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Alex DeBrincat finally recognized as NHL All-Star

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For the first time in his NHL career, Alex DeBrincat is an All-Star. He was selected to be Chicago’s representative for the 2021-22 season, as voted on by the league’s Hockey Operations staff.

It was only a matter of time earlier the hockey world recognized DeBrincat as a legitimate star, and that time has finally come.

“It’southward crawly,” a humble DeBrincat said of the option. “We obviously accept a couple of guys who probably could’ve went, but information technology’s an honor for sure. I’m excited to go exercise that and stand for the Blackhawks.”

Patrick Kane was ane of the first to vouch publicly for DeBrincat every bit an aristocracy player. Earlier this season, he said DeBrincat is a “superstar in the making” before chop-chop correcting himself, proverb: “He’south already a superstar.”

“He’s the guy who was most deserving of our team,” Kane said. “He’south been our best player this year, so I remember information technology’s fitting he’s going to the All-Star Game, for sure.”

Since the start of the 2020-21 entrada, DeBrincat has 55 goals in 91 games. Merely 2 players accept scored more goals over that stretch: Leon Draisaitl (57) and Auston Matthews (66). Right behind him is Connor McDavid (52) and Alex Ovechkin (51).

Elite company.

“He gets improve and amend every year,” acting head motorbus Derek Rex said of DeBrincat. “He’s probably had some adept All-Star stats over the years but when y’all’re competing with another top player on the team that’s usually the guy going, it’due south hard to beat that.

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“Simply I’m happy for him. This is a good opportunity for him to be a part of something that he’s worked hard for and he’due south deserving of. If he can be an All-Star every yr, nosotros’d love information technology here.”

The Blackhawks had a few players worthy of consideration, including Kane. While he’southward non scoring goals at a clip he’s used to, he’due south withal averaging a point per game and is one of the league’s summit playmakers.

You could brand a strong example for Marc-Andre Fleury, who’s been playing at a Vezina Trophy level for more two months now. Since Nov. seven, he has a 12-iv-iii record with a ii.17 goals-against average, .930 salve per centum and three shutouts. Only New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin (15.3) has a higher goals saved above average than Fleury (13.1) over that span, per Natural Stat Pull a fast one on.

Seth Jones was upward for the Final Human In vote only fell short to Colorado Avalanche heart Nazem Kadri. Jones has three goals and 22 assists for 25 points through 35 games. Across an 82-game season, that’s a pace of 58 points, which would be a new career-high.

The problem is that each NHL squad must exist represented at the All-Star Game, and the rosters accept shortened ever since the format went to 3-on-iii. You could fence whether or not the option process should be altered, but that’s the way it is.

DeBrincat had “a lot of people” who helped him get to the betoken, and singled out many veterans from the Blackhawks.

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“Going all the way dorsum to my kickoff year, information technology was a lot of the older guys, the leaders in the room,” DeBrincat said. “Yous got Seabs, Duncs, Tazer, Kaner, Sharpy. Sharpy was huge for me my first yr. You build off that.

“Obviously lately, a lot of guys. [Chris] Kunitz has been huge for me. He thinks the game very well and I talked to him a lot when he was on the team and as a coach he helps me see things perchance I wouldn’t see. There are and then many people, I could list off a bunch. The coaching staff ever is great to me and actually wants me to meliorate. That’due south a lot of people.”

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