The 2022 Wintertime Olympics
(北京冬奥会 Běijīng Dōngàohuì /bay-jing dong-ao-hway/), also known equally
Beijing 2022, is scheduled to take place from Feb 4 to February 20, 2022, which is in the Chinese New year menstruum (from February 1, 2022).

Beijing, the first dual Olympic metropolis to host both the summertime and wintertime Olympics, is partnering with
Zhangjiakou, home to all the same more high-quality ski resorts, to host the winter games. Scroll down to notice information on venues, tickets, and recommended travel solutions for this grand international event.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Location Map

The wintertime games will be held inthree contest clustersin Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou.

Beijing Cluster will host all the ice events and two snowfall events: big air snowboard and freestyle skiing.

Yanqing Clusterwill host the alpine skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge events. Yanqing is a mountainous suburban district of Beijing, home to the Badaling and Juyongguan sections of the Swell Wall.

All the other snow events will take identify in the
Zhangjiakou Cluster. Zhangjiakou is a pop skiing destination in People’s republic of china, neighboring Beijing, in Hebei Province.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Venues

To host the winter games,
25 venues in the iii clusters
will be used, including 12 competition venues, iii training venues, 3 Olympic villages, three medals plazas, 3 media centers, and 1 anniversary venue.

Beijing 2022 Contest Venues

At that place are
12 competition venues: vi in Beijing, 2 in Yanqing, and 4 in Zhangjiakou.

All water ice sports and four snow events are staged in the Beijing cluster. The Yanqing cluster will host the tall skiing, bobsleigh, and luge events, while other snowfall-based events volition accept place in the Zhangjiakou cluster.  See more on 2022 Winter Olympics Locations and Venues >>

Here’southward a list of the 12 competition venues with their sports/disciplines:

Cluster Venue Sport/Discipline
Beijing Cluster Capital Indoor Stadium Curt Runway Speed Skating
Effigy Skating
National Speed Skating Oval (newly built) Speed Skating
National Indoor Stadium Ice Hockey
Wukesong Sports Centre
National Aquatics Center Curling
Shougang Large Air (newly built) Freestyle Skiing
Yanqing Cluster Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre (newly built) Alpine Skiing
Yanqing National Sliding Center (newly congenital) Bobsleigh
Zhangjiakou Cluster Zhangjiakou Genting Snow Park Freestyle Skiing
Zhangjiakou National Ski Jumping Centre (newly built) Ski Jumping Nordic Combined
Zhangjiakou National Cantankerous-Country Skiing Centre (newly built) Cross-Country Skiing
Zhangjiakou National Biathlon Heart (newly built) Biathlon

Shougang Large Air

Beijing 2022 Not-Competition Venues

The Beijing 2022 non-contest venue host the opening, closing, and medal ceremonies, athlete adaptation and training, and media centers.

Function (Location) Venue Notes
Ceremony Venue National Stadium (Bird’due south Nest) For the opening and closing ceremonies
Training Venues
Capital Skating Oval For training
Uppercase Indoor Stadium Preparation Hall
Capital Short Track Speed Skating Hall
Olympic Villages
(Iii clusters)
Beijing Winter Olympic Village Around 2,300 beds
Yanqing Winter Olympic Village Effectually i,430 beds
Zhangjiakou Wintertime Olympic Village Around 2,640 beds
Media Centers
(Three clusters)
China National Convention Centre Main Press Centre (MPC);
International Broadcasting Heart (IBC)
Yanqing Mountain Media Eye Mountain Media Centers (MMC)
Zhangjiakou Mount Media Middle
Medals Plazas
(3 clusters)
Beijing Medals Plaza For medals ceremonies
Yanqing Medals Plaza
Zhangjiakou Medals Plaza

Mail service Games Use of the Venues — Legacy Programme

Beijing Olympic Green

Except for the temporary venues, all the other venues will exist
fully used

afterwards the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, aiming to promote a good for you lifestyle for Chinese people and a low-carbon economic system.

The competition venues
will be used for sports competitions, athlete and youth sports training, exhibitions, cultural and borough activities, etc.

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Olympic Villages
volition exist used as tourist resorts, hotels, housing rental, public parks, etc.

Wintertime Olympics Tours:

  • 4-Day Emperor’s Tour of Beijing
  • 6-Day Beijing Winter Tour with 2022 Olympic Venue Skiing
  • half dozen-Mean solar day Tour with Traditional New Year Activities in Beijing

Wintertime Olympics 2022 Tickets – Non Sold to Public but Designated Spectators

On Jan. 17, 2022, the Beijing Organising Committee announced that “Given the electric current grave and complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the condom of all participants and spectators, information technology was decided that tickets should not be sold anymore just be part of an adjusted programme that will invite groups of spectators to be present on site during the Games.”

