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Guy Fieri – Super Bowl – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Guy Fieri Says Y’all Should Avoid Serving These 2 Things At Your Super Basin Political party

Nosotros all probably have a running list of celebrities we’d beloved to accept over for dinner. For me, having Guy Fieri at my Super Bowl party seems like a dream since he knows how to put together a killer food spread and always brings the energy. Ahead of the big game, I spoke with Guy about how to host a football game watch political party that’south virtually as fun to be at equally the existent effect. Below are some of his best tips.

Invite fans of the opposing squad.

You might tend to hang out with fans of your ride-or-die team, merely Guy says leaving out fans from the opposing team is one of the biggest Super Bowl faux pas you lot can make. After all, having that element of friendly contest is a great way to proceed things interesting.

Prepare food ahead of fourth dimension if y’all can.

To eliminate one or two people missing the most heady plays or all-time commercials the twenty-four hours because they’re in the kitchen, practise as much training leading up to February 13 as possible. “Nosotros want to make these dandy menus, and we want to have all this uniqueness, and we want to make certain that people are entertained with the nutrient,” Guy said. “And what exercise we stop up doing? A couple people similar me end upwards in the kitchen the unabridged time cooking, missing the game and the barrack.” Guy suggests using easy ingredients similar Rex’s Hawaiian rolls, which can be customized into different sandwiches in advance and merely need to be heated earlier serving the day of. (Editor’s annotation: A partnership with the brand and Guy was the launching betoken for this story)

Take a diverse menu.

You never know what people may want to eat the 24-hour interval of, then having options is key to keeping you and your guests happy. Co-ordinate to Guy, its time to ditch the pre-made grocery store sub and make something simple from scratch instead. “I walk into somebody’due south house and I see one of those big sandwiches from a grocery store laid out, I know that that thing was made yesterday. There’s no style they fabricated it today,” he said. “I know that every bit soon as all those meats, all those cold cuts come up together, they’re going to just get-go tasting like one flavor.”

Guy suggests having a mix of hot and cold sandwiches that yous can make on Male monarch’south Hawaiian rolls like pulled pork, tomato, bratwurst, and more than, as well as beingness sure at that place are vegetarian or plant-based options for football fans who may follow a specific diet.

Stick to the classics.

Some foods lend themselves to the tailgate feel of a game mean solar day party like sandwiches, dips, and other snacks that are piece of cake to eat with your hands. “Soup is not a smashing game day nutrient,” said Guy. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ll take some bouillabaisse, and I’ll take some chowder, but people like festive food. People like to nosh on game day.”

Guy volition exist whipping up his Motley Que Pork Sliders on King’south Hawaiian rolls this Super Bowl Sun if you want to host like the
Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
star. For more game 24-hour interval ideas, check out our Super Basin menu ideas.

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