Antonio Conte has chosen Tottenham’south iv January departures “strange” and points to past mistakes made in the transfer window every bit the reason.

It was a busy Deadline Twenty-four hour period for Spurs on Monday, with Tanguy Ndombele, Bryan Gil and Giovani Lo Celso all leaving on loan, while Dele Alli made a £40m movement to Everton.

But Conte plant the recently closed wintertime window an odd feel, and is hoping Tottenham will “pay more attending” to avoid a like situation in the futurity.

In a press conference ahead of the weekend’s FA Loving cup game against Brighton, the Tottenham dominate said: “The players that went on loan, they needed to play more games. I think it was right for both sides, for the gild and also for the players because these players needed to play more than games.

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“It was strange to transport in January three players to proceed loan and i player to sell. It means that perhaps in the past, you have to see what you lot did and maybe to understand that at that place were some mistakes in the past.

“Usually, you lot buy players to reinforce the team, merely in the last few years, if y’all send away players on loan who you bought in the terminal two or three years, information technology ways mayhap there were something incorrect you did in the past.

I retrieve it was a good conclusion for both sides, for the club and the player. I think Dele needed to have another experience and to have another challenge in his life. He’s a good guy and for certain, I want to tell him thanks for the time that we worked together… Good luck to Dele and the other players that went on loan to other teams.

“Honestly, earlier I arrived at Tottenham, to read the listing of the players of the squad, you considered the players you take in the team as important players. Ndombele played a lot and it was the same for Lo Celso and Gil.

“Simply when you stay in the situation, you understand very well which is the best solution for the club, the players in this moment. To lose 4 players in January, it is not normal. We shared the decision with the gild and the players, but information technology means that something wrong happened in the past.

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“Usually you find a player to reinforce your team and not to lose the player after one or ii years. For this reason, we take to play more attention in the future in the market about the choice of the players.”

‘Bentancur, Kulusevski fit Tottenham philosophy’

Tottenham are close to signing Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur from Juventus

Tottenham signed Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur from Juventus

At that place were Tottenham incomings too – Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski both arriving from Conte’due south onetime side, Juventus. Bentancur has joined permanently, while Kulusevski signed an 18-month loan bargain.

Conte believes the pair fit into the club, and is now focused on improving his squad to close the gap on the teams above them in the Premier League.

The Italian added: “These ii players are the right prospect for the Tottenham philosophy. They’re young players, talented players to develop and improve. They are important players in the future, but we know you need time to do this. But for the philosophy of Tottenham, these are two good signings for us.

“The squad is now more complete considering if an injury happened, I was in a great difficultly, I was in trouble. For sure now, the squad is more than consummate.

“We tried to fill the correct roles with one midfielder in Bentancur… Kulusevski is a skilful histrion. He’s very young, he’s a great talent and he tin can play similar No x with the striker and two players behind.

“But at the same time, he has the potential to play at wing-back on the right. He has good quality, he likes to attack, he is good in the ane versus 1 and to create chances for team-mates. I think he’s a good signing for us.

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Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski’s absurd finish for Sweden

“Now information technology’due south time to work very hard, try to meliorate. We know very well that there are many teams higher than us and to catch up with them, nosotros need fourth dimension, patience, to work hard and in the transfer market place, you have to not brand large mistakes because at present, there are many teams that are ahead of u.s.a..

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“If nosotros to reduce this gap, the mistakes must be minimal in every attribute. On the pitch, outside of the pitch, this is my vision.”

‘Premier League is like a unlike sport’

Tottenham were also linked to a number of players in the transfer window that eventually secured moves elsewhere. Luis Diaz was snapped up by Liverpool while Adama Traore returned to Barcelona on loan – to name merely two.

However, Conte believes the Premier League poses a very different challenge to other leagues, giving him more to consider when picking his transfer targets.

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“The club tried to do their best,” he said. “Nosotros know that January is not easy, it’southward not unproblematic and I think the social club tried to do their best. It’s non like shooting fish in a barrel to sign players, you demand to accept the availability of the players because you lot don’t have a lot of options.

“This league is very tough and is different. If you compare this league to another league, information technology’s like playing some other sport. For this reason, when you go to sign a new actor, you have to consider many aspects. Not but if he shoots well or he makes an assistance, you take to consider the situations because this league is very hard.

“You can be practiced, take quality and yous tin be a creative player, only at the same time, you have to be strong physically, to run a lot, to be resilient. Being part of this league is non simple.

“I hope I transferred my thoughts to the club because I have my vision. I’k hither to try and help the club to amend. In the past, I accept built good structures, skillful teams that have lasted over time, also without me.

“It means that maybe if I say something, I take a vision and I encounter the situation. Hither, we need to build a good construction and to create a good foundation and it will exist very of import to not make mistakes in the future.

“In this moment, many teams are ahead of united states of america and for this reason, to catch up with them, we take to erase the mistakes and to follow this line.”

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Conte: My ambition is to win Premier League

Conte insists his ambition is to win the Premier League with Spurs simply says there is a long path ahead earlier that can happen.

“To speak near to win the league, if you enquire me about the race for the Champions League, my ambition is to win league. Not to get to the Champions League,” he said.

“My ambition is to exist competitive, to fight to win. At this moment I know very well that the situation is unlike.

“And we are working very hard to try to improve the situation, to reduce the gap and also the mistakes of the by, to try to make good solutions, to continue to improve.”

He added: “We will do everything to reach the best outcome. For sure, we will do everything, from now until the end of the season to reach the best consequence for Tottenham.

“Because I think the fans deserve this. To see a team in every game requite 100 and more than per cent, to try to win and requite satisfaction to our fans.”

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