair that was clear was that they want to find the best fashion to take this club forward. They are very united. I know there accept been some hard times but information technology is not my chore to wait over those. I only desire to expect at the future.

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“I grew upwards with Everton being an incredible team in the mid-80s. I recollect the squad and the size of the club and I remember coming here to play, and feeling the atmosphere. Those things are the large pull. To manage a order with such a fan base of operations, such a tradition, and the thought that I could give them back something they want, that is the matter that gets my juices flowing.”

Lampard’s first game volition be at home to Brentford in the FA Loving cup on Saturdaytomorrow. He and then faces a critical Premier League exam three days afterward at Newcastle, who trail Everton by four points. “I hope to bring an heady make of football game,” he said. “There are some basic fundamentals that an Everton squad needs to have, and I hope to bring those too. When I think of an Everton temper, from playing against it, it’s a team that loves to see crosses and pressure level and second assurance, shots and combinations and things done at speed, and a squad that wants to run and a team that wants to printing loftier upwards the pitch. Those things absolutely marshal with my philosophy.”