How to Learn Anything Quickly : Quick, Piece of cake Tips to Ameliorate Memory, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Encephalon’s Fastest Learning Style


How to Learn Anything Speedily: Quick, Easy Tips to Improve Retentivity, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Brain’s Fastest Superlinks Learning Style by Ricki Linksman Discover the secrets to unlock your brain’s powerful memory and comprehension to quickly learn and master any subject and retrieve everything you lot read. Everyone remembers and comprehends differently. What works for 1 person may non work for you. While many retention techniques are available today, this has proven by studies to be the best, fastest, and most effective because it is based on how YOUR brain learns and remembers best. This landmark cocky-help book filled with applied exercises and activities will dramatically change your life and how y’all learn! Acquire the secrets that match how your encephalon learns to remember entire volume chapters or study guides. Tap into your encephalon’due south energy powers to succeed in the competitive task marketplace. Parents and teachers can utilise these techniques to help their children, teens, or students. Use these fast, piece of cake, and powerful strategies to increase your memory, meliorate examination-taking skills and reading comprehension to comprehend and recall everything you read and learn for rapid success for your school, job, or career. Ricki Linksman, one of the globe’due south leading experts and author of books on accelerated learning, memory, and reading comprehension, and director of Nat’l Reading Diagnostics Institute & Keys Learning, shows how to utilise your brain’due south unique Superlinks learning way and brain style to increment your memory and improve comprehension quickly. These powerful techniques, proven for over 35 years, can assistance anyone get a top student and worker in the shortest possible time. National Reading Diagnostics Institute ISBN: 978-1-928997-29-0
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About the Writer: Ricki Linksman is the author of How to Learn Anything Quickly: Quick, Easy Tips to Improve Retention, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Brain’southward Fastest Superlinks Learning Mode. Ricki Linksman is an accelerated learning and reading expert, and founder-director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning, specializing in accelerated learning using brain-based methods, learning styles and brain styles to help students of all ages and adults reach their highest potential. She focuses on finding each pupil’s fastest and best fashion of learning to better and increase retentiveness, reading comprehension, annotation taking, report skills, and test-taking skills to help raise test scores, grades, reading levels, written report skills, cocky-esteem, focus, concentration, and motivation. Her techniques include reading diagnostic testing and Superlinks learning mode and brain style assessments she adult to discover one’s fastest way of learning, plus instant diagnosis and prescriptive plans, followed by teaching, tutoring, and coaching in-person or through distance learning, Internet, and web meetings for students, parent and kid (pre-K, M-12, and higher), or adult learners in one’s best style of learning. Her award-winning methods take proven to improve reading comprehension, reading levels, grades, and test scores within a few months, with 98-99% of students in elementary, heart or inferior, and high schools (public, private, lease, tutoring centers, summertime-school programs, after-school programs, and home-schools) raising on average 2-v course levels in reading in viii months. This includes students in gifted, regular didactics, special pedagogy, Title 1, Remedial Reading, bilingual, dual linguistic communication, ESL or ELL, and those with ADHD or Add together. Ricki Linksman is the writer of over 20 other books, including: The Fine Line between ADHD and Kinesthetic Learning: 197 Activities to Speedily Improve Reading, Retention, and Learning in Just ten Weeks; Kinesthetic Vocabulary Activities; Tactile Vocabulary Activities; Your Child Can Be a Bang-up Reader; Solving Your Child’south Reading Problems; and Internet learning programs for abode and schools: Keys to Reading Success, Superlinks to Accelerated Learning, Off the Wall Phonics for Kids Who Love to Move, and other books, DVDs, CDs, and materials. Contact Ricki Linksman through her website: world wide or or electronic mail:
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