Microsoft released a new operating organization Windows viii.1, on October 17, 2013. It was the
free update for Windows 8
and Windows RT, downloaded via Windows Store. After launching the operating system Windows 8, Microsoft received many complaints. To overcome this, a new operating organisation, which was an updated Windows 8.1, was launched. Till 2016, information technology was possible to upgrade Windows vii and Windows 8 to Windows ten, but now it no longer feasible equally you need
Windows 10 license central  to get the Microsoft window 10 version and aforementioned for all windows versions.

Without any additional license fee, you can update Windows eight to Windows 8.1. A
Windows 8.1 production cardinal
is needed if you’re using an older version of Windows, but if y’all’re using Windows seven or 8, the product central is not required. After downloading Windows 8.1, a free trial of 15 days starts. After fifteen days, this trial period expires, and the estimator volition provide a dialog box to enter the product key. However, the
Windows activation key
is needed to access all the features of the Operating System.

What are the key features of Windows eight.1?

Hither are some unique features of improved version Windows 8.1. Permit’southward accept a look at what features does Windows viii.1 offer before proceeding to
Windows 8.i production key.

These are some cardinal features that are added to Windows 8.1, which differentiate it from Windows 8 operating systems. They include:

  • New and improved apps
  • Additional snap views
  • New high-resolution display
  • An upgraded version of

    Internet Explore

Why exercise y’all need a production cardinal for windows 8.1?

To upgrade Windows viii to Windows 8.1, nosotros demand a

windows 8.i production key.

This product key has a 25 digit code that’s used to activate windows on your computer.

 Information technology looks like this:


As Microsoft software terms don’t allow you to copy the production primal code, this activation verifies your lawmaking. There are many

Windows 8.1 product keys


Windows 8.1 pro product keys

available on different sites. A 18-carat window needs a product key to run Windows viii.1.

There are unlike series keys for both

windows 8.1 production fundamental 32-flake


Windows 8.ane product key 64-bit
. Windows eight.1 product key depends on where you have purchased the key. If you lot buy information technology from a store, you might get its digital printed copy from the seller. If y’all purchased it online, you would get a windows 8.1 serial key. If you have a pre-installed Windows 8.1, yous’ll find it in the device.

Windows 8.1 Pro Costless Product Cardinal – Windows 8.1 Free Activation Key

Windows viii.1 Ultimate Serial Keys:












Windows 8.i Pro Serial Keys:


















Windows 8.1 DVD Keys:





Windows 8.1 Universal Product Keys:





How to activate Windows 8.ane without a production key?

You can activate Windows eight.ane even if you don’t have a product central. Here are some methods you lot can activate the

8.1 without a product key.

But, no guarantee given methods will piece of work. If the given process doesn’t work, unfortunately, you lot take to buy a product key.

Here are a few things yous demand to practice before starting the activation:

  • Back up all your data before starting
  • Free up iii GB space on your figurer
  • Connect your estimator to straight ability as the process may take fourth dimension sometimes
  • Connect to a reliable and robust internet connexion while upgrading to Windows eight.1 operating system.
  • Install the latest security updates on your reckoner
  • Disable your calculator’due south antivirus while upgrading.

Method 1: Upgrading the operating system from Windows eight to Windows 8.1

Here is the complete procedure to upgrade your calculator running Windows 8 to Windows
8.1 without using a product key.

Follow the steps beneath:

Pace 1:
Open Windows store

Footstep 2:
Click on

Windows update


Step 3:
Select the choice

upgrade to Windows 8.1

Footstep 4:
Afterward downloading starts the updated files will exist installed automatically

Stride 5:
After the downloading finishes, restart your calculator.

Step 6:
When the turns on, select

User Express Settings

Step 7:
Log in to your account and restore your apps

Method 2: Create your own Windows activator

This method has a high success charge per unit but may non piece of work for some users. There isn’t whatever particular reason for this. Follow these steps below to create your
Windows activator

Stride 1:
and copy the access code on Notepad that is shown on screen.

Stride 2:
Save this document as


Step 3:
Correct-click on this file and select the selection

Run every bit Administrator.

Step 4:
A window volition appear for a few seconds and will disappear after running Windows8.cmd file.

Step five:
Restart your computer and bank check the operating system. If successful, yous will take an activated re-create of Windows 8.1.


Q1. Can I use Windows 8.1 without activation?

Yes, Windows tin be used without activation. But without purchasing a 18-carat activation cardinal, you cannot use it for long.

Can Windows 8.1 activation keys work for 32-chip and 64-bit systems?

Windows 8.1 activation key
works for both 32-bit and 64-flake systems. You lot tin use
Windows 8.1 pro product fundamental
on any scrap version.

Tin can You lot Download Windows viii.1 for Free?

Yep, you can
download Windows 8.1 for free. At that place are two ways to download Windows 8.1 for free. It tin can be downloaded from the Windows viii store for free or download information technology from ISO version Windows 8.1 and and so install the new Windows 8.1 operating system on a different sectionalisation to dual boot.


Nosotros alive in a high age society where we need to upgrade ourselves as well as our devices to cope up with the fast pace of our lives. So having i of these
product keys which would upgrade your pc to the latest version is must. As the production key doesn’t price you anything, you must requite it a try and start enjoying the latest and developed features of
windows viii.i.