How to Get Tickets for the Winter Olympics 2022?

Co-ordinate to the latest announcement
[January 2022], tickets for the Olympics 2022
will not be sold to the general public, merely they volition invite groups of spectators to be present on-site during the Games.

These spectators might be
selected through official organizations
and will demand to strictly abide past the COVID-xix countermeasures before, during, and after each consequence.

If you are non a member of such an organization, you tin can lookout the Games through
online channels
, like Tik Tok, Youtube, etc., or local broadcasters, like NBC in the US, CBC in Canada, Seven Network in Australia, and Eurosport in nigh European countries.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Dates

Feb 2–3: preliminary competitions for ice hockey, curling, and freestyle skiing

February 4: Opening Ceremony

February four–20: events, competitions, and finals

February twenty: Closing Ceremony

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Sports

A total of
109 events
15 disciplines
7 sports
are set to take place in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

See more on Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics Events >>>

Sport Subject field Number of Events
Biathlon Biathlon 11
Bobsleigh Bobsleigh 4
Skeleton two
Curling Curling 3
Ice Hockey Water ice Hockey 2
Luge Luge iv
Skating Effigy Skating 5
Short Track Speed Skating 9
Speed Skating 14
Skiing Alpine Skiing 11
Cantankerous-Country Skiing 12
Freestyle Skiing 13
Nordic Combined 3
Ski Jumping 5
Snowboard 11

Total Guide on Sports List, Best Days/Events to Attend

view more

New Events for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Seven new events
have been added for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. For the outset fourth dimension, a female athletes per centum of over 45.44% to nourish the winter games has been reached, making Beijing 2022 probably
the about gender-balanced Winter Olympics
to appointment.

Bailiwick Newly Added Upshot
Bobsleigh Women’due south Monobob
Brusk Rails Speed Skating Squad Relay
Ski Jumping Mixed Squad
Freestyle Skiing Men’southward Large Air
Women’south Big Air
Aerials Mixed Team
Snowboard Snowboard Cross Mixed Squad

RecommendedWinter Games Tours:

  • vii-Solar day Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Travel Package
  • 6-Day Beijing Winter Tour with 2022 Olympic Venue Skiing
  • six-Twenty-four hours Tour with Traditional New year’s day Activities in Beijing

Bids for the 2022 Winter Olympics

In 2013, Kraków (Poland), Lviv (Ukraine), Stockholm (Sweden), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Oslo (Norway), and Beijing (China) submitted their applications to host the 2022 Wintertime Olympics.

In July of 2014, iii cities including Almaty, Oslo, and Beijing moved to the candidate phase.

In October of 2014, Oslo withdrew its application due to its lack of political support, leaving Almaty and Beijing as the last candidates.

On July 31 of 2015, chirapsia Almaty by four votes, Beijing was selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot

Red china is the home of pandas, which lend themselves adorably to mascot use. To reflect this Olympic Games being in winter, the mascot for Beijing 2022 has been designed asa panda clothed in a suit of water ice.

The cute name for this panda is
Bing Dwen Dwen (冰墩墩 Bīng Dūndūn /bing-dwnn-dwnn/). “Bing” means ‘ice’, and “Dwen Dwen” (literally ‘cake block’) means robust, lovely, and lively, like a kid next door, in Chinese.

Bing Dwen Dwen

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Emblem

Inspired by the Chinese grapheme “冬” (dōng ‘winter’), the emblem of Beijing 2022 was designed using an creative rendering of Chinese calligraphy and named
‘Winter Dream’

flowing ribbon-like motif resembles a skater in its upper office and a skier in its lower function. The color of the keepsake is mainly
blue, representing dreams, the future, and the purity of ice and snow. The other two colors are
yellow, which are the colors of Cathay’s national flag, represent the passion, youth, and vitality of the Olympics.

Keepsake of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and 2022 Paralymic Winter Games

The Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics Torch

The torch for Beijing 2022, named
‘Flying Raising’
(飞扬 Fēiyáng /fay-yang/), features a similar design to the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics in order to accolade Beijing as the kickoff metropolis to host both a summer Olympics and a wintertime Olympics.

The pattern of the torch is
full of Chinese tradition
. The colors of the torch are silver and red, with patterns of ‘lucky clouds’ (祥云 Xiángyún /sshyang-ywnn/) and paper-cut snowflakes from the bottom up to the flame.

The flame role is designed as 2 overlapping fluttering ribbons. Two torches can be
closely interlocked

when exchanging the flame.

Winter Olympics Tours:

  • iv-Day Emperor’due south Tour of Beijing
  • half-dozen-24-hour interval Beijing Winter Tour with 2022 Olympic Venue Skiing
  • 6-Twenty-four hour period Tour with Traditional New Twelvemonth Activities in Beijing

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics’ Motto, Vision, and Mission


Joyful Rendezvous upon Pure Water ice and Snow


A joyful rendezvous upon pure ice and snow uniting the passion of hundreds of millions for winter sports


To evangelize a fantastic, extraordinary, and excellent Beijing 2022 Games that is green, inclusive, open, and clean.

