Learn how to make vegetable sandwiches
the way you get on Bombay (or should I say Mumbai?) street sides, with green chutney, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and some roasted spices or chaat masala.

Sandwiches are a god-send on most days I feel I am also lazy or busy to cook, especially for breakfast. While nosotros love a good dosa and sambar combination for breakfast, I often toast up some bread, slap on a uncomplicated spread like coriander chutney or guacamole and call it breakfast. TH loves it and happily has his share with a cup of strong tea. I love it mainly because there’s so little effort required and I tin cook a ‘proper’ dejeuner on a full stomach.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe

While looking through some ideas for healthy sandwiches, these Bombay vegetable sandwiches caught my eye. Bombay street food is usually a win (vada pav and bhel puri, anyone?) then I was quite intrigued especially because in that location was a jar of light-green chutney languishing in my refrigerator begging to exist used up. Around 10 minutes of chopping and assembling later, I had a delicious plate of sandwiches gear up for u.s.. You don’t even need to toast these sandwiches, they are that easy and good!

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe

In fact, since yous cut up each sandwich into further 4 pieces, each are quite small and near bite-sized, making them perfect as party appetisers. They are very easy to make in larger quantities although you are better off serving them immediately since the fresh vegetables in the sandwich can make them soggy if they sit around besides long. So make them fresh, cut them up, stick some toothpick in, and yous are done!

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bombay vegetable sandwich recipe

To prepare these
Bombay vegetable sandwiches
you need some non-negotiable ingredients:
– boiled or pressure cooked potatoes, skin, and piece them into thin rounds
– dark-green chaat chutney with mint and coriander
– chaat masala or roasted cumin powder and black salt
– fresh bread slices

Ready? Ok allow’s go make some sandwiches!


Preparation time: twenty minutes

Makes 12 modest sandwiches

Serves iii


6 slices of bread

2 tbsp of butter (salted or unsalted)

1/4 loving cup of green chutney

1/two cup of tomatoes sliced thin and circular

1/4 cup of onions, sliced long

1/2 cup of cucumber, sliced thin and round

1/ii cup of boiled potatoes, cut into thin rounds

1 tsp of roasted cumin powder

1/two tsp of black salt (adjust to gustation)


  1. Trim the edges of the bread slices
  2. Spread a generous amount of butter on each bread slice
  3. Now spread the green chutney evenly on each slice too. Use every bit much or equally little as yous demand
  4. Now place the boiled potatoes on iii slices in one even layer
  5. Sprinkle some cumin powder and black salt over this
  6. Adjacent, layer cucumber, onions, and tomato slices
  7. Sprinkle more cumin pulverization and black salt
  8. Identify some other piece of bread over this that has been buttered and spread with chutney equally well
  9. Press down gently and then that the ingredients stick together and don’t fall out easily
  10. Echo until you have 3 large sandwiches
  11. Use a sharp knife to further quarter each into four smaller pieces
  12. Plate them and serve immediately with more greenish chutney, if needed
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Step by stride pictures to make Mumbai vegetable sandwiches:

Boil and chop your potatoes. Slice other vegetables too and keep them ready.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe

Trim the edges off the bread slices. This is optional but nice to practice.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-2

Generously butter each of the 6 staff of life slices on i side

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-3

Now spread some dark-green chutney over the buttered sides. Think this chutney is spicy so use co-ordinate to your preference and sense of taste

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-4

Now kickoff layering the filling on 3 slices out of 6. Start with boiled potatoes.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-5

Sprinkle some cumin powder over this (you lot can alternately also utilise chaat masala).

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-7

Now sprinkle some black salt over this. Use this sparingly since we’ll practice i more round of this after more vegetables are added.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-6

Now add together a layer of onions, cucumber, and tomatoes. Sprinkle more cumin powder (or chaat masala) and black salt

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-8

Place another buttered and chutney-ed piece of bread over this and press gently.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-9

Using a precipitous bread knife, cut each sandwich into 4 equal quarters.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-10

Plate and serve immediately.

bombay vegetable sandwich recipe-11


– You lot can toast this sandwich for a toasted Mumbai vegetable sandwich

– Add slices of boiled beetroots for an added wellness and taste kick
– You tin can use whatever type of bread yous prefer

– If you lot want a scrap of sourness, add a few drops of lemon juice to your chopped vegetables and mix well
– Serve with more green chutney or ketchup

For Mumbai veg sandwich recipe in Hindi, Marāthi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, etc, please use the Google translate button in the sidebar.

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