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ESPN Adds Commentator Angela Rye as Special Correspondent

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to give culturally relevant stories a voice on this iconic platform.”



As Blackness History Month begins, ESPN is calculation award-winning commentator Angela Rye to its roster of special correspondents. (Her work volition not be limited to the month of February.)

Rye, who was previously a political commentator for CNN, volition contribute essays, topical features, and commentaries on sports-related matters of race, culture, and social justice problems across the network’south shows and digital platforms, co-ordinate to an official announcement. Additionally, she will appear in-studio and produce stories under the ESPN Black History Ever imprint, which was launched last year.

“Sports plays a critical role in our culture, bringing joy to u.s.a. all in the midst of unprecedented challenges,” Rye said in ESPN’due south announcement. “I’one thousand grateful for the opportunity to give culturally relevant stories a voice on this iconic platform.”

Among the subjects volition Rye will cover for ESPN are the impact of Jackie Robinson 75 years afterwards breaking baseball game’s color barrier, the 50th anniversary of Title 9, athletes’ function in social justice movements, and those making a difference at HBCUs.

Some of Rye’s features volition include topics such as Jackie Robinson’due south touch on 75 years after he bankrupt the color barrier; a commemoration of the lthursday
anniversary of Title IX; the role athletes play in social justice movements; and deviation makers at HBCUs.

In addition to her work for ESPN, Rye will continue actualization on The Breakfast Lodge syndicated radio show and her podcast
On Ane with Angela Rye. She has provided analysis and commentary for a variety of outlets, including NPR, HBO, NBC, ABC, and CNN. Her production company, 206 Productions, has made several award-winning documentary specials for BET.

“Angela is one of the nigh talented and distinctive commentators of race and culture working today,” said ESPN senior vice president for NBA and studio product David Roberts.

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“Her potent connexion and delivery to the Black community will serve this series of vitally important stories on African American athletes making history and a positive difference throughout the year. We are thrilled she decided to join the ESPN family and look forward to collaborating.”

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Super Basin Commercials Score Multi-Platform ROI For Advertisers

“One interesting trend that DiGisi noted is that the top performing ad on social media has seen a decline in mentions across multiple platforms year-over-year.”



Equally advert rates go on to ascent for the Super Bowl, the marketing campaigns for the companies and products that shell out those exorbitant asking prices abound more than sophisticated. Rob DiGisi, a new writer for
Media Village, took a look at some recent campaigns to show that advertisers are receiving a return on their investments across multiple platforms.

DiGisi looked at the PR firm, Taylor, and its relationship with advertizing firm Satchi & Satchi. The two companies have worked together on several campaigns over the last v years and take seen social impressions for their ads reach the billions several times.

The new normal isn’t just a bang-up commercial. It is also a strong social media campaign and rollout strategy to build anticipation for Super Bowl Sunday and then to keep the product or brand trending the side by side morning.

Among the brands who had successful ads spotlights in DiGisi’south column are Tide, Old Spice, and Olay, who used the fact that 47% of the viewers on Super Bowl Dominicus are women to shape a strategy that included a luxury suite for their social media squad within of Mercedes Benz Stadium during Super Basin LIV.

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Ane interesting tendency that DiGisi noted is that the meridian performing advertising on social media has seen a decline in mentions across multiple platforms twelvemonth-over-year. That may be concerning in a world where social impressions are a measure out of success, but as long every bit sales are impacted in a positive way, fewer likes and retweets is acceptable.

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Retiring ‘Pardon the Break’ Managing director Tom Howard Given Sendoff

“We are indebted for everything he’southward done to make this show what it’due south been, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that information technology doesn’t all go to hell without him.”



ESPN Front Row

A central behind-the-scenes figure for ESPN’s
Pardon the Interruption
is retiring. Tom Howard is stepping downward equally the prove’s director, a job he’s had since the show’s launch in 2001.

“Tom has been the human who’s chosen the shots in the command room since Day one, and now he’s retiring,” said Tony Kornheiser in a tribute to Howard during the “Happy Trails” segment at the end of Monday’s show.

“He’s younger than I am, so what the hell am I however doing hither? For more 20 years, Tom has taken all the pieces to our daily puzzle and made them look and audio groovy on the air. Nosotros are indebted for everything he’south washed to make this show what it’s been, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t all go to hell without him.”

“Thanks for making Tony and me expect good on Television set for 20 years,” added Michael Wilbon, who needled Kornheiser for not attending the going-away party for Howard. (Very on-make for Mr. Tony.)

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As Kornheiser and ESPN senior communications director Bill Hofheimer mentioned, Howard’s work with the former Washington Post sports columnist goes beyond their time together on
PTI. Howard was behind the camera when Kornheiser first appeared on telly. The guess is that neither of them would have predicted that Mr. Tony’s Idiot box career might go equally long and get as successful as it has.

historic its 20-year anniversary on the air, Howard told Hofheimer in an ESPN Front Row interview what’southward fabricated the show and so successful.

“Unlike so many talking head shows, the energy and barrack between the two, especially when on set together, is like a sporting result,” said Howard. “Y’all don’t know what’south going to happen because information technology’s unscripted for the nearly part. Learning the guys’ personalities, knowing what’s going to trigger a reaction, and communicable it as it happens make cutting the testify fun and fast-paced.”

Every bit much as Kornheiser and Wilbon are associated with
PTI, the show and ESPN have give due praise to those behind the scenes, including producers Erik Rydholm and Matt Kelleher. Acknowledging Howard’s role in the show’s success fits right in with the team sentiment that the production has promoted from the beginning.