Beijing 2022’due south Vision of Promoting Water ice and Snow Sports

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Transportation

The transportation network described every bit ‘I Loftier-Speed Railway, Iii Expressways, and Several Arteries‘ has been built/enhanced to support the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and to promote Communist china’due south winter sports.

One High-Speed Railway

Beijing–Zhangjiakou Loftier-Speed Train

A new railway,
the Beijing–Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway
was built and put into employ in 2019, with a speed of up to 350 km/h (220 mph), making the travel fourth dimension from Beijing to Yanqing merely twenty minutes and from Beijing to Zhangjiakou only fifty minutes. The bullet trains are equipped with 5G networks, wireless charging, and spaces to identify ski equipment.

Three Expressways

Yanchong Expressway

In add-on to the two existing expressways (Jingxin Freeway and Jingzang Thruway), one of the major traffic amelioration projects for the Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics is the Yanchong Pike (Yanqing to Chongli District), which opened in 2019.

Several Arteries

Beijing Daxing International Airdrome

In addition to the above-mentioned loftier-speed railway and expressways, Beijing’s 2d international drome, the earth’s largest single-edifice aerodrome last,Beijing Daxing International Airport was built and put into operation in 2019.

In addition,
Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport
was reconstructed and expanded.

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More subways and motorbus stations
are being constructed in Beijing to reduce the inner-city travel times.

Traveling betwixt Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics Venues

For traveling between the three competition clusters,
taking the bullet train

is highly recommended. Check the train schedule hither>>>

For inner-city transfers, you can take the subway, public buses, or hotel shuttle buses (if available) to get to Beijing venues. China Highlights provides worry-gratuitous private transferswith an English language-speaking guide for assistance to ensure you lot get to the competition venues in time.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Hotels

Hotels in the Beijing Cluster

As one of the 10 largest cities in the world, you will accept a big range of choices for where to stay in Beijing, no matter your budget or travel times.

For your convenience in attention the Winter Games Opening Ceremony, hotels like North Star Yayuncun Hotel Beijing and
North Star Continental Grand Hotel,

 in the Olympic Green Area should exist your first choice. Simply their rooms will easily be overbooked, and room rates will double or triple during Beijing 2022.

If sightseeing is your chief purpose with i–2 days for attention the games, yous may consider staying in theQianmen Surface areaorWangfujing Surface area for their shopping and eating convenience. There are hotels of all levels to choose from.

To feel old Beijing and get close to local life, an overnight stay in a traditional courtyard hotel in theHutong Area is recommended. These hotels are located in narrow lanes without any vehicles and can offering a luxury experience.

More than onWhere to Stay in Beijing>>>

Beijing City

Hotels in the Yanqing Cluster

Yanqing is a mountainous suburb of Beijing with not so many choices of hotels. Simply, thanks to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, more than new hotels including luxury hotels have been built. The
Crowne Plaza Beijing Badaling
and Holiday Inn Express Beijing Badaling
are located close to the National Sliding Centre, and so are proficient choices if y’all want to lookout the Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, and Luge events.

Hotels in the Zhangjiakou Cluster

Chongli District in Zhangjiakou Prefecture is a winter paradise for skiers in Cathay, with many high-end ski resorts and international hotel chains.
Holiday Inn Express Zhangjiakou Park View
in downtown Zhangjiakou and Thaiwoo Hotel, Hyatt Place Chongli, and Eagle’s Nest Youth Hostel in Thaiwoo Ski Resort
are good choices.

Having difficulty in choosing a suitable hotel or unsure of which cluster to stay at? Contact our hotel experts to recommend suitable hotels.

Beijing Tours:

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  • vi-Day Beijing Winter Tour with 2022 Olympic Venue Skiing
  • vi-Day Tour with Traditional New year’s day Activities in Beijing

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Travel Solutions

Attention a Wintertime Olympics may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience or something you’d ideally exercise every four years. Come and join in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and
encounter the traditional Chinese New year celebrations

as well. We can customize a bout to fulfill your China and Winter Olympics dreams.

Here are some travel itineraries for the host city Beijing that could provide a starting point:

  • 7-Day Beijing 2022 Wintertime Olympics Travel Package
  • 6-Mean solar day Beijing Wintertime Tour with 2022 Olympic Venue Skiing
  • 6-Solar day Beijing City Essence Bout with Traditional New year Activities

Looking for something different?
Tell us your travel needsand let usa provide what you need for a unique Winter Olympics tour with the excitement of both
competition and Chinese culture.